What a mess!

Everything you have report needs to be increased greatly. First the instructions with this new version are not only missing but a mess when the are there. How do you get to your store. It is no longer under the members section. I have been trying to list new items and have given up. It took me 45 minutes to list 4 stamps. I cannot blame sellers who wishes there was another viable site. I wish someone would get the hint. My summary is that just about the time hipstamp is getting the bugs worked out then it is time to throw everything in the mixer and release a new program (Usually before the bugs have been worked out. You can tell that the programmers are not sellers or this type of sloppy programing would never be released to the public.


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  • I agree.
  • Harry, have you tried the bulk lister? I have found it takes a little effort to figure out how it works, but for more than a year now for us, it's worked flawlessly, and we don't have any of the issues of using the regular one-at-a-time pages. We usually list 20 to 200 at a go. Photos and all. It's a faster/easier way without all the bugs of the interface.
    Happy to help you through it if you need a hand.
  • I agree with the bulk uploader. Much easier to use once you get the hang of it.

    All that you need is contained in a drop down at the upper right hand corner of the main screen. Look for the circle with your initials. Click on it, and all your links are there in one place.
  • Harry. I once hated the new site even more than you. I finally sacrificed a morning of work and played around the site trying to understand how I could use it effectively (for both buying and selling). Now it is as normal as the original site for me, (although I do have to stop myself from scrolling to the bottom to get to my store).
    And I add my vote to the bulk lister. It is easier to proofread and allows you to format your posts the way you want before you post them.
    Hang in there, things will fall into place for you, trust me!
  • I very much agree with the bulk lister. I have used it since opening my store. Last night I tried to create a single listing because all I needed to do was copy an existing and change a couple words, and it sucked. It seemed to take forever, and I still had to edit the new listing again after creating it. It took a while to learn the bulk lister, but everything you need to know is located right in the bulk lister links.
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