Need help with another Egypt stamp

Scott # please..


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  • C178 1985 issue if no watermark then C178a what is all the "yellowing" along the bottom ???
  • The stamp was probably soaked in a dish with a scrap of yellow envelope. Yellow paper was quite generous in how it would share it's dye with other pieces in the bowl - almost as much as red!
  • I've also seen this when the stamp is placed on top of tape that yellows over time, (not stuck to the stamp, but something else taped and then paper/stamp sitting on top of it). That yellowing will transfer from the tape to paper as well.
  • 20221127_233533

    Didn't have to dig far for examples...
    Top stamp clean water.
    Left stamp had wet yellow paper on top of it. Color didn't soak completely through.
    Right stamp had red paper in the bowl and everything in that batch came out pink.
  • LOL, yes an early lesson learned when I was a kid, around 10 or 11... got the holiday card envelopes, in a cheerful red color. Soaked the stamps off with a batch of others... hey look! Rare pink paper!
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