Quiz #2 - What's Wrong with this Picture?

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And by Picture, I mean the whole listing...


There are multiple answers to this quiz.


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  • I’m trying to find something that is correct.
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    Perhaps this helps.
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    I will give it a try. Well the PSAG certificate says its Mint Original Gum Never Hinge. :-). Part of the description says its mint OG, then say the guy washed the the gum off and applied cancellation to hide the grill. the more I read the more I'm confused.
  • That's one point for Bonaparte.
    Did you check the entire listing?
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    well he does list it as a 114a with a ? , But the certificate list it as a 114, then why would he show the certificate and do your own forensic explanation. also to me the best place to see a grill is on the gum side. that's the best I can do for now. I don't believe you can iron out the grill, without grilling the stamp. :-)
  • The cert is essentially just a typo. Replace "Unused with OG" with "Used", and everything else holds true. It is reperforated at right, It does have a genuine grill. There is 0 to indicate that this stamp is a 114a, other than the seller's insistence of an $18,000 CV for a stamp that IS certed as a 114. The only mistake is the mention of being unused. Why would this seller even indicate that it's a rare stamp? It make no sense.
    It's been reported, yet nothing has been done.
  • This listing is as confusing to me (or maybe more so) as I was when I woke up one morning leaning against the side of and in a swimming pool after a frat party and found that I didn't drown. Very confusing.
  • Oh just wait... I have a better one coming.
  • A stamp or sleeping in a swimming pool??? I can't wait.
  • Where do these people come from?
    How can they be a real grading company?
  • Human error Bill. Randy is actually a top notch guy. But people make mistakes. And they will fix the cert free of charge when that happens (PSAG, PSE, PF, Weiss (that's us), Crowe, APEX) they will all fix their mistake, and mistakes happen. From experience, I know that an image can get copied onto the wrong cert, or a previous cert is used to make the new one and wording gets left in the template before the cert is printed. It SHOULD go through a quality check, but even that fails. I have "bad certs" from every cert provider. It's easy to think it's a bad reflection, but it's just simple mistakes in the cert creation, rarely a real "miss" in a cert, and mistaking a used stamp for an unused stamp is just clearly a confluence of human errors that slip through the cracks. They annoyed me at first, but since they all fix them, it's less an issue, unless someone tries to exploit a cert.
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