PayPal and ship station

Question, maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m right I don’t know yet with process to get Owner and follow the process to PayPal and then no ship so I did the shipping option and it directed me to ship station where I input the information regarding the package, postage information dimensions and give me a first class United States Postal Service the pricing was $4.65. I thought that was expensive so I decided to go down to my local United States postal service center where I took the actual envelope itself and provided it to the agent who then verified the cost to be $1.98 which my store charges two dollars for first class mail so my question is why does it cost me two dollars more to PayPal and ship station? Unless I’m doing something wrong I don’t see the value in tracking information for two dollars just double the price at the local post office


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    It’s the difference between package rate and letter rate. If you have something that can be mailed as a 1st class letter, don’t use PayPal.
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