New orders not showing in Summary. Marked automatically as Shipped

All of my orders on Thursday were marked as Shipped, and I didn't do anything to request all marked as Shipped.
All orders since then don't show up in Summary, they instead are automatically marked as Shipped, so the only way I know of the orders is the email I receive, or to look at Orders.

Anyone else seeing this?


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  • In the last hour or so, the problem has gone away and orders are once again showing up in the Members Area summary.
  • It's now hit and miss, because another order came in this morning that was not listed in Summary, but it was marked Shipped (before I had ever seen the order).
  • It sounds like another great Hip improvement. Automatic feedback is so wildly successful, they followed up with automatic shipping.
  • We're not showing any irregular activity from our end. All of your recent orders in question appear to have only been marked as shipped manually from the Members Area and were not originally marked as shipped when the order was created. Keep in mind that if you're using the "Mark All Orders Shipped" option, you may have unintentionally marked additional orders as shipped. However, if you notice anything further with your account, please feel free to contact our Support team directly to review your account in more detail.
  • Mark, I use the "Mark all orders" all the time, but I did not use it here.
    The orders NEVER showed up in the Summary. Only in "Orders" and all were marked as shipped. If I didn't go into that queue, I may have not seen them. The only way I knew was from email notification of the sale.
  • This happened again today. From the help desk, at least I realize that I can change the status back from "shipped" to "processing", but this shouldn't happen to begin with.
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