Not TakenAPS logo in the bottom left of my new listings today

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Thought I better post this.
In the bottom left of all of the 90 new listings I just posted, the APS logo has been added.
I'm an APS member, but I don't want to have my listings confused with the APS listings.
Will contact HS next.

Thanks, Ray


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  • Yeah, I wonder how many potential customers will pass me over without a look because they think I charge $5 shipping.
  • I got the logo and it is on all my listings. Did not request this. Just hope that Ted's observation does not come to pass.

  • Please see the following announcement, which is also being sent out to our members via email:
  • Do not have the logo on my listings even though I have been a member for a long time.
  • It is my understanding that the email you have associated with your APS profile needs to be the same as the one you use for you HipStamp account. I think that is how they (HipStamp) identified APS members. Can't see another way they could have done it. Might reach out to HS support on this.
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    Me too - I've been a member since 1985. I searched last night for somewhere to fill in the information to no avail. I see this was "Not Taken" ?? Oh well - maybe we need to ask APS
  • Greg. the "Not taken" was in relationship to the original post, not the discussion.
    They were asking to have the APS logo taken off their listings so they "Wouldn't be confused with APS store listings".
  • Scott, I know that. I think you were replying to Henry.
  • AH! I was tricked by color. The Green G and the Green H are the same shade. (And my eyes are BLURRY with the crazy allergy I'm suffering through at this time of year. :)
    Sorry Greg.
  • HAHA! Not Taken....
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    I just wanted to confirm that Greg was correct up-thread. My HipStamp email address is different from my APS address, and I didn't have the badging on my listings. I contacted HS support yesterday and supplied my APS info. They do confirm with APS, which makes sense. They got the confirmation by the end of the day, and my listings have the badging this morning.
  • Wait! I'm correct about something? I'll take it...I'm just not used to it. What do I do now? LOL!!! Thanks Phil!
  • The badging showed up today on my listings.
  • Yes, they got the glitch figured out today apparently..
  • Yup, mine is showing as well.
  • Bill and Scott, did you have to send the staff a note or did you just wait it out? Asking for a friend.
  • I just waited it out. It did come the days after I posted on here.
  • Luree, mine were missing at first. I didn't take the time to contact HS, but my badges eventually showed up a few days ago.

  • Thanks, I just renewed my membership on Friday so I'll give them some time. Or not, I don't do "wait" very well. lol
  • Luree,
    Does your email address as a APS member match your Hipstamp email? If not, you should email Hipstamp support to get the logo feature enabled.
  • Yes, it does. But I just renewed my membership after a few years of leaving APS. I got to keep my original number and the rep told me it would take about 24 hours to show up. But I'm so impatient ... I did notify Hip about the situation and asked for help. I'm sure it will be corrected within a few days. In the meantime, more coffee so I can be more antsy!
  • Luree, I'm sure it's just a matter of time now then. :)
    For extra ants, add 4 tsp sugar.
  • I'd love that extra sugar, but I'm borderline and am in the process of cutting it out. So much hidden in the foods we all love. But I will really think about it. Ha, imagine this Southern Girl not drinking sweet tea!
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    Seems there should be a way to distinguish between APS members running their own stores and APS members selling via StampStore without clicking on the item.....
  • Hey Jerry! So all items in the APS store are listed by APS members (must be a member to list) and are "badged" with the APS logo. In addition, APS members who run their own HS stores get badged also. If an APS member runs their own store and chooses (for some reason) to list items in the APS store as well, they all get badged. So I'm not quite sure why there should be some way to distinguish anything.
  • Jerome, it's pretty easy. If you want to buy direct from the APS store, just go there, and view their listings only. Otherwise, you could just look at who has the listing if you're searching by Scott # or some other criteria, and see listings with an APS logo before you buy them.
  • Hey Luree, I just noticed that your APS logo is now appearing in your store! Nice!
  • Thank you! It appeared the following week of my inquiry. The APS Team at Hip was working very hard to get everyone updated. I just needed patience, you know, that thing that I can't wait for! lol
  • Learn patience yeah, yeah... how long will that take?
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