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I just received a payment reminder indicating that I have committed to pay for a purchase that I spent hours arranging with a seller. If I don't pay my account may leave good standing. I have tried for a week after contacting credit card company (valid credit card) and PayPal which has redirected my payment. I have been in touch with hip support and so far I have no satisfactory response except that I'm supposed to make it good somehow. In the meantime I've used my PayPal account several times since with other vendors and it works just fine so I'm wondering if I should threaten hip stamps to put them into bad account status for not doing their job


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  • Threats are certainly the best way to proceed. Always.
  • Maybe everything will run smoother if both hip stamp and myself are in bad standing lol
  • After a week of back and forth among the seller, hip stamp admin, and PayPal I have not been able to successfully pay for my purchase. In addition I've been made to feel incompetent. After 5 years of successfully paying using one button payment it would appear that I am no longer qualified to make purchases. The easy solution is that from now on if I press the pay button and it doesn't work somebody else can make the effort to get my money.
  • Steve - don't know but in my case with another platform my charge card reached expiration date (you know like 4 or 5 yrs) so I needed to go back into my acct and update the cardgood for another 5 yrs and Bingo -all is fine ...steve
  • Thanks for your help but I contacted my bank several times all my credit cards are current,the correct card is listed. Addition I can pretty much confirm that everything is in order because subsequent to this fiasco I have made several purchases on another platform using the exact same information credit card and PayPal. Thanks
  • Steve M, it's not the bank you need to check with to verify your cards are current; you need to make sure PayPal has the new expiration date listed in your account information.
  • Thanks Ted but I was past that point last week lol. I already spoke to PayPal twice and they say it's not their problem everything is fine
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