IPDA April Newsletter is now available!!!!

I would like to invite all to read the newly published IPDA newsletter which was masterfully edited by our own Michael Dodd. Michael is standing in for Super Ted Tyszka this month but Ted will be back once he gets his stone table engraving tools sharpened.

This month's edition includes some blither, a small dose of blather, and even a bit of bloviation from yours truly along with an array of interesting and informative articles written by a number of authors with a ton of experience in the philatelic field.

Tidbit from the recent IPDA Annual General Meeting is included compliments of our General Secretary, Michael Dodd.

Make sure to register for Ian Lasok-Smith's excellent "The Philatelic Register" publication.

Part VII of Scott Payton's excellent "Washington-Franklins: Taming The Beast" is included as well and addresses part 2 of identification of fakes in this series.

A nice column from Dave Evans, an IPDA Dealer, about his journey into how he became a stamp dealer is a great read.

A great welcome to Travis Putney as our newest IPDA Dealer Member. We look forward to seeing what he can do with his store. Great start H.T.! Make sure to take a few minutes and visit his HipStamp store...https://www.hipstamp.com/store/putney-stamps-quality-for-collectors

An excellent book review by our own IPDA Director, Ken Sanford, is included.

More fun content is included but you have to read it for more details.

The Board of Directors and the membership if the IPDA hope you enjoy this new issue.



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  • Great Newsletter! Thanks for all your hard work.
  • "With 3 months of the year already gone it is time to start thinking how can we grow membership again?"

    One thing. Why not add a link to the IDPA membership enrollment page in the newsletter?
  • Done....next month.
  • Will do next month, Thanks for idea.... just FYI there is even quicker way to " Apply to Join" .. when you open the Services page to open the Newsletter you can go straight to the APPLY TO JOIN Menu with one click. :-) see image

  • Great issue, info is outstanding. Thank you! I'm still looking at a short piece on Fake Third Reich material. BTW, the amount of misidentified material is significant out there. I just messaged (with gentle words) a dealer who I think is a good fellow, on two plate block postings where he listed them as flat plate when the plate block screamed rotary press ( confirmed by the Durlands). And you all understand the price differences are significant. This is timely stuff.
  • Hard to see a difference between rotary and flat actually. You need two side-by-side if all you have are front images. Offset press on the other hand, is obvious from flat or rotary. With rotary, an absence of ink spots is the indicator, but still isn't definitive, where the presence of ink spots is definitive for flat plate printings. This is all about how sheets were printed, and how they were processed (and how they landed in the catch tray).
  • Agree Scott with individual stamps, but I am talking about the plate blocks.
  • Ah, based on plate #?
  • yes, that Durlands is quite good for that. Allows another cross tab.
  • Yeah, good point. A lot of IDs could be made based on plate number if more people thought to look them up.
  • The Durland catalog makes identification of the 8 cent Liberty Series Statue of Liberty stamps very easy.
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