GAAAHH!! Not again!! ••••

Some things never change! (old time StampWants members will know what I mean!)



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  • Dave,
    I saw that this morning but really didn't want go there!!! At least the first couple of winners had feedback.
  • I think it is written in the program...LOL
  • Congrats to the winner. But it'd be very nice to see someone who really "works" the site to win once in a while.
  • With the extra entries for purchases, you will see more "active" members winning.
  • With the extra entries for purchases, you will see more "active" members winning.

    Even after years of giveaways on the previous site, that theory did not hold.
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    maybe exclude buyer/sellers like myself? and only make entries per buyer lots.

    just a thought that i am sure has been suggested before. Of course the purpose is to get buyers
  • ...seems there is no 'Giveaway' for this month.
  • New giveaway is up, now.
  • I must have entered HUNDREDS of times, but I don`t spend much MONEY - Could that be a factor?
  • I agree with the lowest line of comment. Threats, coercion and sulking will not make me buy a single stamp from this seller. Whether I want a stamp, how much it costs and ease of dealing MIGHT but my budget is small.
  • It seems like a lot more HipStamp members are entering the Penny Black Giveaway this time around.

    In the previous 2 contests my daily entries gave me about a 1 in 100 chance of winning.

    Now, entering each day, I am barely at a 1 in 200 chance of winning with all the added interest in the game.

    The word is getting out! :smiley:
  • With regard to the Hip Postcard wanna-wins, are we supposed to enter our choices every day like for the Penny Black, with some hope of winning our chosen postcard? Or are we just informing HipPostcard of our favourites?
  • The absence of feedback doesn't necessarily mean that no purchases have been made.

    I've made two purchases on HipStamp thus far but have not received feedback.
  • Good point!

    I hadn't actually thought of that!
  • Dave, is the above answer, "I hadn`t ..." an answer to me or Steven?
  • Sorry, Rosemary - I was replying to Steven.

    I don't know how HipPostcard works - you could maybe ask your question in their forum.
  • Dave, don't look at the latest results (Nov 1) - don't do it. You have been warned. I'm just sayin'
  • I should have listened to you, Kurt!

    I must say, Mark is admirably honest about awarding the prize to whomever's name he first draws. The process is apparently done privately, and he could easily just keep drawing names until an active member is declared the winner.

    But to give it to a zero feedbacker who only entered once . . . . .

  • In full disclosure I have to add that I know the system DOES work. On the old website I won not once but twice - Not a Penny Black but from the dealer's private giveaway offerings (hopefully to return to HS someday also). It was over the course of many years and with the built in habit of entering daily, but hey, it did actually produce!
  • I'm in the same boat as many others here ... waiting for a win! I try to enter every day and so see some lucky person with only one try get it, man, I hope he also played the Lottery! Maybe someday, I'll keep trying.
  • How does you see the winner? I can't find it.
  • On the giveaway page, select the "closed giveaways" filter.
  • "who only entered once . . . . . "

    Probably on the last day, too. :)

  • Hmmm...... Maybe I should.......

    That makes two months in a row that the Penny Black Giveaway winner has had ZERO feedback!

    The winner is neither a buyer or seller on this site! It must really annoy Mark to award these interlopers! (yet it obviously shows how random and impartial the process is that selects the winner!)
  • I have had winners (stampwants days) send me questions after winning and it is very clear that they don't know anything about stamps at all. They were generally trying to figure out how much $$$ worth the item they won actually had (I'm presuming so they knew what to charge for it when they tried to sell it).

    When I had a real job, there were fellows that spent their entire lunch hours entering any free contests online that they could find anywhere! They did pretty good at it, although I'm not sure what good winning some stamps if you aren't a stamp collector will do you...
  • Now you've made me even more depressed!
  • I will say that I have had intermittent success with the giveaways here on Hipstamp.

    I say intermittent because I really only know of one or two good new customers that I was able to tell came from the giveaway because they told me, and there isn't a way to know (that I know of) aside from asking the customers. I did have a period of sales dryness so to speak so I lapsed on the giveaways until today actually, I put one up this morning to see what happens....

    I do think that a "rule" that the person has to have purchased at least one item (even ever) on Hipstamp would be a good rule, it would get rid of the lunchtime contest kinda guys I mentioned above.....

  • Giveaways, by law, cannot make the purchase of something a requirement.
    What about raffles, you say? Only allowed by non-profits.
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