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I notice that many sellers charge a shipping fee for one stamp. But if you buy more than one stamp they charge you an extra fee of 10 cents to fifty cents for each stamp purchased after the first stamp.

How do they justify such gouging the buyer?


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  • For me, if you buy 1 stamp, or what ever is for sale, you can buy/add more with NO extra cost in postage.
    I think this is the right thing to do.
    We are collectors of Philatelic items. I think it is great that a collector would want to buy some more items.
    The stamps used for postage are usually older issues worth absolutely nothing, as you say Doug, why try to make money from postage, I'm just happy a collector wants what I have for sale
  • I charge 5 cents more per extra stamp. Because many people buy items that cost only 3, 4, 5, cents per item. The 5 cent fee covers the expense of the shipping fees and extra costs allowed for shipping. Because I am selling out everything, because of health and OLD age. I have been buying and selling, for close to 55 years. And my opening page state many things not mentioned here. SUCH AS, (ASK ME FOR A DISCOUNT, IF YOU THINK I AM SELLING FOR MORE THAN YOU THINK IT IS WORTH, Gramps
  • Charles Eastman it does not cost anymore to mail a letter with one stamp or 10 stamps. So if I buy 10 stamps I pay the cost of postage plus an extra 45 cents to cover what?

    I think charging extra is gouging the buyer and is a turn off for many buyers.
  • I charge one flat fee for shipping, no matter how many stamps are purchased. Most (though not all) of what I sell is over a dollar. I feel that a nice clean, well-centered stamp with clear postmark is easily worth 0.25 cents minimum.
  • I can see where you are all coming from, I understand what you are saying.
    Bottom line is, and don't get upset with me, if one wants to make money from postage, Buy a Post Office/Shop
  • I prefer to ship each item in it's own display card or glassine. If I pay 4.6 cents per display card and 3.9-4.3 cents per glassine and have a 5 cent per item up charge. I then pay a variable rate fee on the 5 cents. That is not a profit in shipping, it is a packaging cost.
  • Most collectors do not need more cards and glassine envelopes. Save the cost to you and the buyer by using only one glassine for the stamps that will fit into the envelope. This is not a good practice in my mine.
  • As much as possible I prefer to send stamps in an individual card or glassine, especially if it is a variety. I have a flat charge for shipping and do not add anything for extra items, and offer free shipping after a certain $ amount. I do not regard shipping as a "profit" centre. but it should not be a "loss" centre.
  • Speaking as a buyer, I appreciate receiving stamps in separate cards and glassiness. To me it shows care and concern and the stamps are not just clumped together. Mark
  • My Humble View.. A sales transaction has several aspects. To be completely successful as a Dealer, I feel All aspects must be met. Just as a quality buyer like Mr. Schwing takes pride in his prompt payment to PayPal.. I too, take pride in my delivery. I use new black approval cards & manila stock cards, always in a glassine or plastic over card. These are neatly labeled & protected by hard card. Yes I pay for these materials, but I consider them an investment in building my Store. It shows care & respect. So far, the FeedBacks & e-Mails I have received validate this. However the clincher is the Repeat Business. Best to All, Dan
  • I don't really care that much how you package my order . . .

    . . but quit with the !•#◉✤✪!!✖︎#! SCOTCH TAPE!!!
  • I use a single glassine envelope, but first put the stamp or stamps in a card or a piece of used plastic Leuchtturm stock page. These were heavy-duty pages and I've got lots of these lightly-used pages that housed most of my stamps when I was actively collecting. Many of those pages now get a second life as I cut them up with a utility knife into various size pieces for use in shipping stamps as I sell off the stamps I accumulated over the years. The Leuchtturm pages are double-sided and I often place stamps in both sides of the cut pieces to minimize shipping weight. Those pieces provide very good protection for the stamps!
  • Generally I ship each item in its own envelope, with cardboard backing and inside a plastic bag.

    Generally my prices all are "free shipping" to North American addresses (ie it is built into the price).

    I actually use modern current postage on my packages, (normally including a souvenir sheet) to North American addresses (and others like Australia, Britain, Germany etc). Sending fancy stuff on the envelopes to Brazil, Thailand, Russia etc is too dangerous. Some of my regular repeat buyers I believe are so because they very much appreciate the current stamps on the packages....
  • I agree with Dave Bennett - Dealers drive me crazy with their scotch tape - It takes more time to unwrap the stamps than it does to click through all the tabs on HS to find something. And as far as packaging is concerned I like receiving glassines of other forms of stock to keep my doubles in - BUT most of the glassines, etc. are marked so badly they can't be re-used anyway. I am getting used to using HipStamp and have many great dealers that I buy from. Thanks and keep improving!
  • Wait, dealers should keep using all that tape, and even more. I bought lots of stock in 3-M years ago. I was able to retire early, because of the waste of all that tape!
  • Hello!
    Just one low fee for me. Nothing extra charged for extra items. Buy $8 USD worth and shipping is free to Canada and the US. A little higher for international.
    Check it out and please add me to your favorite stores!
  • Steve, I am the same, but on the other side of the World.
    Oz, New Zealand, Papua NG, close to home, standard shipping.
    International, standard/economy airmail - US, Canada, Germany, GB, etc a bit more $
    Like I have said previously, if one wants to make money from postage, BUY A POST OFFICE
  • Buy a post office? From what I read in the news, not many post offices are making money either.
  • Here in Australia a Post Office buys a stamp from Australia Post at 57% of face value.
    Thing is they cannot sell it back to APO if unsold.
    Unless one asks to have a stamp fixed to the item being posted a printed label is attached, hence no cost to the Post Office, printed labels cost nothing, printed out from the cash register.
    But I want to put stamps on items I sell, so I can put any stamp(and I have 100's of them) that is of decimal currency, and it has to go through the mail, globally.
    The Post Office is not a happy person when I do this, they make no money from me putting 1980's stamps on an envelope, but they have to process it. A Decimal stamp is legal tender.
    Here is our Australia allowed postage:
    Question - What postage stamps are vaild for the prepayment of postage in Australia?
    Postage stamps that are vaild for the prepayment of postage in Australia at the current time(2017) are those:
    Inscribed "Australia", from 14/02/1966 to current
    Inscribed "Australian Antarctic Territory", from 28/09/1966 to current
    Inscribed "Cocos (Keeling) Islands", from 09/07/1969 to 02/09/1979
    Inscribed "Cocos (Keeling) Islands Australia", from 17/02/1994 to current
    Inscribed "Christmas Island Australia", from 04/03/1993 to current
    Norfolk Island stamps are not vaild for postage within Australia.
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