How..Private listing for specific buyer

How can I make a private listing for an specific buyer. ??


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  • We do not currently offer an option to create a private listing. However, depending on what you are trying to do, there's a couple of ways you can handle this. For example, you can create a listing, and list it for 2x the actual price, along with the enable offers option turned on, and then the buyer can just place an offer for the actual price (which you can accept).
  • Hi Mark.
    Thanks for info
  • I'd list it for more than 2x the actual price. If you don't, sure enough, someone will come along and buy it!

    When I do such a "private sale" listing, I list it at 10x actual price. I include a comment in the item description stating that the listing is for a private sale, and no offers or purchase (in case someone really wants to pay 10x for the item) from other than the intended buyer will be honored. Other sellers do similar.
  • if someone bids on a auction can it be closed in their favour as the winning bid, sometimes auctions are spread out over a few days and you might want to close them so a combined invoice can be sent rather than the person wait the whole duration of the auction ?
  • It is easy to do if you are using a buy it now item, I do this all the time.

    Simply create a new item with a title "special lot for XXXXX" where XXXX is part of the buyer's id. There need be no pictures other than a generic picture (I just use the back of a stamp), the description simply says this is a special lot for a specific buyer, the shipping is set up for the particular buyer.

    Advise the buyer of the title or the item number or give them the link to the item.

    Once they buy it, everything is as normal process wise......
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