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I have been rushed to Hospital a couple of weeks ago and according to the Doctors will have a 3rd Operation on the 10th.I never got the chance to warn anyone or contact Hip stamps.Someone is letting me use their Computer to send you this message.I am really sorry about this.


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  • I hope you are better real soon.
  • Well the Operations are all behind me,at least so it seems.I am still in Cork Hospital, and receiving Physio.The leg has been saved,but I still don't know if I will be out by Christmas.At least I will try and get them to transfer me to Tralee.I can't asked people to make a round trip of about 150 miles because I want someone to talk to.The worst for me was the total inability to do anything for myself.To lie there and have strangers clean you up ...not my idea of fun.I have always been fiercely independent.

    Your stuff is safe since I have people look after the place,putting on different lights etc.Unfortunately they know absolutely zero about stamps and when I tried to tell them were to find and how to deal with sending your orders out .....I looked up and into these glazed over eyes and gave up,wisely I think. I am going to try and push my transfer to Tralee as soon as possible.
    I am going to keep you advised on my progress and hopeful release sooooon !What really gets me about this is the way it came totally out of the blue! Not a twinge or an inkling of something about to go wrong.
  • Best of luck to you!
  • Have returned today from Cork.Had the District nurse in to fix my dressings.Give me a couple of days to sort myself out and then I will start sending letters out.At the moment I have to go everywhere by taxi outside the home.The Painkillers they are giving me don't seem to make all that much of a difference,in spite of their strength.I feel like absolute crap,but am being told that I am a very good healer ! Well I wish the healing process would speed up so I can get on with my life.Right now it feels like it's going to last a lot longer then they are telling me Anyway,mus'nt grumble I guess,after all they did save my leg.
    I start packing the day after 2 morrow.
  • In light of what you gave been going through Anton, my discovery of a very lightly hinged stamp among the never hinged suddenly faded into insignificance. I dare speak for our community here when I extend wishes for your speedy recovery. Thanks also for the reminder of our priorities.
  • I am back in Hospital after another Operation and there will be another after that one. I have been told today in a suit able serious tone that I am a goner, but that they will do the best they can me radiation treatment and so on.I am asking myself is this radiation treatment really worth it ? Seems to me people's hair falls out they feel like crap and after that they still drop dead ! A well I'll just have to see what's up.Looks like I am not dropping immediately yet.So how the hell do I sell god knows how many stamps in what is basically a limited time of which I don't know the bloody limit of !
    What fun I am having.
  • I went through two year 's worth of chemical treatments but achieved remission. Thanks to the stress on my heart, I am only back about 20%, but that's 20% I wouldn't have had otherwise. Each person must decide for themselves what their life is worth. So far as your stock is concerned, I'll keep my eyes on it from time-to-time for items I need. Best of luck to you!
  • Mr.Uhl, dear sir my name is Jeff and I'm in California, I want to extend my hopes and prayers for you Sir!!! Try not to do more than is needed, Worry about no a Thing but the people who's lives you've touched. Think of the Good things in your Life and If you choose, Fight your A** OFF!! Life is what you make it sir and it seems as if a lot of people are pulling for you. I Wish you the best and Don't let the Light go out til YOU are sure. Jeff
  • Mr Uhl, I had 35 radiation treatments for prostate cancer in 2012. There were side effects and after effects, but its now 2020 and I'm still here. Each treatment took about 15 minutes with part of that time just getting me aligned properly. One thing that I liked about the treatment was that we had a little waiting room outside the radiation unite where we could talk with others getting the same treatment, find out what problems they were encountering, etc. I was able to keep my stamp business going during the treatment,
    Good luck with what ever you decide to do.
  • I would like to thank you for your positive response,which I should have done sooner. But with tubes sticking out of me and pain from other OP's which have nothing to do with the Cancer, I was not really in the mood to do much. Besides I have to take quite a lot of pills and they make me kind of woozy.Anyway,enough of that.For the first time in month there are no tubes or wires attached me to me. This week the District Nurse detached the Vac ( a kind of pump that was attached to me) and the feeling is amazing. I still have to wear those boots ( the call them Splints here) to be able to hobble about, but at least I don't need help to do some of the simplest tasks. As a young man I might have fantasized about a couple of pretty Nurses attending to me, but believe me this was not fun! I have to wear 2 of those boots, one indoors and the other outdoors. The one for outdoors I call Darth Veda's boot. Believe me it really looks the part. I will be uploading much more stuff in the near future, but not as fast as I would like. Besides Europe has produced a lot of stamps over the years. Among them will be better items from Great Britain and Germany. I will concentrate more on this site, but like I said it's going to be slow going. I have accumulated so much stuff over the years it's ridiculous. And remember one thing: Your health is your wealth !
  • I;m glad to hear that you are recovering and able to work with your stamps again. working with our little pieces of paper can take one's mind off a lot of things.
  • Good to see you're doing better, Anton. Best wishes to you.
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