Need help on Persian stamps

Is there anybody in the forum to help me by identifying these Persian stamps?
Thank you very much in advance.
174 xx-2
175 hr


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  • Someone, please recheck me.

    I'm pretty sure they are Iran #174, 175, and 175. Scott's also says "counterfeits of the overprint of Nos. 173-183, 188, 206-207, 209 are plentiful. Practically all examples with overprint sideways, inverted, double and double with one inverted are frauds."

    I ask for a double check because #174 2c brown, green; #175 3c violet, green and #175 4c red, green

    Hopefully someone will chime in.
  • Luree, here are examples of your mentioned Scott #
    174 xx-1
    175 xx
    176 xx
  • Oh okay, now I see the greenish background.
  • Good evening..if you look from top to bottom of three stamps offered..the middle stamp should jump up and scream 'pick me!! Pick me!!!'. A handstamp should look faded, used, gone though the mail. Handstamps are not printed evenly stamp after stamp..
    Note: I am not an expert, just a very specialized informed member.
    Another dead give away is the top horizontal bar of the number '3'. Should be rounded not flat with a hook.
    As far as the 'purple' surcharge that looks like a circle..well that also should not have a complete outer ring on it. It should break away/can't see it at the bottom of both the left and right of the emblem. All this Info was gleaned from M.Sadri,Persian expert...
    In closing, as a collector and seller I dont waste my time on these...they bring a dollar on a good day and customer point out 'fakes abound'..I like stamps as well as the next collector..but when it's a buck with three possible fake entries on the stamp...most if the time I just move on from these and concentrate on the bigger fish..
    Fake, possible and fake..worth?$1.50 at most..good luck
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