Stamps from Central Lithuania

Does anyone here have any insight as to why these stamps were issued perforated and imperforate simultaneously? Granted the sample size is small (1920-22), but at least in my album (Scott Internat'l) all CL stamps have a place for each kind.


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  • Can't somebody think up something to say here!? I can't believe the question has stumped everyone!
  • Wow! You waited a long time to revisit this.
    Which stamps are you referring to?
  • John, OK I will give it a go. "Central Lithuania" stamps are really occupation issues by Poland. They were not recognized by any other country. The stamps were a form of propaganda and this is why there are so many. As far as the Imperforates vrs. Perforated varieties are concerned they just dumped them out on the market to satisfy collectors' demands. There are also many Trial Printings and Printers' Waste that entered the market. If you look at the First Issue you will see that there are many diffierent types of paper used as well. You can find Thin Almost Pelure Paper to Thick Carton Paper. Some even with printing on the backs. There are also glossy paper Proofs mixed up in some dealer's stocks. I am guessing but most of this material entered the market after Poland gave up on the charade and just annexed the area. So why are both listed in your album? Mostly because both variants are easily available and this period was the height of stamp collecting.
    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks, Harry. That's very helpful and just about takes care of my curiousity.
  • John,
    Glad I could help.
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