Stamps, comics, books, post cards, and other paper ephemera for fellow collectors looking to fill spots in their collections at affordable prices. Hobby business selling from acquisitions for my own collections. My APS member number is #204787.

I try to be careful to make sure I have correctly identified all stamps, and try to describe each item as accurately as possible. Any misidentified or unsatisfactorily described item should be returned for refund. 

Note on Coil Stamps: I make every effort to insure that any coil stamp is genuine, and not a result of trimming or alteration, which is common among the Washingtons and Franklins. In addition to the Scott Specialized U.S. Catalog, I reference http://www.1847usa.com/washfrank/washfrankmain.htm, 857 USA Washington Franklins Worksheet,
http://www.hgitner.com/coils.html, Henry Gitner Philatelists, Reperfing,
and http://www.crotonstamp.com/prod01.htm, crotonstamp.com: Washington-Franklin Coils 101. These sites all offer valuable information on how high and wide coil stamps should be, tips on identifying faked perforations, and other guidelines to avoid forgeries. You should reference these sites when buying or selling coils.

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