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I have quite a variety of items for sale. All items are 100% guaranteed. I am a member of the American Philatelic Society, American First Day Cover Society, Great Britain Collectors Club, United States Stamp Society, Scandinavian Collectors Club.

About Me

Important Notice:
Unfortunately, I am going through some health issues and may not be able to ship your items items promptly. I am starting chemo this Tuesday 5/31/2022.  I will do everything in my power to ship your purchases as soon as possible. If I feel I will not be able to process my sales in a reasonable time, I will be putting my store on EXTENDED VACATION where the store will not be visible. Hope to be back in NORMAL MODE in the not so distant future.

Bob Parkin
APS 145992

Ever since I was a young boy, I have always had the collecting bug. I received my first stamp album for Christmas back in 1974 and I was hooked. I have always been interested in history and geography. There is no better hobby that combines these two interests.

In 2011, I was laid off and started selling full time and decided to create an LLC. Even though I concentrate in stamps and covers, I decided to branch out into other collectibles hence the name parkinlot Stamps & Collectibles. parkinlot is obviously a play on my last name (Parkin) and lots are how items are sold on the websites. I use the lower case 'p' to because that seems to be an internet selling practice like bidStart and ebay.
Because I am not perfect, I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or I described the item inaccurately, I will refund your purchase once the item is returned to me in the same condition that it was received.
I am a one man operation. I do this part time as I have a full time job. My goal is to ship your purchase the following business day but this is not always possible. It may be a day or two later. I do ship internationally.
I opened a store on bidStart in May of 2006.  I have more than 19,000 positive feedbacks on bidStart with no negatives.  I'm not a big fan of the automatic 45 day positive feedback but it is what it is.     

Philatelic Organizations:
  • American Philatelic Society - Since 1987
  • American First Day Cover Society
  • United States Stamp Society
  • Great Britain Collectors Club
  • Scandinavian Collectors Club
  • Internet Philatelic Dealer Society
  • West Essex Philatelic Society - Immediate Past President
Contact Information:
Robert Parkin (call me Bob)
PO Box 8030
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028-8030
Social Media:
  • Facebook - parkinlot Stamps
  • Twitter - @parkinlotstamps
  • Pinterest - parkinlot Stamps & Collectibles
Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I have to admit, I don't update as often as I should. I am going to make a conscious effort to be more diligent of keeping my followers updated. 

My interests outside of philately:
  • Playing guitar and bass
  • Listening to music (mostly heavy Classic Rock - KISS - Alice Cooper - Led Zeppelin -  Queen - Ted Nugent - Deep Purple etc.)
  • I am also a huge Frank Zappa Fan
  • Reading Horror/Fantasy Novels
  • Going to the Movies
  • My family - Wife & 2 children
  • My 16 cats 
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