API Field Values

Note: These IDs are NOT for use with the "Item Specifics Country" field - which should be entered as a string (the name of the Country).

The following is a list of Location IDs, which either represent a County or a State (or Province). When using the API, Bulk Lister, etc. you can only use Location IDs of type = Country for country fields, and Location IDs of type = State for state fields. For country fields, the numerical ID must always be used. For state fields, if the state belongs to a Country which is indicated below as "Must Use IDs for States" (ie: United States), then you must use the numerical ID of the State as well, for any applicable state fields - do not use the name or abbreivation of the State.

Note that there is one "Country" which can only be used with Postage - LocationGroups. The "Everywhere Else" "Country", which represents all other Countries not already specified by another LocationGroup. For example, the default LocationGroups include "Domestic" which is set to the Sellers home country, and "Everywhere Else" which contains the "Everywhere Else" "Country". If the "Everywhere Else" "Country" is not used, then shipping will only be available to the the Countries explicitly contained within the applicable LocationGroups.

Filter by ID/Name
ID Name ISO Code Type Must Use IDs for States State of Abbreviation
2084 United States US Country Y
2316 Everywhere Else XX Country
1877 Australia AU Country Y
1903 Canada CA Country Y
2083 United Kingdom GB Country Y
2375 Afghanistan AF Country
1866 Albania AL Country
2376 Algeria DZ Country
2373 Andorra AD Country
2377 Angola AO Country
2378 Anguilla AI Country
2379 Antigua and Barbuda AG Country
1874 Argentina AR Country
1875 Armenia AM Country
2380 Aruba AW Country
1878 Austria AT Country
1879 Azerbaijan AZ Country
1880 Bahamas BS Country
1881 Bahrain BH Country
1882 Bangladesh BD Country
1883 Barbados BB Country
1884 Belarus BY Country
1885 Belgium BE Country
1886 Belize BZ Country
1887 Benin BJ Country
1888 Bermuda BM Country
1889 Bhutan BT Country
1890 Bolivia BO Country
1891 Bosnia and Herzegowina BA Country
1892 Botswana BW Country
1893 Bouvet Island BV Country
1894 Brazil BR Country
1895 British Indian Ocean Territory IO Country
1896 Brunei Darussalam BN Country
1897 Bulgaria BG Country
1898 Burkina Faso BF Country
1899 Burma MM Country
1900 Burundi BI Country
1901 Cambodia KH Country
1902 Cameroon CM Country
1904 Cape Verde CV Country
1905 Cayman Islands KY Country
1906 Central African Republic CF Country
1907 Chad TD Country
1908 Chile CL Country
1909 China CN Country
1910 Christmas Island CX Country
1911 Cocos (Keeling) Islands CC Country
1912 Colombia CO Country
1913 Comoros KM Country
1914 Congo CG Country
1915 Congo, the Democratic Republic CD Country
1916 Cook Islands CK Country
1917 Costa Rica CR Country
1918 Cote d'Ivoire CI Country
1919 Croatia HR Country
1920 Cyprus CY Country
1921 Czech Republic CZ Country
1922 Denmark DK Country
1923 Djibouti DJ Country
1924 Dominica DM Country
1925 Dominican Republic DO Country
1926 East Timor TL Country
1927 Ecuador EC Country
1928 Egypt EG Country
1929 El Salvador SV Country
1931 Equatorial Guinea GQ Country
1932 Eritrea ER Country
1933 Estonia EE Country
1934 Ethiopia ET Country
1935 Falkland Islands FK Country
1936 Faroe Islands FO Country
1937 Fiji FJ Country
1938 Finland FI Country
1939 France FR Country Y
1940 French Guiana GF Country
1941 French Polynesia PF Country
1942 French Southern Territories TF Country
1943 Gabon GA Country
1944 Gambia GM Country
1945 Georgia GE Country
1946 Germany DE Country
1947 Ghana GH Country
1948 Gibraltar GI Country
1949 Greece GR Country
1950 Greenland GL Country
1951 Grenada GD Country
1952 Guadeloupe GP Country
1954 Guatemala GT Country
2368 Guernsey GG Country
1955 Guinea GN Country
1956 Guinea-Bissau GW Country
1957 Guyana GY Country
1958 Haiti HT Country
1959 Heard and Mc Donald Islands HM Country
1960 Holy See (Vatican City State) VA Country
1961 Honduras HN Country
1962 Hong Kong HK Country
1963 Hungary HU Country
1964 Iceland IS Country
1965 India IN Country
1966 Indonesia ID Country
2381 Iraq IQ Country
2354 Ireland IE Country Y
2370 Isle of Man IM Country
1968 Israel IL Country
1969 Italy IT Country
1970 Jamaica JM Country
1971 Japan JP Country
2369 Jersey JE Country
1972 Jordan JO Country
1973 Kazakhstan KZ Country
1974 Kenya KE Country
1975 Kiribati KI Country
1976 Korea (South) KR Country
1977 Kuwait KW Country
1978 Kyrgyzstan KG Country
2367 Laos LA Country
1980 Latvia LV Country
1981 Lebanon LB Country
1982 Lesotho LS Country
1983 Liberia LR Country
2382 Libya LY Country
1984 Liechtenstein LI Country
1985 Lithuania LT Country
1986 Luxembourg LU Country
1987 Macau MO Country
1988 Macedonia MK Country
1989 Madagascar MG Country
1990 Malawi MW Country
1991 Malaysia MY Country
1992 Maldives MV Country
1993 Mali ML Country
1994 Malta MT Country
1995 Marshall Islands MH Country
1996 Martinique MQ Country
1997 Mauritania MR Country
1998 Mauritius MU Country
1999 Mayotte YT Country
2000 Mexico MX Country
2001 Micronesia, Federated States o FM Country
2002 Moldova, Republic of MD Country
2003 Monaco MC Country
2004 Mongolia MN Country
2383 Montenegro ME Country
2005 Montserrat MS Country
2006 Morocco MA Country
2007 Mozambique MZ Country
2008 Namibia NA Country
2009 Nauru NR Country
2010 Nepal NP Country
2011 Netherlands NL Country
2012 Netherlands Antilles AN Country
2013 New Caledonia NC Country
2014 New Zealand NZ Country
2015 Nicaragua NI Country
2016 Niger NE Country
2017 Nigeria NG Country
2018 Niuev NU Country
2019 Norfolk Island NF Country
2020 Northern Ireland Country
2022 Norway NO Country
2023 Oman OM Country
2024 Pakistan PK Country
2025 Palau PW Country
2026 Panama PA Country
2027 Papua New Guinea PG Country
2028 Paraguay PY Country
2029 Peru PE Country
2030 Philippines PH Country
2031 Pitcairn PN Country
2032 Poland PL Country
2033 Portugal PT Country
2035 Qatar QA Country
2036 Reunion RE Country
2037 Romania RO Country
2038 Russian Federation RU Country
2039 Rwanda RW Country
2040 Saint Kitts and Nevis KN Country
2041 Saint Lucia LC Country
2042 Saint Vincent and the Grenadin VC Country
2043 Samoa (Independent) WS Country
2044 San Marino SM Country
2045 Sao Tome and Principe ST Country
2046 Saudi Arabia SA Country
2048 Senegal SN Country
2353 Serbia RS Country
2049 Seychelles SC Country
2050 Sierra Leone SL Country
2051 Singapore SG Country
2052 Slovakia SK Country
2053 Slovenia SI Country
2054 Solomon Islands SB Country
2055 Somalia SO Country
2056 South Africa ZA Country Y
2057 South Georgia and the South Sa GS Country
2058 Spain ES Country
2059 Sri Lanka LK Country
2060 St. Helena SH Country
2061 St. Pierre and Miquelon PM Country
2062 Suriname SR Country
2063 Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands SJ Country
2064 Swaziland SZ Country
2065 Sweden SE Country
2066 Switzerland CH Country
2067 Taiwan TW Country
2068 Tajikistan TJ Country
2069 Tanzania TZ Country
2070 Thailand TH Country
2071 Togo TG Country
2072 Tokelau TK Country
2073 Tonga TO Country
2074 Trinidad and Tobago TT Country
2075 Tunisia TN Country
2076 Turkey TR Country
2077 Turkmenistan TM Country
2078 Turks and Caicos Islands TC Country
2079 Tuvalu TV Country
2080 Uganda UG Country
2081 Ukraine UA Country
2082 United Arab Emirates AE Country
2085 Uruguay UY Country
2086 Uzbekistan UZ Country
2087 Vanuatu VU Country
2088 Venezuela VE Country
2089 Vietnam VN Country
2090 Virgin Islands (British) VG Country
2093 Wallis and Futuna Islands WF Country
2094 Western Sahara EH Country
2095 Yemen YE Country
2096 Zambia ZM Country
2097 Zimbabwe ZW Country
2232 Australian Capital Territory State Australia
2233 New South Wales State Australia
2239 Northern Territory State Australia
2235 Queensland State Australia
2236 South Australia State Australia
2238 Tasmania State Australia
2234 Victoria State Australia
2237 Western Australia State Australia
2275 Alberta State Canada
2272 British Columbia State Canada
2271 Manitoba State Canada
2270 New Brunswick State Canada
2276 Newfoundland and Labrador State Canada
2320 Northwest Territories State Canada
2269 Nova Scotia State Canada
2374 Nunavut State Canada
2267 Ontario State Canada
2273 Prince Edward Island State Canada
2268 Quebec State Canada
2274 Saskatchewan State Canada
2321 Yukon State Canada
2294 Alsace State France
2295 Aquitaine State France
2296 Auvergne State France
2297 Basse-Normandie State France
2298 Bourgogne State France
2299 Bretagne State France
2300 Centre State France
2301 Champagne-Ardenne State France
2302 Corse State France
2303 Franche-Comté State France
2304 Haute-Normandie State France
2305 Ile-de-France State France
2306 Languedoc-Roussillon State France
2307 Limousin State France
2308 Lorraine State France
2309 Midi-Pyrénées State France
2310 Nord-Pas-de-Calais State France
2311 Pays de la Loire State France
2312 Picardie State France
2313 Poitou-Charentes State France
2314 Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur State France
2315 Rhône-Alpes State France
2279 Eastern Cape State South Africa
2281 Free State State South Africa
2283 Gauteng State South Africa
2280 KwaZulu-Natal State South Africa
2285 Limpopo State South Africa
2284 Mpumalanga State South Africa
2282 North West State South Africa
2278 Northern Cape State South Africa
2277 Western Cape State South Africa
2104 Aberdeenshire State United Kingdom
2106 Alderney State United Kingdom
2105 Anglesey State United Kingdom
2157 Angus State United Kingdom
2333 Argyll State United Kingdom
2159 Argyllshire State United Kingdom
2161 Avon State United Kingdom
2162 Ayrshire State United Kingdom
2163 Banffshire State United Kingdom
2164 Bedfordshire State United Kingdom
2169 Berkshire State United Kingdom
2165 Berwickshire State United Kingdom
2167 Borders State United Kingdom
2168 Breconshire State United Kingdom
2166 Buckinghamshire State United Kingdom
2170 Bute State United Kingdom
2171 Caernarvonshire State United Kingdom
2172 Caithness State United Kingdom
2173 Cambridgeshire State United Kingdom
2178 Carmarthenshire State United Kingdom
2360 Ceredigion State United Kingdom
2174 Channel Islands State United Kingdom
2175 Cheshire State United Kingdom
2334 Clackmannanshire State United Kingdom
2176 Cleveland State United Kingdom
2158 Co. Antrim State United Kingdom
2160 Co. Armagh State United Kingdom
2188 Co. Down State United Kingdom
2192 Co. Fermanagh State United Kingdom
2371 Co. Tyrone State United Kingdom
2372 Conwy State United Kingdom
2179 Cornwall State United Kingdom
2180 Cumberland State United Kingdom
2177 Cumbria State United Kingdom
2361 Denbighshire State United Kingdom
2181 Derbyshire State United Kingdom
2182 Devon State United Kingdom
2186 Dorset State United Kingdom
2184 Dumfries and Galloway State United Kingdom
2183 Dumfries-shire State United Kingdom
2185 Dunbartonshire State United Kingdom
2187 Durham State United Kingdom
2189 East Lothian State United Kingdom
2322 East Riding of Yorkshire State United Kingdom
2323 East Sussex State United Kingdom
2190 Essex State United Kingdom
2191 Fife State United Kingdom
2362 Flintshire State United Kingdom
2193 Glamorgan State United Kingdom
2194 Gloucestershire State United Kingdom
2195 Grampian State United Kingdom
2196 Gwent State United Kingdom
2363 Gwynedd State United Kingdom
2197 Hampshire State United Kingdom
2198 Herefordshire State United Kingdom
2199 Hertfordshire State United Kingdom
2200 Humberside State United Kingdom
2335 Inverness-shire State United Kingdom
2201 Isle of Man State United Kingdom
2202 Isle of Wight State United Kingdom
2203 Kent State United Kingdom
2336 Kincardineshire State United Kingdom
2337 Kinross-shire State United Kingdom
2338 Kirkcudbrightshire State United Kingdom
2207 Lanarkshire State United Kingdom
2204 Lancashire State United Kingdom
2205 Leicestershire State United Kingdom
2206 Lincolnshire State United Kingdom
2208 London State United Kingdom
2209 Lothian State United Kingdom
2324 Manchester State United Kingdom
2211 Merionethshire State United Kingdom
2325 Merseyside State United Kingdom
2210 Middlesex State United Kingdom
2212 Midlothian State United Kingdom
2364 Monmouthshire State United Kingdom
2339 Moray State United Kingdom
2340 Nairnshire State United Kingdom
2214 Norfolk State United Kingdom
2326 North Yorkshire State United Kingdom
2215 Northamptonshire State United Kingdom
2213 Northumberland State United Kingdom
2216 Nottinghamshire State United Kingdom
2218 Orkney State United Kingdom
2217 Oxfordshire State United Kingdom
2341 Peeblesshire State United Kingdom
2219 Pembrokeshire State United Kingdom
2220 Perth State United Kingdom
2342 Perthshire State United Kingdom
2365 Powys State United Kingdom
2343 Renfrewshire State United Kingdom
2344 Ross and Cromarty State United Kingdom
2345 Roxburghshire State United Kingdom
2221 Rutland State United Kingdom
2346 Selkirkshire State United Kingdom
2347 Shetland State United Kingdom
2224 Shetland State United Kingdom
2222 Shropshire State United Kingdom
2225 Somerset State United Kingdom
2327 South Yorkshire State United Kingdom
2228 Staffordshire State United Kingdom
2348 Stirlingshire State United Kingdom
2223 Suffolk State United Kingdom
2226 Surrey State United Kingdom
2227 Sussex State United Kingdom
2349 Sutherland State United Kingdom
2328 Tyne and Wear State United Kingdom
2229 Warwickshire State United Kingdom
2350 West Lothian State United Kingdom
2329 West Midlands State United Kingdom
2330 West Sussex State United Kingdom
2331 West Yorkshire State United Kingdom
2351 Wigtownshire State United Kingdom
2230 Wiltshire State United Kingdom
2332 Worcestershire State United Kingdom
2366 Wrexham State United Kingdom
2231 Yorkshire State United Kingdom
2107 Alabama State United States AL
2108 Alaska State United States AK
2109 Arizona State United States AZ
2110 Arkansas State United States AR
2111 California State United States CA
2112 Colorado State United States CO
2113 Connecticut State United States CT
2114 Delaware State United States DE
2352 District of Columbia State United States DC
2115 Florida State United States FL
2116 Georgia State United States GA
2117 Hawaii State United States HI
2118 Idaho State United States ID
2119 Illinois State United States IL
2120 Indiana State United States IN
2121 Iowa State United States IA
2122 Kansas State United States KS
2123 Kentucky State United States KY
2124 Louisiana State United States LA
2125 Maine State United States ME
2126 Maryland State United States MD
2127 Massachusetts State United States MA
2128 Michigan State United States MI
2129 Minnesota State United States MN
2130 Mississippi State United States MS
2131 Missouri State United States MO
2132 Montana State United States MT
2133 Nebraska State United States NE
2134 Nevada State United States NV
2135 New Hampshire State United States NH
2136 New Jersey State United States NJ
2137 New Mexico State United States NM
2138 New York State United States NY
2139 North Carolina State United States NC
2140 North Dakota State United States ND
2141 Ohio State United States OH
2142 Oklahoma State United States OK
2143 Oregon State United States OR
2144 Pennsylvania State United States PA
2145 Rhode Island State United States RI
2146 South Carolina State United States SC
2147 South Dakota State United States SD
2148 Tennessee State United States TN
2149 Texas State United States TX
2150 Utah State United States UT
2151 Vermont State United States VT
2152 Virginia State United States VA
2153 Washington State United States WA
2154 West Virginia State United States WV
2155 Wisconsin State United States WI
2156 Wyoming State United States WY
2355 American Samoa State United States AS
2356 Guam State United States GU
2357 Northern Mariana Islands State United States MP
2358 Puerto Rico State United States PR
2359 Virgin Islands (US) State United States VI
2317 Armed Forces (AA) State United States AA
2318 Armed Forces (AE) State United States AE
2319 Armed Forces (AP) State United States AP
2244 Carlow State Ireland
2249 Cavan State Ireland
2260 Clare State Ireland
2256 Cork State Ireland
2266 Donegal State Ireland
2241 Dublin State Ireland
2261 Galway State Ireland
2257 Kerry State Ireland
2245 Kildare State Ireland
2254 Kilkenny State Ireland
2253 Laois State Ireland
2265 Leitrim State Ireland
2258 Limerick State Ireland
2250 Longford State Ireland
2247 Louth State Ireland
2262 Mayo State Ireland
2246 Meath State Ireland
2248 Monaghan State Ireland
2252 Offaly State Ireland
2263 Roscommon State Ireland
2264 Sligo State Ireland
2259 Tipperary State Ireland
2255 Waterford State Ireland
2251 Westmeath State Ireland
2243 Wexford State Ireland
2242 Wicklow State Ireland

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