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  • If you don't like them, keep your opinion to yourself. These are hand drawn by Dave Bennett a renowned cachet maker and long time member here.

    In other words, it's probably about time you left the building.
  • Ooh - a TROLL!

    We should have done a TROLL!
  • John P Fields,

    This is not the time nor the place to be smashing our dear friend Dave. This has always been a fun group that has appreciated all the time and wonderful imagination that Dave has put into drawing these adorable characters for us.

    So please do not say anything bad or slanderous about Dave's artwork.

    And if your comment was said in a very dry sense of humor, please let us know with a smiley face!

    Dave, thanks for doing all you do!
  • Don't feed the trolls.
  • You could also limit your opinions on Lincoln and Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis. Good God, it's the 21st century. Why don't you join it? This is not the 1800's. Long before you even posted here and took a poke at one of our favorite longtime members, you already painted a wonderful picture of yourself. You really need to think twice (or more) before hitting the Post Comment button.
  • Don't feed the trolls.
  • John,

    Since you had mentioned that you felt you should not have made a post within this topic if you're not interested in the content of the topic, and you indicated that you were not interested in receiving notifications for this topic - I've gone ahead and removed the comments that you made. This should ensure that you do not receive any further notifications on this topic.
  • I don't like that! I am a member here; you just do not like my posts. I suggest you leave them alone.
  • Hi John,

    Keep in mind that our community forums are moderated by our Staff, and we work to ensure that posts comply with our terms and conditions. With specific regards to our community forums, we do promote an environment where all members are welcome to post, and our terms and conditions do specifically prevent individuals from contributing to an unfriendly environment - that's not what we're looking to foster here.

    For example, if other members are engaged in a topic, and the posts which you contribute are essentially only indicating that other members should not be engaged in said topic, and/or claiming their posts are useless, etc. - it's your posts which may be subject to removal.

    In general, if we determine that a post should be removed due to the above issues, the member in question would receive a warning, and subsequent issues would lead to further action being taken.

    If you're not interested in this topic, again I would recommend that you simply do not participate. Comments such as the ones made earlier were not appropriate - and again we will take action on such posts.
  • Note that I've split these posts off from the original topic and promo which Dave had started.
  • Thanks, Mark!
  • Mark: I can see that a great deal of thought was put into your responses re Forum Moderation. At the moment the Threads are only set up to show "LIKES". You would probably eliminate a lot of written notes which might contribute to an "unfriendly environment" as you stated if you included "DISLIKED" in the choices. The critic might get their complaint off their mind with press of a button. No need to get heated on the input.
  • What normally happens is the ranters eventually run out of puff and leave.
  • Rod: I have seen some amazing ranters in the various threads. Now give us a straight answer on having another button than LIKES.
  • There's nothing wrong with heated discussion if it's directed at the topic and not the messenger. It's up to moderators to stomp out the trolls. My straight answer - I dislike the idea of a dislike button. I much prefer to see the opposing view.
  • The button doesn't have to have "DISLIKED" on it and this is a new idea so we might call it something else after it is debated. Having just one button for "LIKES" when many other people might think it deserves another comment for the input provided by the debater seems a bit unfair. I have entered a vote on "LIKES" button and also may have added a paragraph after I did that. I am sure that we will still hear some interesting arguments but voting might be more informative.
    Lets vote for free speech in The Forum lets ad another button.
  • I also dislike the dislike button.

    That brings negativity onto the forum.

    If you dislike a thread so much then it's your choice to not come back and read all the comments. And that was not directed at any one in particular. Have a discussion and move on.
  • As Mark Rosenberg has pointed out this thread was taken off another thread and his rational on the contents of The Forum are published above. Part of what he states is "we do promote an environment where all members are free to participate".
    My idea on another button than "LIKES" was to give a contributor an easy way to get something off their mind without writing a paragraph that might contribute to an "unfriendly environment". After debate we can call the extra button whatever is decided on. At the moment if someone doesn't want to press "LIKES" the only choice they have is to write something but those who like can just press a button. We can learn more with another button.
  • In my previous entry I indicate what I am trying to do in suggesting two buttons in the FORUM rather than just one. Obviously having a second button as "DISLIKED" was not popular but it went so well with "LIKES". Other ideas may result in getting rid of "LIKES" as well - Perhaps a simple "YES" if you agree with comment or "NO" if you don't! - "PRO" or "CON"
    "FOR" or "AGAINST"
    There are many great thinkers who take part in this FORUM and just like "Riding the Dead Horse " can come up with many brilliant ideas. I don't think this is a "Riding the Dead Horse" idea but is just a way to help eliminate an "unfriendly environment" which might upset Hip Stamps. Looking forward to seeing the ideas.
  • I want an "I don't give a rat's a$$" button. It's only fair. It's the button for the silent majority!
  • Does this mean you that you (One of the silent majority) don't want any button or would you like this as an added button. They have already turned down "DISLIKED" so you might not have much of a chance getting it added. Thank you and remember "all members are free to participate" in the Forum as long as you have power and some members don't tonite!
  • All are free to participate, yes, so long as forum rules (Ts & Cs) are abided by. I believe strobgly in free speech. I also believe one reaps what they sow, so just because someone is free to say it does not mean they really should. That's where that whole wisdom thing comes in.

    Truthfully, I don't think there should even be a like button, let alone a dislike one. This isn't Facebook. There are few enough conversations that the popular/interactive ones can bubble to the top of the list naturally.
  • Thanks Doug: Now we have your vote for no buttons. I am sure there are more from the silent and not so silent majority that would agree with you.
  • Hmm. I never knew this site to be a democracy. I always thought it was a privately owned enterprise. Users have a responsibility and requirement to follow the site rules. Users have no "power" to dictate what should or should not be, or how the site should be run. This "voting" nonsense is simply that, nonsense.
  • I agree with Michael. That's got to be a first lol.
  • Michael & John - Is the LIKES not a one sided vote? The idea of another button was to help eliminate a paragraph from someone that might contribute to an "unfriendly environment". Do contributors really think that everyone likes what they said just because they got a few of the one sided votes?
  • Put me down as one of the silent majority and in agreement with Doug, Michael#'s & John C. With all due respect, some of these forums/threads are getting silly - an exercise in futility.
  • I put Doug down as giving a vote for no buttons. Are you in agreement with no buttons? Actually if we are only going to have a LIKE button I would probably go along with you two if that is what you actually think. One sided voting doesn't impress me. When people vote you should have more than one choice!
  • John T.

    You do realize this is a discussion forum and not a popularity contest,correct?
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