So, what is HipStamp to do about new USPS rates?



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    That has to do with attempting to import orders from PayPal. PayPal is not the platform that you use to Sell - HipStamp is (which is not an option, since ShippingEasy is not integrated with HipStamp). If you attempt to import orders from PayPal, there will likely be several issues - as the data you would then be importing is not what ShippingEasy would expect.

    Just set your platform to Other, and when you have an International Order you want to ship, click on Create a New Shipment in ShippingEasy. Then you can manually fill in the address, weight and customs information.
  • Yes, and it would have been faster. That's OK someone had to be the guinea pig!

    Update: the smallest envelope the label will fit on is a Standard Social Envelope 4 3/4 x 6 1/2. Also, the bar code is extremely small compared to the Payal type.
  • Jeri and Mark: thanks very much! I'm now set up for manual orders only.

    And Jeri, thanks for sharing the envelope sizes that seem to work best.

    Question to Jeri or anyone else: With the barcodes being smaller, does that mean that they're not going to be captured by USPS, but only by ShippingEasy (or their partner) when the item arrives at their US consolidation address? Or do you still get USPS tracking from pickup to the US destination address?

    And one last question for Jeri: Based on your experience printing labels from PayPal or eBay, is there any reason that one would need to download the ShippingEasy printer app? Can you tell if it gives you some additional functionality?

    Thanks to everyone for their help!
  • The item goes directly to a USPS larger sorting facility. Mine is going to Torrance, CA where I believe my Media Mail also ends up. It is not the same type bar code as Paypal. I only added that the bar code was smaller in case any "techies" have the ability to shrink the label.

    I believe if you don't download the software it would work like Paypal - open a PDF file, etc. The download saves a few clicks. With one click my printer spit it rightout.

    Here's the label:

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    Thanks very much, Jeri! That's all very helpful!

    I've learned from some research I was doing on this over the weekend that this is a mail consolidation facility run by R.R. Donnelley. There's also a facility in New Jersey, but I don't know for sure whether or not it's also run by Donnelley. I think they direct you to the closest one to your location, rather than, say, Asia items going to Torrance and Europe items going to NJ.

    (As one might expect, this is same facility a customer with a account would use for that same service.)

    Here's to hoping this all works!
  • Btw, this still has to be a flexible envelope/flat, right? Otherwise, it really has to be considered a package?
  • Jeri,

    Just a simple question but where is the customers address? (Kiev is a city with a population of about 3,000,000) I am assuming that they are going to print another label to go over the label with the complete address and the customs information like the labels they use when you go in and take it yourself to the PO and if so what size label are they using?
  • Jeri, I just had the same experience as you... sort of. I set up an account, gave my credit card number., etc. I tried importing my order via CSV, which would work if I had my stuff configured a little differently. I was able to edit the info and got through to shipment when I got stuck... said I had to buy postage from Endicia. OK, so my credit card info transferred supposedly... nope! Kept on getting declined declined declined. What the? Anyways, tried logging directly into Endicia. THAT was a pain. All these hidden passphrases and "internet passwords". What a mess. I finally figured it out and got logged in. Couldn't get anywhere there either... declined. Went back to ShipEasy, saw there that my Endicia status was "suspended". DAMN! What the heck! Tried contacting chat/support. "We're sorry, our offices are closed. Please try back blah blah," BUT I WORK, TOO! WTF! Then I read Jeri's message and see I'm not alone. What a painful experience. Sux eggs.
  • Oh, and after the 1 month free trial, we need to pay $30 a month for this service? Is that right?
  • The customs form & label that I filled out is electronically sent and tracked by the Customs # up in the right hand corner. That's what I was told. I will ask them tomorrow about exactly how this works. I received a email from an Account Executive that he would like to speak with me and schedule a10 minute training class with me. Was he reading this forum????

    Doug, actually you have made me feel better. I thought it was just a senile old woman who couldn't figure all this out. :)

    I'm thinking you're right about the $30.00. Doesn't make much sense to offer a "Free Trial" and a 0-50 bracket that's also free. Did you get a pop-up question - "What are you going to do when your free trial ends?" I ignored it and didn't answer. But I'll bet you're correct on this.

    If anybody wants me to ask a question of the Account Executive, put it here in the Forum. I'll try to schedule the call for about 10.00am AZ time (right now AZ time is 10:44pm).
  • How come they can ship First Class International Large Envelope (Flat) - Merchandise, and no one else can?
  • Jeri,

    Can you ask them about the PS FORM 2976 CP72 CUSTOMS DECLARATION AND DISPATCH NOTE? That's the one that comes in 4 parts and 1 copy is to be submitted with the package in the plastic envelope.

    Can you ask them what size envelope needs to be used to classify as a flat because these are the general guide lines as to what the USPS classifies as a flat.

    2.0 Physical Standards for Flats
    2.1 General Definition of Flat-Size Mail
    Flat-size mail is:

    More than 11-1/2 inches long, or more than 6-1/8 inches high, or more than 1/4 inch thick, except as allowed for EDDM-Retail flats under 140. For general retail mailability, all pieces 1/4 inch thick or less must be a minimum of 5 inches long and 3-1/2 inches high and 0.007 inch thick.
    Not more than 15 inches long, or more than 12 inches high, or more than 3/4 inch thick.
    Flexible (see 2.3).
    Rectangular with four square corners or with finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 0.125 inch (1/8 inch). See Exhibit
    Uniformly thick (see 2.4).
    Unwrapped, sleeved, wrapped, or enveloped.
    2.2 Length and Height of Flats
    The length of a flat-size mailpiece is the longest dimension. The height is the dimension perpendicular to the length.

    2.3 Minimum Flexibility Criteria for Flat-Size Pieces
    Flat-size pieces must be flexible. Boxes—with or without hinges, gaps, or breaks that allow the piece to bend—are not flats. Tight envelopes or wrappers that are filled with one or more boxes are not flats. At the customer‘s option, a customer may perform the following test on their own mailpieces. When a postal employee observes a customer demonstrating that a flat-size piece is flexible according to these standards, the employee does not need to perform the test. Test flats as defined in 201.4.3.

    2.4 Uniform Thickness
    Flat-size mailpieces must be uniformly thick so that any bumps, protrusions, or other irregularities do not cause more than 1/4-inch variance in thickness. When determining variance in thickness, exclude the outside edges of a mailpiece (1 inch from each edge) when the contents do not extend into those edges. Also, exclude the selvage of any polywrap covering (see 201.5.3 from this determination. Mailers must secure nonpaper contents to prevent shifting of more than 2 inches within the mailpiece if shifting would cause the piece to be nonuniform in thickness or would result in the contents bursting out of the mailpiece (see 601.3.3).

    2.5 Flat-Size Pieces Not Eligible for Flat-Size Pricing
    Flat-size mailpieces that do not meet the standards in 2.1 through 2.4 are not eligible for flat-size pricing and must pay applicable parcel prices.

    Please note that according to this the envelope either must be greater then 6-1/8 height or 11-1/2 length to go by flat rate. (You don't want to be having to get the package back to have to redo it)

    The EDDM Retail flats that have different qualifications are Marketing Mail Flats Every Door Direct Mail-Retail. Those are like the weekly ads you get in the mail that go to every box on the route.
  • Just as a word to the wise you may all want to spend some time figuring out how much you can actually get into an envelope that will pass as a flat. If you don't do it you will end up eating a whole lot of postage on some orders. and it would be a good idea to have limits on the size orders before the buyer pays the parcel rate. You will only be able to get about 10-12 covers to be able to pass as a flat if you use 2 pieces of cardboard. You will also have to layer them and tape the sleeve to one of the pieces of cardboard. (Gold foils must go as parcels as they are not bendable)

    Sending large souvenir sheets,sheets or other over sized items is only going to be a fairly small number before it gets to stiff and no longer bendable.

    Jeri as I know you also deal with larger stamp orders from time to time as I do you may want to play with the number of single stamps or sets before they too become packages rates. This will work for a number of smaller sales but it will NOT work for larger orders. (I know this too well after looking at my postage bill to the the USPS alone last year,almost $4,000
    on $2 and higher value stamps. That does not include the scrap postage.... and you just don't see the higher denominations come up as discount postage too often.)

  • Jeri,

    Another question in case of non-delivery who pays the return postage?
  • Just thought of another When they say flats can only contain a minimal value what do they mean by that?
  • I suspect it's the $400 limit. We'll see. I also have the question about the size of the "flats". I presume they are putting a new label OVER the domestic one to the central domestic processing center (which may add weight to the mailing if your are two ounces teetering on three). Hopefully that's not an issue that could result in insufficient postage.
  • It's my understanding that there is a free plan if you have under 50 postage purchases per month. That's what I'm planning on.

    Otherwise, you'd be better off with the plan, which is just $16-17/month.

    (I believe that the reason that Shipping Easy is more expensive than for a regular plan is that it has a lot of inventory management features included as well.)
  • Get ready for it they are not done yet.

    From the UPU

    About Integrated Product Plan (IPP)
    With the introduction of the IPP, the UPU is for the very first time taking a fully integrated approach to product development and ensuring speedier decision making in response to market needs.

    Posts worldwide are confronted with the same challenges of declining letter volumes accompanied by an exponential increase in postal items containing goods. The cross-border mail and parcel-post market is mature, highly competitive, and highly fragmented. The market space has changed dramatically in the last two decades.

    One of the challenges faced by the UPU in relation to customer needs and product features is to find ways of satisfying market requirements by rationalizing, modernizing and integrating the existing framework of products. However, as part of an industry sector involved in the cross-border exchange of goods, it will also need to be mindful of how its products fit in with emerging customs, security and regulatory requirements.

    Furthermore, with expected worldwide growth of over 10 per cent per year, cross-border e-commerce represents untapped potential for the postal sector. However, a primary barrier to postal market growth is the complexity of the postal product portfolio, which is preventing Posts from fully exploiting the burgeoning opportunities offered by the e-commerce market.

    The UPU's Integrated Product Plan (IPP) is designed to break down this barrier.

    The sustainability of the recent increase in demand for postal items containing goods depends ultimately on the UPU continuing to meet customer needs. In this sense, the UPU's IPP constitutes a first-stage response to these recent market developments. Importantly, in such a competitive and rapidly evolving environment, the IPP needs fast, globally coordinated and integrated implementation, as well as continuous innovation, adaptation and reliability. Only by doing this will we be able to persuade international e-shoppers and e-retailers to make the Post their preferred choice for international delivery services.

    The main aim of the IPP is to develop a fully integrated portfolio of postal products and adequate, competitive remuneration systems that cover the costs of delivery. This, in turn, will ensure that the opportunities created by e-commerce can be taken up by the whole UPU membership.

    The aim of the Integrated Product Plan (IPP) approved by the 26th Congress is to develop a fully integrated portfolio of physical products (letter post items, parcel post items and EMS) and adequate and competitive remuneration systems that cover the costs of delivering the products. This, in turn, will ensure that opportunities created by e-commerce can be taken up by the whole UPU membership. With this in mind, it is vital that the integrated portfolio of products meet the following requirements:

    Addresses the needs of the marketplace as well as customers;
    Creates a classification based on content (documents and goods), remuneration and product features;
    Satisfies the need to provide a seamless 0–30 kg weight range for items containing goods (elimination of any weight silos);
    Eliminates product silos and creates simpler product offerings;
    Facilitates efficient compliance with emerging security and customs requirements for electronic advance data;
    Results in clear and relevant definitions and regulations;
    Ensures network sustainability and takes account of the differing capabilities of member countries.
    In view of the above, a number of guiding product integration principles emerged during the develop¬ment of the IPP, as described below.

    Product integration principles
    The principles, as contained in the IPP approved by the 26th Congress, can be summarized as fol¬lows:

    Compliance principle: Ensure the alignment of product development with emerging security and elec­tronic customs pre-advice requirements.
    Differentiation principle: In order to reduce the overlap of the products and services and opportunities for service cannibalization, it is important to define criteria for strict differentiation of products:
    Differentiate products by content (documents/goods);
    Three basic differentiation criteria related to the product offering:
    Non-priority: deferred with limited or no value-added services;

    Priority: quicker with choice of value-added services;

    Premium: quickest with most value-added services.

    Menu approach principle: This approach is applied to service level, price and value-added services.
    Progression principle: The application of the IPP will be in line with the dates given in paragraph 29 of Congress–Doc 39.Rev 1 (Integrated Product Plan 2017–2020), thereby allowing countries to prepare for its timely implementation.
    Simplicity principle: The implementation of the IPP will simplify the range of product categories and will also minimize overlap and eliminate redundancies, thereby heading towards a more integrated portfo­lio of services.
    Remuneration principles
    Remuneration principles: The principles adopted by the 26th Congress through resolution C 24/2016, in particular Istanbul Business Plan work proposal 024 concerning the development and implementation of an Integrated Remuneration Plan (IRP), will be followed in response to the modernization and integration of the UPU portfolio of physical products.
  • Michael G - See my post to you on the last page which addressed how this service works.

    Doug N - It's not $30/month. You can use the Basic Plan to ship up to 50 packages per month - and that plan is free.
  • Shipping Easy's "World Class Support" doesn't exist. Tried calling at 8 (they say support from 7 to 7) got message to call back after 8:30 for sales support. Called back and received recording that everyone was busy and to leave my number and they would call back ASAP. It's now been over 2 hours and still nothing. Hopefully Jeri will have better luck and they will call her back.
  • It has been confirmed that I have a phone "meeting" at 11:00am.
  • Have another meeting with a shipping specialist at 1:45pm.

    What I know so far:

    Yes, as Mark stated, you can set up the 0-50 plan for free when your trial period is over. One suggestion that was made was - Start your free trial then upgrade to the $29.99 plan so you can see all the features and have access to more info. Then at the end of free trial, go back to 0-50 Free if that is more in line with your budget and sales.

    The label is 4 x 6 so that would be the smallest size envelope you can use. There is no longer a need for "PAPER" customs forms - all electronic. Supposedly a USPS label will be printed out - obtaining info from scan and attached/pasted over ours. I say supposedly because he wasn't absolutely sure about labeling. So that's why next phone call with shipping specialist. But did state that Shipping Easy has done many of these 4 x 6 envelopes for International without any problem. So apparently USPS is fine with the size.

    Returns: "One Click Return" Customer is emailed a return label and this will be charged to seller. You would have to deal with the customer regarding this. Have a return policy in your shipping info that states buyer pays shipping on returns. When contacted by customer have him send payment before you will accept return. You can see charge by doing a "trial" quick return. I will get back to you on "non-delivery".

    As Mark stated, Shipping Easy has entered into a partnership with USPS to offer this service because of the volume of mailings they send.

    I have the name & phone number to call so you can get more information. He said all calls will be answered and he would be happy to speak with all of you. Customer Service is "swamped" right now. I will not put this in the Forum. Send me a Private Message if you want this info.

    If your sales & budget allow, there are some nice features in the upgraded plan. You can do auto emails to follow up with customers after shipping, send out newsletters, etc. Many nice features but it's up to you if these would be helpful or justify the extra cost.

    I'll be back later, after speaking with the shipping specialist.

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    I just received a copy of an email Shipping Easy sent to the customer in the Ukraine.

    Your order has been scheduled for shipment.
    Tracking: UM631501935US
    Please allow up to 24 hours for tracking updates to appear.
    Shipped On: 2018-02-08
    Order Number: 5H3034724J865914N
    Shipped Via: USPS
    First Class Mail
    Shipped To:

    The customer's name and complete address were on the "Ship To:" I removed them to post here He can click on the tracking # to follow his shipment.

  • Part 2: All labels are 4 x 6 including the 2976A -2976B. Form 2976 is not more than $400.00. You would be alerted/directed by the system if you need the other forms and it will print out 3 copes (4 x 6) You can attach these to the package in a small plastic pouch.

    When the item reaches the mailing facility, it is scanned and a USPS label prints out and is pasted over the label on our envelope with all the pertinent info as provided in the scan. Other than the size, which seems to differ from previous USPS rules, all other rules would be followed; thickness, rigidity, etc.

    Many nice features in Shipping Easy to actually make shipping easier. You can set up a lot of defaults to eliminate always typing in info. That saves a lot of time.

    OK, that's it for now. Sorry, I forgot to ask about non-delivery. I'll see if I can find it on the site.
  • Thanks for all this additional work you've unwittingly taken on, Jeri! I really appreciate it!
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    You're very welcome. It's the least I can do for our Community! Besides, I learned a lot too.

  • Thank you, Jerri.
  • Thank you, Jeri, you are the BEST!!!!!
  • Jeri,

    Thanks for taking all that time and effort.

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    Yes, thanks Jeri!

    And thanks Mark. The free option wasn't intuitive as it looked like the free option was likely referring to the free trial.

    Got it working today. I had a two ounce mailing to Australia. USPS price $14.25. ShippingEasy price $5.73.
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