items per page - put at top as well as bottom

I would like to suggest that you add the ability to select the number of items per page to the beginning or top of each page.
Mainly the top of the first page would be great. It is a little inconvenient to have to go to the bottom of the first page to tell the system I want a different qty of items per page to be displayed.


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    Great suggestion, Bill. We won't have to view the first 48 items twice.
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    Quick workaround to get to the top and bottom of each page in a second (no scrolling necessary):

    Press the HOME key to immediately go to the top of a page
    Press the END key to immediately go to the bottom of a page
  • PGUP or PGDN works too.
  • At the same time, put the Page numbers and Next page buttons at the top, also. Would make it a heck of a lot more convenient when flipping through a dealer's listings in Catalog order.
  • I agree Ted! Didn't bidStart have page selection at both top & bottom of page?
  • I don't know; I've slept since then. :)
  • I think it is a great suggestion. I see home, end, pg up & pg dn at number keys 7, 1, 9 & 3 but not sure how to use the workaround.
  • Regarding my prior comment. Figured out the work around. For those as stupid as I all you do is hit the shift key and the 1, 3, 7, or 9 and it moves as noted. Works great. Thank you.
  • Sorry, it is the "Ctrl" key and not the "Shift" key. It works with the 7 (top of page) and the 1 (bottom of page). As I said before, works great.
  • for me it's the shift key plus 1,3 etc. ctrl plus numbers moves my different browser windows that are open.
  • Also how about setting the default # to 96 instead of just 48...or even a higher number. With today’s fast computers loading even 100 or 200 listings at a time should be quick and easy.
  • There are still plenty of people out there who have to use dial-up connections. Downloading large amounts of images will cause problems for them, especially if they have to pay for their usage time and how much they download.
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