How does one get rid of the "Need Help" bubble?

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Something new I'm guessing but I find it rather distracting when working in my store. It there a way for us to close that bubble?

It doesn't show up on the forums page but it's there when I'm putting an order together. Just let me close it, please.


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  • I have a thing with strobe lights that makes me panic - some kind off pre-epileptic thing I am told. That "bubble" rolling up in the peripheral vision does the same thing - I covered it with a sticky note but then I lose the bottom tray -- grr. I opened it and all it does is provide a place to ask a question -we need to have a way to delete it. And now it is on Hippostcard as well.
  • Peripheral enhancements...are they really needed? I would think that there have been plenty of suggestions to be considered for improvement that things like this wouldn't even be on the radar...I also do not like help bubbles popping up, and other non-controllable things like that. They are annoying, slow down use of the site, and lessen the enjoyment thereof.
  • Is that what it is - I thought it was an Amazon popup for Norman Vincent Peale books
  • Clearly an un-needed "feature" as it just mimics the Help button that is already available at the bottom of every screen
  • I wrote that it should send me money.
  • Please get rid of this stupid popup.
  • We all need help getting rid of this thing.
  • Maybe not get rid of it, but give us the option of closing it.

    We have to remember there are a lot of really new members that would be happy that annoying bubble is there, but for those of us that have been around for a while find it bothersome. Just let me close it and not have it bobble.
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    Good point, Luree! I am 75 so even with a cane I too bobble around some.
  • lol, Wayne, I can walk or try to walk in a straight line and bobble. Too fun with others around.
  • Most annoying popup. Please enhance things that need to be improved...and avoid these stupid annoying cutsie touches.

  • I checked with Hip Support over the weekend because it was driving me crazy LOL. At the moment they say you can't get rid of it. It is pretty annoying. I imagine they'll reconsider if enough people mention it.
  • A folded post it note preserves my sanity (and health) but it's a pain in the neck....

  • I also submitted a ticket but have not heard anything.
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    It is extremely annoying. Please get rid of it. I hate things that bounce around on my screen. I have web sites I do not visit because of floating images.
  • The NEED HELP Pop up is not only annoying but useless, I asked it "How to Get Rid of the Need Help Pop Up"? It just listed a bunch of other topics that I didn't need help with. (lol).
  • I use the Chrome browser with the adblocker 'uBlock Origin' extension installed (uBlock is also available for Firefox).
    While browsing the HipStamp site, click the uBlock icon to Activate it on HipStamp.
    Click the uBlock icon again and then click the 'element picker' icon (the small syringe).
    Your mouse cursor changes to a cross. Hover the cursor over the Help bubble and click on it.
    Click the 'Create' button in the small window just displayed.
    No more Help bubble.
  • Besides not taking me to Amazon, it seems useless to me since the help topics have nothing to do with where you are. I was just on the "Reports" page and the help topics offered were
    How can I request a feature?
    How to Bulk Edit (update) existing listings?
    How can I get the seller fees credited back to my account when an order is cancelled?

    Helpful, but not if I'm struggling with the Reports page. I think I'll try Rod's idea...
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    I agree this "Need Help" pop-up is totally annoying and unnecessary. How about some improvements for sellers, i.e., the order page. Extremely difficult to pick & pack orders from this page.

    How about fixing this - been going on for months!

    Error: Server Error
    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

    Please try again in 30 seconds.

    Thanks, Rod for the info - will try this later.
  • Thanks Rod, I tried this with my adblocker and it worked. Yay
  • I was able to get rid of it on Firefox,
  • I was afraid to use it add block on Firefox in case something else that I might need would be blocked. Why even have this since it is absolutely stupid.
    Grant it I have been on the internet since CompuServe back in the mid '80's and most of us who are on here are alder and well accustomed to how the whole thing works.
    It is just some young IT person trying to justify his job.
    We do not need this!!!
  • Wayne, how exactly did you get rid of it on Firefox and did it create any problems on other sites? I'm like Bill, I don't want to fix one thing and screw up something else but this thing has got to go.
  • › en-US › firefox › addon › ublock-origin

  • I have not noticed any problem after doing this, though it was a bit difficult to make it work,
  • FYI, a few days ago I also "spoke" with someone in live chat about getting rid of this.
  • What was the outcome of the chat? Are they going to fix it so we don't have to do a "work around" which I'm not really liking to do or will they really help us to either remove it or let us minimize it?
  • I sent them a plea tonight to give us something to get rid of it. I haven't been able to get the ad blockers to work at all and I'm getting sick of putting the post it note on and taking it off.

    Anyone else having trouble making out the blurred pictures in the new captcha? It's almost like they don't want to let us ask questions. Third try was a charm but gee whiz .... old people see things different than younger ones. Between the blurry picture and my blurry cataract I couldn't tell what was what.
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