Hipstamp 2020 Winter Seller Update

Just got the email that many of you probably did as well. If not, check it out:

https://www.hipstamp.com/news/2020-winter-seller-update?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=email newsletter&utm_campaign=HipStamp Seller Update 20200108

It's a bummer that prices are going up, but there are some options, and they are offering more value for some store levels. I want to be able to send out Newsletters, but don't have the inventory yet to justify the Featured store. Hopefully I'll get there!

What do you think?



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  • Go to the annual rate, and you won't pay any more than you are now for at least the next 12 months..
  • If I compare what I pay here to what I pay to Linn's for advertising, for example, this place is a bargain. The sellers newsletters have been increasing my business, and I am getting many new customers. No one likes to see prices go up, but if something is being delivered along with the increased prices, be happy. At least I am getting more business from Hipstamp, unlike governments who keep raising taxes and delivering less - and postal services that keep raising rates with minimal improvement, if any, in service.
  • True you won't pay anymore for your store dollar wise, but if I'm understanding this correctly, you need to pay for 12 months upfront or the new monthly rates will apply effective Feb 1. This being the case, it will cost you a little bit more.

    The real increase comes from the .95% sales increase. Based on last years Hip sales, this increase will generated them an additional $142,500 in revenue of which $120,000 is being paid to Goggle. I have noticed new customers, so perhaps this is where they are coming from. Based on the percentage increase in my sales last year, I'm certainly willing to pay this increase. Based on my numbers, going forward a $100 increase in cost should generate an additional $2,000 in sales. That math works for me, so I'm OK with the changes.
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    I just went ahead and upgraded to Featured Store. But, now comes the age-old question: What are the "Enhanced Features" available at this level (besides newsletter rotation, which is a separately listed feature)?
  • John,

    The yearly rate also applies on Feb 1st if you don't get the 1 year plan before Feb 1. Just don't understand why they only gave us 21 days heads up at this time of year. Just a little bit hard to plan for that with the short time frame.
  • Ted they are listed with the plan details. Click on "store" in the my account section. This shows the differences in each plan.

    Thanks Michael, I will sign up today before I forget.
  • I've thought about the differences of eBay and HipStamp. Before I continue any further, I really do enjoy HipStamp and will continue to use it - for buying and selling. Have been a member for many, many years.

    The increases for store items got me to doing some analyzing of my stats both here and on eBay, so I may play a bit of devil's advocate here. Both sites have their plus and minuses, especially depending on the target market. For me personally, I tend do handle medium priced to slightly higher end material (say $75-$5,000). I don't have massive quantity of stock but a decent sized, higher value stock of material. I periodically do auctions but mainly sell from my store.

    For what I do, eBay is more advantageous to me. There is a higher visibility and in the first two weeks of this year, my turnover on eBay is about 10x here in regards to value. Up to the $600 selling mark, my costs for each site even out. Anything over, and eBay becomes cheaper. That's taking into account eBay's higher store fee but lower final value fee (6.1%). HipStamp has a much lower store fee but higher final value fee (now 8.95%). Of course, there are other plus and minus to each site but that's my side of things. I would like to see HipStamp increase it's number of users to really compete with eBay and am happy to be part of that.
  • John, are you talking about this chart? This is the only thing I can find that compares store levels: you get 10x the listings, a listing in the Featured directory, priority email support, rotation in select newsletters, and . . . "Enhanced Features," which are . . . . ???
  • Fee increases are the nature of everything online.

    But these are basically THREE increases at once.
    Seems a little excessive.

    1) FVF increase.
    2) Monthly increase for subscr.
    3) Discount ONLY when you get an annual subscription.

    Still one heck of a bargain, but the subscription fee increase is MASSIVE in percents. But it was negligible before and still is for the larger stores.

    If they in fact use a lot of the extra $$ to increase traffic everybody should win.
  • Ted, good observation. I can't find any difference between basic, enhanced or premium features when I look at the different type store fronts. At one time I think, featured and premium stores didn't allow for overall searching when in them, but that is no longer the case. Perhaps someone at HipStamp can provide us an explanation. If not, then perhaps it's just their marketing strategy designed to fool us into thinking we are receiving more, when in fact we are not. If so, then I was fooled. It has been many years since I sold on ebay. Perhaps I need to give that another look for my higher valued stamps based on some recent comments and observations from other sellers.
  • John
    the higher level stores show you higher in the list of stores.
    In theory that might get you more exposure and browser traffic.
    ebay DEFINITELY gets you a lot more sales on the higher end stuff.
    I sold prob 50 times as much in $$ on there since I started listing only 'better' stuff over $5 listing price. Only been doing this since October, but you can not beat the traffic.
    Hip and eBay both have their place. I plan on watching my aging items on eBay closely and delete it when sales are too few to justify the listing fees.
    But I will keep stuff here and every buyer gets a flyer. I also offer discounts here that I do not offer on eBay, thus there is a real incentive for buyers to come here, also keeping in mind that eventually I will have LOTS of stuff listed here, that is not on eBay.
  • I haven't gotten in my quota of gripes for the day so here goes: A total of ten price changes were listed in the announcement all ending in .95. I know we live in a world that often does this, but can't we be forthright, not trying to make the amounts sound less? There, squawk completed on time ....9:59
  • Must be those cataracts acting up, Ron!
  • Ron, at least they're not listed at .95 9/10
  • What I like is the 5 cent a month discount for paying in advance.

  • John - you need to re-read the new pricing outlined in the initial link, not what you see when you look at the "fees" page link. I was also fooled by that until it was brought to my attention. Act before Februay 1 or it will cost you more than a nickle.
  • Seller updates... one of the things that I came to dread as an Ebay seller... lots of misdirected fluff about the new benefits I was receiving which were in fact higher costs, more restrictive rules and other lopsided things that made clear which side of the bread Ebay believed their business model was buttered on.

    I chose to move my selling to Hipstamp for reasons of simplicity and a lack of crazy rules that make no sense to anyone but to those that write them. Hopefully this type of update does not become a frequent occurrence. We shall see. The higher fees don't help and frankly I am not sure how effective the new Google marketing is... I am getting a lot more spammy type of emails. Will that up my return net of the new fees... again, We shall see.

  • As an occasional buyer of high end stamps, given the choice of purchasing a selected stamp through eBay or HipStamp, I'll choose going through HipStamp every time. The state tax California gets on eBay sales makes a big difference to me.
  • Mark
    you still owe sales tax. Anything you bought online without tax you are supposed to report in your tax return as use tax at your local rate.
  • the 14.95/MO pay 1 year in advance is to much more than I can afford up front eg 14.95 x 12 = 179.40 US$ to NZ$271.46
    I will stay with mo payment.
  • We are now into the new pricing for our stores.When the new pricing was posted Featured store it would be$14.95 pay 1 year plan for 12 months or $15 without a plan pay monthly.

    I have just looked at the new pricing for February Featured store $19.95 with a 1 year plan pay in advance or $24.95 without. Am I missing some thing can anyone explain just what we have to pay as I cannot afford to pay US $239.40
    (NZ$ 370.60) I get a fortnightly pension so monthly is not to bad, even though it is more. Your comments please.
  • Before Feb 1 there was the opportunity to lock in one year for US$179.40.

    Now the new rates apply, US$24.95 per month or US$239.40 per year.

    You may want to consider subscribing to the basic store as you have less than 10,000 items listed.

    There is really no difference between the two plans, apart from the number of listings allowed.

    Basic is US$9.95 per month or US$83.40 per year. If you ever want to exceed 10,000 listings you can then upgrade to featured.
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