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It would be a big help to me when putting together orders if the bottom of the invoice contained an item count. That way I can quickly count up what I have pulled from stock and compare that to the invoice without having to count up all the items in the invoice. It would be a quick means of doubling checking accuracy of the order before I pack it. Thanks.


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  • You get the item count on the sale notification
  • Should be easy to carry that code over to the invoice then.
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    I also see the Item Count if you go here:

    Go to Your Members Area -> Orders -> Filter on "Paid/Not shipped"

    Each order shows the Item Count under the invoice number.
  • Thanks Michael(s), all this time and I've never noticed it. That will be very useful.
  • A better way would be to click on each item filled. I presently print each in invoice in 2 copies, and check mark my copy and send the clean one to the customer.
    At the same time if a item was not filled it would be easy to advise automatically Hipstamp of any not filled item and have a credit for the fees, instead of having to go to support and fill invoice number or item number. If I remember right on Bidstart it was like that?
  • I print out the invoices, and use the paper invoice to fill the orders.
  • The reason why I am requesting this is so that it acts as a double check to make sure all items were pulled, and I would not have to go through the time and expense of finding and mailing a missing item.

    The last order I filled had 10 items. I pulled the items, and checked off each line. I then manually counted how many were on the invoice, there were ten. I then picked up the stack of 104 cards, and counted them, There were nine. I had checked off one item that I did not pull. Yes, this was a smaller order, but if there were 47 items, it would be a big time saver to have that item count printed on the invoice.
  • I agree with Michael G. I've had the same thoughts while filling orders. The item count on the computer screen doesn't do me any good; I'm not using the screen to pull my orders. I need to know the count from the invoice, while I'm sitting at the desk pulling stamps.
  • I always use the screen to pull and verify the stamp being sent is the one pictured. Perhaps a simple solution is to write the item count shown on your printed invoice before you pull any stamps.

    Personally I would prefer each item included in the order be given a sequential number being with 1. This serves at least three purposes. The first would be easier reference if a problem arises. The second would be a way to divide the order more equally for packaging. The third would provide total items ordered.
  • As noted, the item count is on the Invoice in the Orders section - but not when you print it. It should be there, so we've updated it - so it is now still on the invoice when you print it (next to the Invoice #).

    On a related note, we've also recently released this feature:
  • I'll go to the members site and use the sales posting for an order because it is alphabetical to pull the purchased items. From that stack I sort them according to the printed email order notice. In doing so, it double checks the fulfillment - but, yeah, I'll do the count thing too .... just to verify when often dealing with a couple thousand items. ("ole" ...isn't that what they say when the bull comes out?)
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    Are you aware of the fact that if you do print the invoices off in a batch,that the orders are no longer sorted in any sort of order. They are not in alphabetical,Hipstamp # or private ID order. (If they were at least in alphabetical or private ID # order that would be a help)

    And if you look at the preview before printing they are not in any type or order either.
  • Thanks, Mark!
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