Blocking specific sellers

Is it possible to have a block specific sellers option and if possible to have it permanently save our selections?
I collect early British Commonwealth and trawling through the listings is extremely tedious currently. Certain sellers continue to relist thousands of items at once of which I am not and never will be interested in, having to skip page after page after page is turning me off this website , at least at bidstart i could block that person.


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  • I can relate to this Mark. However, what if you block a store, and they subsequently list new material? Then you would have no visibility on the new material.
  • I agree that blocking certain stores would be helpful when searching. There is one store that seems to have almost every stamp that I'm looking for, but there are virtually zero pictures of these items, and the shipping charge is outrageous. Since it is highly unlikely that I would purchase anything from this seller, I would like to be able to block those. Especially since you have to hold the cursor over the non-picture to see who the seller is, and I do have some sellers that I love that don't show their items.
  • If they still have high shipping and no scan, all the new listings in the world won't matter. Anyway, that is just one example of why someone would want to block a seller. There are other dealers, including some who buy expensive color display ads in Linn's, who have atrocious listing habits, and who I wish would flake-off and die. Failing that, I'd like to block them from my search results.
  • Amen, bruduh.

    There are just certain sellers that I would simply never buy from. ever. There are many fish in the sea and there are many sellers on HS. Eagerly awaiting an "ignore" button to put to use some day.
  • This requested feature has been fading into the background and I believe it merits consideration!

    I rely on the ability to exclude certain sellers from my ebay search results and think buyers on HipStamp would be well-served if a similar feature was implemented here.

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to wade through numerous listings from sellers posting poor quality material or with a history of asking outrageous prices for their items or shipping & handling.
  • Once again it pops up; no images. I want your money but don't have the time to scan a pic. I have a big store don't have time..blah blah...All listing should have a pic plane and simple..Come on..hipstamp..
  • Ribs hurt from laughing
  • Silk paper what? Help us all
  • There is hardly any paper left for the silk fibers to cling to !

    And the price ! Why hasn't a HipStamp bunny snatched this incredible bargain yet ??
  • [quote]Why hasn't a HipStamp bunny snatched this incredible bargain yet ??[/quote]

    Because the bunnies all live on a different auction site.

  • Have you ever seen an auction bid on an item listed without an image?
  • And once again two of the most annoying sellers list their wares together and I am forced to sift through the first 66 pages of british commonwealth before I come across a different vendor....its getting rediculous that we cannot block vendors whom we will never ever purchase from.

  • So Mark Rosenberg, I get that it's the sellers' fees is what keeps the site going; Will you at least comment as to why you won't allow buyers to block sellers who either have stock that not useful to the buyer or have shipping charges higher than what one is willing to pay that buyers are wasting their time going through it all?
    The above post from Mr. Jones is not the first to bring this up in the forums.
    As this was a feature available in Stamp Wants/Bidstart, why not now?
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    Currently, if you are browsing or searching on HipStamp, and would like to help ensure you are seeing a wide range of items from different Sellers, one option you can currently use is the "Show Only" > "One Match Per Seller" option, or the "One Country/Catalog per Seller" option. Both of these options will group all Search Results by Seller.

    So for example, you could search for "United States #230":

    and then group your results by Seller:[]=one_match_per_seller

    We're also actively working on several other items to improve the default Search Results which we display, to help ensure that no particular Seller would display excess results before other Sellers' items are shown as well.

    With regards to blocking specific sellers in search results, this is not a feature which is currently available on HipStamp - however, that certainly does not mean we will not add such a feature, or a similar feature in the future.

    The main reason why we have a "Feature Requests" section within our forums, is to continually receive feedback from our members, which helps us to decide what features to build next, and which features to improve.

    While that doesn't necessarily mean each feature which is suggested in the forums will immediately be implemented, as there are many different factors we consider, we do actively review the items and comments here to help us build a better marketplace for everyone. That's certainly no different with this request.
  • Okay. Thanks for your response and explanation.
  • well i have changed my mind on the block seller list and would also like to see it implemented. I think it would help
  • You know, it is starting to be a pain....I'm scanning and looking and then page after page of 'No image available.crap', going to do that select one image per seller.....I mean if you are such a big store, per se, then hire someone to scan your goods for sale...
    On the FEE you had to have at least one image....aggravating...
  • I agree, Lee. In this day and age, there is really no good reason not to include an image in your listing.
  • 'For sale split window corvette, $65,000.00. Money first, picture later' Would you buy it?? Come on Mark...make it picturr no listing
  • Well I just came across a good reason for supporting blocking sellers. I wanted to purchase an item, and this particular dealer does not ship to my location. I don't need to see any more of his items when I am searching.
  • As Steven, above,
    I searched for a specific Turkey, found the one I wanted, no image.
    Emailed the vendor, he placed an image, then I see, Only ships to US,
    Crikey! come on Hipstamp, I don't need this , I am currently buying elsewhere now.
  • We are currently working on updating the default search results to only show items which are available to ship to your country. We're hoping to be able to roll out this update within the next month.

    That being said, if you do come across an item in which the Seller does not currently offer shipping to your Country, you may want to reach out to the Seller directly through the Ask Seller a Question feature, to inquire if they can ship to you.
  • One way to find sellers who list some items w/o images...
  • Please. Please provide a method of blocking buyers. Please.
  • Mark, What is your logic on abandoning this feature here?
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    Why do I want to block specific sellers @ various times?
    1. Too many one of one more stamps.
    2. Pricing consistently not competitive.
    3. Items in incorrect catagory or format,
    4. Bad experiences with seller.
    5. Form of payment not accepted.
    6. Too many missing images.
    7. Shipping charges not competitive.
    8. I do not want to purchase from a seller in that location.
  • Well stated. I completely agree.
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