Paypal not accepting payment

I have had a few instances where Paypal will not accept their payment. The one today made a payment with paypal and then tried to to pay me with paypal a few minutes later and his payment was denied. Any idea what is going on? Thanks

When I tried to pay for this item. today via. PayPal,
I received the message "Payment failed." When I
tried to make payment a second time, I received the
same message. I placed orders to 24 other Hipstamp
dealers today with no problem. Larry


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  • Tom you should contact HipStamp management directly via the "Contact Us" option located at the bottom of the page.
  • Thank you but this addresses canned issues. I need to get this message to them and there does not appear to be a way to do that.
  • Tom they used to allow you to contact them directly using this method. I now see your frustration, as I don't see a method either. Seems like they are eliminating customer service. Hopefully that is not the case. That is what made this site great.
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    Go to the following discussion and scroll down to comments from Becca (STAFF). This was designed to make it easier for people to ask questions (?) . I guess you have to be a 20 something as many long time users were also confused but the good news is at least when Becca wrote this that you could still reach them using a good old fashioned email address. I have no idea how we were supposed to know this but am biting my tongue as best as possible.
  • Thanks Carol. I remember seeing that discussion, but my brain didn't comprehend "reporting gone" with "contact us". Obviously I hadn't used that feature recently. I must agree it is extremely frustrating to use and wastes anyone's time attempting to contact Hipstamp.

    When none of the options available related to my question, I typed it in the search box.. "How do I contact HipStamp?" Nearly a dozen unrelated "contact topics" put up, but not the one I asked about. After becoming more frustrated without seeing an answer to my question, I read one of the unrelated topics and saw where you can CONTACT US at Rather than allowing you to simply click a link, you need to leave the site to send an email.

    Definitely not user friendly now. I long for the good old days, when a simple click on Contact Us gave you instant help. This type of runaround sounds like something politicians do, not businesses.
  • If you go through the list you can still send an email but it is a lot of clicks to get through. Again something that was set up probably by some young IT people when many of us on here were using computers before they were born. I have always said the best thing to do is to use KISS and it makes everything easier.
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    If you click the static "need help" button that is on every screen, then click the "send us a message" button, you can type a direct message with just two clicks, I don't consider that too arduous?
  • Actually it makes sense as to why they did this. They want you to use the help menu on questions that customer service was tied up on answering over and over and over again. Customer service should be there to answer questions and problems that are outside those basic questions. The most logical reason for moving the contact us button to where they did is because too many people were using the contact us button BEFORE using the help menu to ask questions that are answered within the help menu.
  • Michael A., thanks for pointing out an easier method to contact them. But unfortunately I'm not a mind reader and I doubt others are either. Much has been said about that annoying pop-up, so I have a tendency to ignore it; however had I clicked on it, I probably wouldn't have found the "Send Us a Message" as my first impression of "Help" is that lists various "suggested articles" to read on many topics. When I'm seeking to contact them, I'm not interested in reading articles. I looking for a button to click on and wouldn't "scroll" to the bottom of a list of articles expecting to find the "send a message" option.

    Michael D., I understand what your saying, but frustrating users isn't a good option either to keep members happy. I believe it would help, if that option was located at the top. Perhaps they could "ask" users to check if "their question" had already been answered before sending a message. Generally questions I have are unique to me and wouldn't be listed in the "Help" section.

    I wonder if how many other users of this forum knew that "message option" was available before it was pointed out to us. My guess is few.
  • Actually they do have a thumbs up or thumbs down if the answer was helpful or not. (It's right below the answer)
    It wasn't that hard to find the static help button or where they placed the contact us form.
  • Michael D.

    I must be dumb. You tell me they have a thumbs up or down, but I can't even see that when I click on the help button. Must be because I didn't get an answer. Enough talk. Back to selling stamps. I CAN do that on this site and like it.
  • John,

    That's because you have to click on the question first, then Hipstamp goes through the answer and right after the answer is where you will see the thumbs up and thumbs down. (It's not because you're dumb, it's only because you didn't go far enough.)
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    I used the old Bidstart/Stampwants site without ever having to ask a question. It was intuitive, you could pull up and sort any statistic about present inventory or past sales by any time period in seconds. You could do this with one or two mouse clicks and glean an incredible amount of useful data.

    Ever since we rose from the ashes of the Gibbons debacle this site has been nothing but frustration. The statistics one could create in an hour on the old site would now literally take several hours (perhaps days) of creating endless csv files. It is beyond useless as a tool to do any type of marketing analysis.

    i have been stymied trying to find even the simplest functions that were always readily at hand pre Gibbons. Yes, I have a store to get rid of some of the dozens of bankers boxes floating around here. But it is NOT enjoyable- it is drudgery.
  • Hi, Tom!

    If the buyer is still unable to complete their payment, you can let the buyer know to send us an email directly at and we would be happy to look into the matter further.
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