Stamps with mismatched certs


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  • Wow! Color ain't even close..Send it back via email..see what they say,,,,
  • Pklus thew cancel is different. Someone make a boo boo at PSE. Probably someone else got your cert with the stamp pictured on what you received, if the actual stamp attached to the cert is yours. .
  • Wait...was this purchased from a dealer or received from PSE that way?
  • I don't know, Posters just pop a comment in the title, and everyone has to guess what they want. Then they get pissed off when they don't get an answer that matches what they were thinking, but didn't communicate, because we're all supposed to be mind readers.
  • I guess but either way, it's not too good. Hard to think that PSE would screw that up though. Easier to see the other way but still not good. I guess we'll see...or we won't.
  • Mistakes happen. See the following certificate from the APS Expertizing Committee. The stamp is identified correctly, they just got the country wrong.


    This stamp with this certificate is presently for sale in my store.
  • Interesting!!!
  • The PSE cert in the original post is dated 2/2/2011, so unlikely that the issue is with PSE. Looks more like someone sold him the stamp with the wrong cert. I suspect foul play.
    But another thought comes to mind too. Why are there so many incidences of people dropping a comment like this and then never coming back to update or clarify?
  • I wonder what the original listing looked like. Did it have a scan of the stamp front and back along with a scan of the cert.? If they matched, then something here is fishy with the seller perhaps. If they were different, then I would question the seller as to why and probably not trust the transaction in the first place.
  • John, I guess maybe this was just another drive-by. I am actually curious about this. Any update Larry?
  • Here's an obvious blunder from PSAG. Whoever was certifying this stamp must have been on drugs that day...
    206 certs 001
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