Buying a stamp

If I made an offer for a stamp on Hipstamp and the dealer accepted it, am I obligated to buy it?


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    Bidding, Buying & Paying Policies

    You must pay for any items you commit to buy. This includes items you win through auction-style listings and accepted offers, as well as store items which you commit to purchase, and items which you commit to buy through any other selling format we make available.

    You can only retract a bid under specific circumstances. For example, if you meant to bid $10.00 but accidentally bid $1,000.00, you can retract the bid. Even then, you need to bid the amount you originally intended immediately. Never use bid retraction to manipulate the bidding process. Bid manipulation is unfair, and it has serious consequences. All bid retractions must be made through our support system, and will be reviewed and approved on an individual basis.
  • Short answer, Yes.
    Making an offer is equivalent to saying, "I will pay you X dollars for your stamp." It is an offer "to buy."
    It is not an offer to participate in negotiations over the price.
    That said, it can't be enforced. No one can make you buy an item. How could they? Sue you?
    If you made an offer on an item you don't want or if you offered more than you meant to, Contact the Seller. Apologize and explain what happened.
    Now that you understand, don't do it again.
  • Thank you. I’ll go ahead with the purchase.
  • If you make an offer to buy, and it is accepted, and you renege on your offer, you can be removed from this site.
  • Treat others like you would wish to be treated....IF you offer something for sale and someone offers you a price you accept, then there is a sale. so YES. you have an obligation to follow through. that's how things work. Thats not only correct, it's ethical. Any other behavior is willingly unethical which has connotations which are not acceptable in this community.
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