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I'm new to Hipstamp, and one thing I've discovered is there isn't a way to block nuisance bidders. While I generally hold to the policy of not blocking people, there are some who are malicious and only interested in disrupting people. For those people, I would prefer to just not have my listings appear so that I am not bombarded with fraudulent claims, or insulting offers. I have better things to use my time for. So please, please, can we have this one?


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  • Unfortunately Scott you are just the last in a long list of Users that have requested this feature and all requests have so far been ignored / not answered.
  • Then we should ask twice a day. :)
  • We used to have it back in the early days (2007 or so). I believe we lost it (like so many other wonderful features) during the Gibbons debacle. The harder we have pushed the more it has become that it is not going to happen...
  • What happened with Gibbons? (Don't know about this history with them and Hipstamp).
    Seems an odd thing to stand on if the majority of the users are asking for it.
  • Can someone provide Scott with a brief rundown - afraid I don't have the ability to provide either a short nor perhaps unbiased version of the sale and buyback. Or perhaps someone could direct him towards one of the numerous threads regarding the block bidders issue.

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    Carol, I'll try the Readers Digest version of the past.

    Once upon a time there was Stamps Wants that Mark started and a lot of us joined in 2015. Then the name changed to BidStart. Then a few years later that was bought by Gibbons and a lot of mistakes happened and for a year or so we were all struggling with the change but we hung in there. Then Mark stepped away from Gibbons and started Hip Stamp. Some of the features that the old members helped build in SW and BS were carried over to SG but then those features were not carried over to HS.

    I'm sure if there were a search of Block Bidders were done you'd find it. Like from me who was one of the first to ask for that feature to come back.

    It is what it is and it is as it shall be.
  • I've tried to block myself in these forums, but have been unsuccessful
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    Frankly, if Hipstamp doesn't implement a blocked buyer list (and start collecting state sales tax like they are obligated to by law under the Marketplace Facilitation Legislation), I'll be exiting the platform. I'm tired of Mystic Stamp Co. using me as an approval service. They have stealth buyers making purchases and then returning what they don't like. My ONLY returns on this platform in the last 3 years have come from Mystic Stamp Co. Enough!
  • Even though the 'blocking' option is ignored by the powers that be, apparently one can contact a buyer directly and tell them that they are blocked, and to cease and desist placing any further orders.
    Of note is that adding a blocking option is NOT on the list of de-bugging (posted in a different thread, by the administrator) expected to be performed on this site during the current week. Absolutely ridiculous!
  • nicely done George ......impressive editing skills
  • D. Harding: just curious, if they are stealth buyers, how do you know it's Mystic? And why in the world would Mystic be bothering with this kind of silliness. I've never heard of this happening to any other dealer. Why have they singled you out? Or, am I just missing some kind of irony, here.
    (Truth be told, it's probably Ron.)
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    Ted, because he receives a Mystic form on the return. However, usually that means he made a mistake with the stamp. To my knowledge there are no rules against it although to be frank it can be a nuisance. I’ve received a few a couple were misidentified and one was condition
    related boarder lining knit picking.
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    I see. It just baffles me, though, that Mystic shops retail for stamps? I guess that explains their exorbitant prices. Also, I've see the (lack of) quality of their offerings. What in the world could they find to warrant a return?
  • perhaps it's all explained in their name?
  • Well,,,,,hell! I've been debating whether to really jump in on this one but now I have a reason. We have a saying here in Texas (Ted knows it well I'm sure. "I'm about to open a big can of Whoop&^% on somebody! Hold my beer!". I just received a package from Mystic in the mail today. I thought, well, maybe, they got around to sending approvals to me again. Now, I've been doing business with them since the Sundman boys were Littleton Stamp & Coin. Literally decades. I've probably spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars with them over the decades. I received an order a couple weeks ago from a guy in Camden, NY at 9700 Mill Street. I thought, that address sounds familiar. It was. When I opened the package it contained the US Postage Due that was ordered a couple weeks ago with a "return document" from Mystic stating that the stamp did not "meet their strict standards". Mind you, the stamp had a CV of $40...had some I had an asking price of $15. The buyer made an offer of $13 which I accepted, thinking...fair enough. Well, evidently not fair enough.

    Well, I think I'm a reasonable person and do my best as a seller but I'm here to tell you that this really chapped my (fill in the blank). I get it that there are no restrictions (mostly) on who can buy on HS but I can also say two things. One, if you are buyer with an address in Camden, NY and want to buy something from my store, you will need to have a different address or a PO Box as a mailing address. If it's 9700 Mill Street, you will get an immediate refund on your purchase and it will not be shipped to that address. Two, Mystic will be getting a phone call from me first thing Monday morning telling them to cease sending me any approvals or marketing material. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, even though these days long-haired , freaky people may now apply. As D. Harding said before in this thread, I refuse to be an approval service for the most expensive approval service in the business.

    Rant is done! I hope we can still be friends my friends. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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    Greg done put a Texas sized hurt on them

  • Ron, You have no idea how close to true that is. I think I have enough things to be mad about. Do I (we) need another irritation?

    I did send the "buyer" a cease and desist message and was tempted to paste it here but I decided not to out of respect for the decorum of this sage forum.

    Hold my beer....gotta go stomp a Bombay Butterfly (what we call cucarachas in SETX). They grow big here but the steel toe work boots help some. Sometimes they just get angry and attack but then the Gamo Silent Cat pellet gun comes out and they all scurry off. :smiley:
  • I just replied to a Mystic ad from Mystic for a $6.45 La Cueva del Indio imperforate, at face value with free shipping. Of course the deal is to sucker you into their approvals. I’m going to be sure to use their same wording, when I return them and cancel the approvals.
  • Amigo, I'll be happy to provide you the "appropriate" verbage I used if you want it. Quite creative and Punctually correct...more or less..
  • Can we get a quorum on forum decorum?
  • I've never cared for Mystic... now I have a reason to avoid them even further.
  • I'll toss in my 2¢ on Mystic.

    I've bought a lot of stuff from them and I like their Inner Circle program that lets get free supplies and stamps as a perque. They have good customer service too.

    But they ARE expensive, even for a retailer
  • I sent Mystic their dang refund and in the process re-read their return form. They actually thanked ME for submitting my stamp to THEM! THEY bought it from ME, not the other way around. I have plenty of things to be angry about (the loss of the great Punctua, Spellacian, and Paragraphian Civilizations for example) but I really try not to be angry, but I call BS on this practice. I will now publicly and proudly promote a great approval service I have been with for a number of years, Mike at Wilton Stamp Co. in Ormand Beach Florida. Look him up, solid as they come, responsive, very fair pricing, and high quality material. Just my opinion and experience.
  • Thanks Greg.
    It's too bad there are people in this industry who sully it by taking advantage of others. And this practice to me, is akin to shill bidding. It should be BANNED from this site.
  • I'm kinda familiar with that call, Scott. Ah,excuse me, the men in white lab coats are back.
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