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  • I have a collection of Laotian stamps, but I don't find them all that impressive. Lately, I've been collecting French colonies, but haven't put them in my albums yet.
  • Ooh, France and French Community issues are the bomb! The Chambon 3 and 6 color presses are the best things since sliced bread. And the earlier colonial issues are why Big Blue collectors are scratching each others' eyes out.

    Yeah, OK. I am being obnoxious. I still like Brit Com, but I'm having a lot of fun with my French collections.
  • Oh...I collect lots of British Com stamps as well.
    One goal I have is to collect all the various issues of the 1935(?) Jubilee.
    I have about half of them so far.
  • I've been working on the 1937 coronation sets. I love the Jubilee.sets and I get them when I can, but they are a bit rich for me.
  • It actually is the 1937 sets I'm collecting. I couldn't recall the date off hand.
    I'm also collecting the Churchill set, but I'm not as far along in that.

    I really need to get my collection organized.
  • I've not posted here in a while. A couple of my newest little friends.

    Switzerland 37 from 1857.

    France 127 from 1920. My first mnh Merson. The gum stains around the haricot punch holes I think are from a strip of moisture stain I find on the back.
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    Oh...that Swiss 37 is nice. The cancel is nearly a bullseye, but I can't quite see the cancelling office. Zurich??
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    Yep, that's what I see. I wish the Merson was better centered but it was a great purchase.
  • Yeah, the centering isn't great, but it still has the selvage.
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    Bad centering was very common on French stamps until the 1940s. With two colors, the big Mersons were usually cross-eyed. The Maury catalog gives them a hefty premium for perfect centering.
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    O-kee, let us once again move past the most recent unpleasantness. Here's a new pair from my man in Las Vegas. I'm still working with the camera package on my new phone, I don't like it at all. But bear with me.

    French Polynesia 55 from 1915, confirmed perf 14x13.5.
    France B27, from the Sinking Fund issues in 1928. I don't know how much war debt these issues paid off, but by this time there was less and less interest.
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    Been on the hunt for one of these for awhile, finally came in the mail today, first picture is the Original stamp, the secound picture is the "Anneau sur la flamme" or loop on the flame.
  • Thank you, Bonaparte. Gotta get me one a those ...
  • Another item from last weekend. France 612a, the 1949 CITEX sheet of 10 strips. Pencil lower left, light crease lower right, perf separation to right repaired with thin hinge strip.20230323_112034
    On the left edge, which would be the trailing edge as the paper moves through the press, are two bits of information. At top is "01191" which denotes the number of sheets printed so far in this job, or sometimes for the full day over several jobs. Mid-way down is "IH-1" which identifies the press used and the press operator in charge for the job. "IH" was the abbreviation used at the time for the Chambon 3-color press. Normally the date was stamped in the lower corner. That is not the case here, perhaps the whole run was printed in one day.

    Although it ain't perfect, I'm very happy to have this piece. I feel like Kevis Fajo with his Roger Marris card.

  • Phil, you're a maniac... where DO you come up with these?
    I'm seriously considering becoming a collector of world wide imperf because of your influence.
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    I'm happy to inspire you, Scott.

    I get much of my stuff from a single dealer, RIchard Lavasseur of Las Vegas. He has a huge typical fill-the-holes style inventory, but he also consistently runs about 300 better items a week at auction. He always starts his items at 20% of CV, he very rarely makes mistakes, and after two+ years he knows what I like and he tries to find it. I think Richard is the best and one of the few real auctioneers on HS. Now is not a good time to look at his auction items, he is winding down for a break or about to bring in fresh stuff.

    I used to be a serious collector of good souvenir and miniature sheets. I still have lots and lots, but storage, preservation, and liquidity became serious issues. I decided in my sunset years to finally get serious about collecting France and the French Community. I had never concentrated on one nation before.

    My interest in imperf stamps naturally follows. Certainly, like sheets these were purely "philatelic" inspirations, stuff to make extra cash or social points for the posts with little need for service. There is still a certain American prejudice against such from "real" collectors, the anti-Farley crowd. Bah! Fie on them! Flat earthers.

    Well. Now you all know my source. I always take note of other bidders, so maybe I'll see some of you there.
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    That went up twice. I'm sure you don't want to read it again. So I'll just dance awhile, until.....the curtain.....comes down. Good night....
  • Love the temptationing (which sounds better than simply saying “tempting”) of Scott by Phil to go World-Wide!!
  • Oh, Scott has already got a goofy side. I wish he would show more of his space philately and rocket mail.
  • You mean Rocket Man
  • Phil,
    When I'm back in front of my collection, post up a couple of the stunners.
  • Phil--You are now a regarded fly fisherman so you just need the right fly: color, size, design, and most importantly the trout's (Scott's) taste for "stunners".

    Final thought, considering where the trout (Scott ) lives, maybe you should switch to a Tenkara system (in stamps this might be 1900 Weddings in Japan!!!).
    Good luck/ and tight lines

  • It's a Trap!
  • Years ago I sold through a great collection of early ship recovery covers, late Mercury and most Gemini recoveries. Like so many things, I wish I still had them.

    And by the way. What do you catch with the big pretty lures? Fishermen....
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    Here is a maxi-card I found with a stamp from one of my favorite French sets, the urban reconstruction set of 1958, 874.
  • Picked this up a few years back

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