Additional options needed for entering Resolutions.

I sent the order to a PO Box in Australia, and received it back today in Tennessee as "NOT DELIVERABLE TO THIS ADDRESS", and the address was exactly as it was on the order and on the buyer's profile.

The only option I could use was that the buyer returned a portion or all of the order. This make it appear that I did something wrong, when instead the buyer may have listed an address incorrectly.

I'm not a programmer, but it seems to me that this could be simple enough, and I'm sure it's happened to a lot of sellers over the years.

Thanks for letting me vent here,


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  • Did you contact the buyer? Did you use the Pay Pal address that the buyer has listed?
  • Sure, I contacted the buyer, and I asked him to check his profile with Hip to make sure that his address is correct. I also informed him that I was cancelling the order. I'm already out the $1.40 postage to Australia from the US, and if I just send it again, who's to say that it won't come back again?
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    Sometimes its not the buyer or the seller. It could just be someone at the post office. I have had a couple of letters returned to me in the same manner, after contacting the buyer with a scan of the envelope showing the returned label, they were surprise that their post office did that and marched down to find out why the letter was not delivered. I don't know what happened. but after confirming the address with the buyer I re-mailed the letters with no problems.
  • I've had 2 returned erroneously - one two months after I had sold a scarce early botanical pamphlet to the curator at Arnold Arboretum (Harvard University). It was marked "No such address". I sent them a scan of the envelope and they assured me the address was correct. Our local PO glued a note on the package and remailed it - no problems the second time around.
  • Ray I also had that happen to me. It was on a tracked item. After explaining the problem to my PO, they simply scratched off the "no such address" and resent it at no cost to me. It arrived the second time without issue. Also, in your case the item could have been returned because you didn't pay the proper postage to ship overseas. You can't include stamps in a first class letter. It should be sent as a package which costs over $20 via USPS or $8.75 using Shipping Easy.
  • Reminds me of the time I mailed a Christmas card to Germany. 6 months later it was back in my mailbox with a German postal marking, invalid address.
    I showed my cousin a scan of the cover and asked if I had gotten their address wrong. No, but I had put the postal code after the city, instead of before it. He also said that postal worker was just being an a-hole, as it did not render the address indecipherable.
  • Thanks for all of the responses, but I still would like to see an additional option on the Resolutions pull down screen...
  • John Eckhardt-- I've never received a stamp from eBay, Hip, Delcampe, Stamps2Go with an $8.75 using Shipping Easy. I've had my Hip store for several years now, and with a few exceptions for large orders, 1st Class mail every time. We can agree to disagree on this one.
  • Ray no one sending you a stamp order from the US to your US address would need to pay $8.75 to send it. I'm talking the minimum amount YOU should be paying to legally ship an order from the US to Australia or any other country outside the US. Every time you include a stamp or "anything of value" in a first class letter sent outside of the US, you are violating postal regulations. Such items are required to be sent as a "package" per USPS regulations. Unfortunately many sellers feel as you do that it's OK to ignore these regulations. Perhaps your OK with taking chances you won't be caught, but I'm unwilling to take that risk. I would rather pay the correct amount now and not be faced with a hefty fine in the future for ignoring the regulations.
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