I would like to ressurect the BidStart "Notification" at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen

In BidStart, when I opened the program all I had to do was look at the NOTIFICATION at the bottom right hand corner to see if there was anything that needed my attention... a sale, a message, an offer placed, etc. Is there any way to program that into HipStamp? I sure miss that.



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  • PLEASE make this happen! I just found out I had several messages that I didn't know were there. For one reason or another, I didn't get the email notification that I had received a message (so here goes another Noernberg vent). I haven't just "by chance" visited that area of the site (buried beneath layers and layers of clicks like everything else), so I didn't notice them until one did get through from an irate customer who thinks me a schmuck for not being responsive to his early messages. Please make visual notifications on the site a priority. How can I be here every day and not know I have these messages/action? Probably an overaggressive email gateway combined with inadequate website design. Even my BANK puts a message on my home screen to tell me I have new messages. Of course I accept some fault for this, but the site does nothing to prevent this easily preventable problem and I think I was set up to fail. I know you have the programming prowess, so again, please make it a priority. Many will laud you for bringing this type of feature to this site.
  • Hey Doug,
    I can't count the number of customers who didn't even know there was a message system and were quite surprised to see the messages I sent them. Plus, I know there is a message system but will completely forget about it for days. It really impresses the customers when they feel I am ignoring them. I don't know how many times I have left HipStamp and opened up my email account and found a notice that somebody sent me a message in HipStamp. There's just something wrong with relying on a hit-and-miss email system to alert me that I have a message in another program. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. (Tonight, I received about 80% of the notices that I sold something.) So why rely on it?
    If you read this Mark, like Doug, I hope you will hurry with a notification feature like you had in BidStart. Instead of sending a notice to my email, please just send it to the bottom right hand corner of the HipStamp screen.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Bob Gage
  • Silly question but doesn't clicking on members area take you right to the summary screen and on that page doesn't it show that you have messages received? Of course it would help a bit with a notification also but it seems to me you could also help yourself by just getting into the habit of checking your summary page. (It is only one click to get there)
  • No, it doesn't. You have go into the message feature to see if you have any new messages or not. But messages are not the only thing that a good notification system would alert you to. A new sale, a new payment, a new offer. Anything that needs attention. The way HipStamp is designed, it takes several clicks to accomplish all of these. (Try it. Count your clicks working your way thru each menu to see if you have a new offer, and then a new sale, and then a received payment, and then a new message.) This could be done away with by a simple notification system, so I have more time to list new items and check my prices and process paid orders, etc. Saving 20 or 30 clicks might not sound like much, but it takes up time that could be put to better use than working your way thru menus several times a day just to see if there is anything there or not.
  • I stand corrected, Michael. You are absolutely right. By clicking on MEMBERS AREA it takes you into the message system automatically. It is the same as clicking on the MESSAGES menu option. But now, to show you what I am talking about, after you read the new message, check to see if you had any new sales. Then check to see if anybody paid.,. etc. If all I ever wanted to know was if I had any new messages, you would be correct in wondering why I am commenting on this. Try working your way thru the menus to check those other things that might, or might not, need attention and you will soon see the problem. And then think about having to do this procedure 10 or more times each day, you will see how the problem is compounded.
    There is a better way, and Mark has written the program for the better way before in BidStart. So we are asking that he do it again, in HipStamp. It was a very nice time saver. It can be again.
  • Bob,

    All I was addressing was the messages. Seeing as we don't have a notification system at this time,this is a fairly simple way of checking if you did get any messages.

    I don't need to click though all the menus more then once a day. (The summary page shows the account balance and if you keep an eye on the balance you can see rather quickly if you had a sale. With Hipstamp having most orders paid when they are sold what is the need to check if I got a payment since most are paid at the time of purchase?)

    As far as taking care of the orders I block off time to mark any shipments going out that morning,leave feedback,mark those orders as shipped,then print off any orders from the previous day. Then I have a block of time set aside to pull,pack and get the shipments ready for the next morning. (I do know about the numbers of clicks but if you're only doing it once a day it doesn't seem to be that big of deal,not to say that others would see it as a bigger deal)

    As far as the messages,yes that is a bigger deal as they are often time sensitive.

  • Another thing you can do is to set your HipStamp shortcut, whether it be on your desktop browser, your phone browser, or your phone home screen, to open directly to your Sales Orders page, instead of the US home page. That eliminates a couple of clicks right off the bat.
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    On your desktop browser you can also set browser shortcuts for the pages you visit most, Messages, Your Listings, Your Favorite Store, etc. Then you are never more than a click away from wherever you want to go.

    Granted, that is still not the all-in-one BidStart way, but it works for me. And (once again) as a wise man once said (and I have oft-repeated), Adapt and Thrive.

  • Yes, I have had those shortcuts on my browser since HipStamp went live, and they save a lot of time. But what is kind of funny, even with the shortcuts, I will forget to click on the message shortcut. Probably because I don't get messages very often.
    And, Michael, about half of my sales are paid immediately, while the other half stagger throughout the week and some into the next week. And since I am also running another business, I have to take care of my stamp business in between appointments with my main business. So, the quicker I can see if anything needs attention in HipStamp, the better. In BidStart I could see in one second if something needed to be taken care of or not. I wish we had that here.
  • And (once again) as a wise man once said . . .

    Wise indeed. :wink:

    Wise Man Indeed
  • I just received this message from one of my customers who asked if I would put a lot on extension. I responded "yes." Then I heard nothing from him. I wrote him again, asking if he had changed his mind. This was his response:
    Bob, I didn,t change my mind. I never saw your message accepting my question about the certificate. As far as I know, hipstamp never notified me that you had sent it.

    I'm pleased to accept your offer to sell me the ...
    If there was a notification on the HipStamp screen, my customer would have noticed that I wrote him. It's been a well known problem all along that the email notifications are hit and miss, with some email servers worse than others. Why just last night I didn't receive an email informing me of a stamp I sold.

    Mark, many of us would really appreciate a notification on the screen like we had in BidStart. I hope you will consider it.
  • you could improve the site so as to let us know if we won the bid on our websitesthanks robert
  • Here's another message I received from a good customer who I emailed because he hadn't paid for an Offer I had accepted 8 days prior:
    Hi Bob:

    I didn't know I won the bid on the Prexies. I'll get a check in the mail to you tomorrow. Thanks again for the super deal!
    Please Mark, there really is a problem that you can solve with a notification system.
  • Take a look at your SENT messages. Look at how many are still marked as UNREAD. How many of those were not ever delivered to their email system? How many were delivered to their email system but got lost in their JUNK mail?

    How many of the brand new customers on HipStamp haven't paid for their purchases because they don't even know they won the auction, or that their offer was accepted?

    How many times has a message sat in your inbox on HipStamp and you didn't notice it for a day or two? (That really impresses the customers, doesn't it.)

    Why does the FORUM have a NOTIFICATION system, but your STORE doesn't? Is chatting more important than selling?

    Yesterday, I received over 200 emails from HipStamp. (Did I receive all of them that were sent? Who knows?) And that is just what I got from HipStamp. Add to that the PayPal notices, etc. etc. etc. Gee, I wonder if it is possible for me to not notice an important message from a customer that got mixed in with the other 300 emails?

    Mark, a notification system would really help. Is one being considered? Is one being worked on? Or have you decided to never have one?

    Bob Gage

  • i think this website is hard to get around in iam thinking about to stop buying from this site robert garrett
  • Hey Robert. Just like any site, the more you use it the easier it is to get around in. And, like any site, there are things I like and things I don't like. I would say that if you are finding good stamps (or whatever you are shopping for) at a good price on this site, then stay. You will get used to it.
    One thing that helps tremendously in this site is to put shortcuts (bookmarks) on your browser toolbar to take you to the page you want to go to with only one click. Personally, I have six shortcuts that I use daily on this site. Someday, the improvements they keep making to this site might do away with the need for them, but for now, they are essential.
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    This is an excellent suggestion, and something we plan on adding in the future.

    With regards to the priority of this item, if there was a significant issue on HipStamp in which many members were unaware of their buying and selling activity, this could be a helpful way to help limit such issues. That being said - that's not a particularly prevalent issue on HipStamp, as there are many different ways in which we currently alert members to their buying and selling activity, including via email, within the Members Area, etc.

    Bob, for example when you noted "How many of the brand new customers on HipStamp haven't paid for their purchases because they don't even know they won the auction, or that their offer was accepted?" In the last 3 months you've had 500 Orders (mostly through auction), of which, excluding the items you recently sold this week less than 1% were unpaid.

    We're always working on enhanced and new features, and our goal each month is to prioritize features based on data and feedback we collect from many different sources, and in turn to implement features which will best increase the amount of sales each month on HipStamp.
  • "This is an excellent suggestion, and something we plan on adding in the future."

    Good. Thanks for letting us know.

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