New Expansions of Hipstamp?

How we coming on this- any news or progress to report from the Management? A few months back i saw a few comments about expansion of the categories ? Any overall big changes and site plans in the works?


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  • In April we'll be launching a new and improved Sell Your Item page - which will be significantly faster than the current one and will work on both desktop, tablets, and mobile. Once we launch this new version, the current version will additionally remain available to anyone who wants to use it, while we continue to collect feedback on the new version.
  • Mark,

    That will help a lot.
  • "Sell your item". Does that mean any collectible?
  • My thoughts exactly, Michael. Obviously, the postcard site has expanded - about 100 retro games and toys listed there now.
  • And on HipComic, there were recently 2 giveaways for model cars.
  • "Sell Your Item" is just the name of the Sell Your Item page. With regard to expanding HipStamp to other collectibles than stamps - we're not considering any such expansion. HipStamp is a marketplace dedicated solely to stamps and philatelic collectibles; HipPostcard is a marketplace dedicated to postcards and ephemera, and HipComic is a marketplace dedicated solely to comics and comic-related collectibles.

    With millions of listings, we are not able to review each individual listing before it is listed, but in general items outside the ones noted above on their respected marketplaces are removed by our team.
  • Would playing cards, like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, etc. be permitted in the HipComic area?
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    YES, 'Mr. Numbers'!

    There is actually a category heading specifically for those kinds of cards (even though, as far as I know, they are not specifically "comic book related" as in the site's guidelines.)Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 11.41.55 AM
    Go ahead and Work Your Magic! (It would be great to see you over there -- maybe you could help revitalize the rather moribund FORUM, as our friend Ted and I have opined in the past)
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    Hi Dave, and thank you! Actually I asked on behalf of my son who is one of the foremost acknowledged artists in the world who does alters for the Magic cards.

    He goes by DMP Alters. The link below is a You Tube review of his work.

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    Any plans to add a coin or banknote sales page?
  • When I first read this article in our Sunday paper, I thought Mark had already branched out into unconquered territory!

  • Camps for people with new hips?
  • I live in a rural area southeast of Nashville. My neighbors and I, are only just finding out about Hipcamp. And about other neighbors who have been advirtising use of their land on Hipcamp. We are not amused....
  • Troy - as someone getting used to a new Hip camping of any kind is not on my to do list. :)
  • Camping hippies?
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