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  • Phil,
    No, you're not alone. I have never had, nor will ever have a facebook (not what I call it) account. So united we stand. :)
  • ASKING $25,000 for this on FB... ( someone forgot to take their meds, I think)... 276260893_4882118645204847_3724999703778926448_n
  • Ask if they'll take $22,500!
  • Maybe they messed up and meant to ask 25,000 rubles....
  • Or maybe 25c?
  • No matter what....this is still all Ted's fault. Just saying... :smiley:
  • Phil, You're kinda sorta not alone. Im not on facebook either. But they kicked me out for being an asshole.
  • It's probably more because of the punctuation issue. I think it's actually ass-hole. isn't it? :smiley:
  • Asshole punctuation? I'd go with an exclamation point.
  • Kung POW!!!!!!!!!
  • Actually Greg. I think it is Kung-Poo
  • Ahhhh....you may be correct sir!
  • I'm thinking Bung-Poo...
  • I'm thinking it's time for a new topic...
  • I suggest....the dangerous and exhilarating peril of flat tires. Or maybe not.
  • Flat tires. Hmm. Back at the turn of the century, I was working as the manager at our local market. To set the scene, it is a rural setting at an intersection, tiny little one-horse.store, only business in the neighborhood, been there for generations under various owners.

    One Saturday afternoon I hear this gawdawful racket coming down Couchville Pike. I go outside and watch as one of the local crackheads is driving down the road in a little borrowed car on three tires and a rim, just digging a trench in the asphalt. He turns on Fellowship and keeps going. I just shake my head and go back in.

    A few minutes later he brings his chariot back. The noise stops, crackhead comes in and wants to borrow some quarters for the air pump. "Reggie, you don't have a tire!" I say. But he was worried about a low tire on the otherside.....

    Well, I walked him back outside to take his keys just in time for the County to show up. Oy, such a day....

  • Yes, indeed. This was last Sunday, and not far from the very market of which I wrote. Although I haven't worked there in three years, I still go there most afternoons for my adult beverages.
    The suspect murdered a man in a home at the intersection of Couchville and Corinth Road. An area alert was made later Sunday morning. My young friend Tyler Baskin was working the market alone at noon when someone matching the suspect's description came in. Tyler hit the panic button and the law was there in just 2 minutes, but the guy had already left on foot. So far as I know he is still at large. Thanks for noticing, John.

    I worked this market from 2001-2006 and again 2014-2019. Such stories I could tell, I should write a book.
  • Does anyone else's stamp desk look like a bomb just went off on it???

  • Greg, that is not messy. I have a straight desk, not L shaped like yours and at times there is just enough room for the keyboard. That's when the major clean sweep happens, and I lose things! lol Should we all post pics of our offices?
  • Looks no worse than mine. Now that I work from home, my hobby desk pulls double duty.
  • 20220413_112204
    You should see it when I'm working on a model kit...
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    My darling wife just straightened things up on my desk so I cannot find a thing now. Of course, i couldn't find anything before either. When I have it looking "better" I will post a pic. I just know that C3a is here, somewhere!!
  • Just a reminder....this is still and always will be Ted's fault! LOL!!!! And the MESS!!!! Aghhhhh!!!! I'm cleaning it up this weekend! Have to go through that stack of upside down airplane stamps and see if there one with the plane right side up. Bound to be one or two there.
  • 9c0f4d8811d8d97c8d19bdac0c975f43
    I recently bought this here on HipStamp.
    Anyone know anything about it?
  • Looks like a red and white stamp.
  • Did the listing say anything? Red Cross maybe?
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    Not a lot of help, but a beginning. It seems elusive. I can find others for sale but no real information. 1916 WWI it appears.

  • Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League, 1915. Footnoted in SG, or so I've read. Normally had a "JAMAICA" overprint. They were sold at post offices, but they weren't supposed to have any postal validity.
  • I wonder what the significance (if any) is of the Wright Flyer on a Jamaican Patriotic Stamp League stamp is. Maybe it was the just the big deal back in those times (and it was). Dang it, almost forgot to get a comma in here somewhere.
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