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  • I've found some more information, and I encourage anyone interested to search on Jamaica Patriotic Stamp League. The label was sold for a half-penny each to raise funds for the British Red Cross, a Jamaican Aeroplane fund and for Polish Jews.
  • You have to admire the random simplicity of that stamp....as if it was designed by a 7th grader who just wanted to say "go figure it out folks, I don't care".
  • That was the info I found too. It just doesn't make sense to me. Red Cross. Polish Jews. Airplanes. World War 1. Jamaica.
    I can't imagine they raised much money, then divvied it up. But I like it.
  • I'll have to take a blurry picture first but I will be selling it on Facebook for $25,000.00
  • I've been watching a lot of commercials and getting a lot of phone calls about insurance for my cars for when the Czech engine light comes on. But what about the Slovak engine light?
  • You really only need to worry about those Yugo engines.
  • Even though I don't care to collect covers, they take up too much space. Sometimes one demands my attention. I am also the family genealogist. When this cover came across my desk, I had to apply a different skill set to see what history would tell me.


    This is what I found so far

    Giles Wait
    Richard Waite
    Screenshot 2021-10-28 201215

    This is my geek side showing.
  • Don, so is this part of your genealogy, or you're just demonstrating tracking of the person that the cover was sent to, and finding out some of their history?

    I have an awesome stampless cover from the 1700's (don't remember what year specifically but I think in the 1780's, it's not with me, it's in the safe...) that I did some research on, and both the cover and it's author (It's a folded letter, in incredible condition), have a long history, and it's now well documented (by me). I should write this cover up some time. I bought it at world stamp Expo in 2015 in Singapore. Really cool piece.
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    Not my genealogy, just a random cover that crossed my desk and somehow caught my attention. Some times I like digging on random stuff. I put it down then lost it on my desk. I found it again tonight cleaning up a pile.
  • Haha, I love how that happens... some years ago when I was just getting started (so you know, 19th century), I had some "stamps" on my desk, that were floating around. And A couple I knew nothing about. I pushed that thing around for more than a month or two, then one day I though "Oh, I should look that up"... turned out to be a used 39 US. So I was just chasing some $11,000 stamp around and had no idea. (Admissions of a beginning dealer). It was in a collection, I had never handled one, and had no idea that the used version would be worth so much. I've had similar things over the years but that one was a real WOW moment...
  • It's quiet....too quiet.
  • Before the storm?
  • Maybe....just maybe. Every time I say "Something is bound to happen"....it does.
  • Just remembet, it's all my fault.
  • Ted, it's not your fault, we're just going to blame you. :)
  • No....it's his fault....and we'll blame him. Multi-tasking!!!!! :smiley:
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    Just bought this today along with some Queen Victoria Cinderellas.
  • Love that.
  • It is a peach!
  • I don't know what I had for breakfast.
    I've forgotten what I had for tea.
    Please tell me what I had for dinner.
    Just look out the window and see...

    Oysters, oysters, oysters and wiskey don't agree.
    Oysters and wiskey have got the best of me.
  • Esoteric much Phil?
  • Some. But only on Fridays...
  • Ah, silly me... Esoteric Friday. DUH.
  • Nice beaver!
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    Bought this on HipStamp yesterday, which was Canada Day. I celebrated Canada Day by wearing my Toronto Blue Jays hat. I am entitled to, because my father's side of my family has been in Canada for about 250 years. My father was born in St John's, Newfoundland in 1906. Back then Newfoundland was a separate British colony, not part o Canada.
    And that brings us back to this cover.
    I guess Canada is Industrious, like a Beaver. While Newfoundland is Courageous like a dog. This FDC commemorates Canada becoming almost whole when Newfoundland joined the Confederation. There is still the matter of St Pierre et Michellon but war with France wouldn't play well in Quebec.
  • Beauty eh!!!!
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