Feedback has increased by several hundred with no new feedback showing

Not complaining but .......... something is amiss


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  • Carol: You made me look! I see some new feedback for me with the comment, "Positive Feedback Automatically Left After 45 days".

    Like you, I'm not complaining. Glad to get it.
  • Thank you Phil. Hadn't noticed that.
  • I noticed the very same thing the last day or so. I always check my feedback to see the comments and also to confirm that a shipment has been received. Now my feedback is rising but there have been no apparent feedback left.

    I went back about 15 pages into my feedback and found no obvious examples of feedback created by HipStamp. All comments appear to have been left by the actual purchaser. I was curious how HipStamp was going to handle the feedback comments; apparently they just up the positive feedback number with no indication of the actual items for which the feedback has been left. If they are going to auto-add feedback, I guess that is the best way to do it.
  • I knew something was strange the other day when I suddenly got feedback with a positive rating but no comments from 3 different buyers one of whom I knew had not bought from me in a long time. I checked back and sure enough it was from many years ago. Today another entire batch of older sales came back with feedback as well. Obviously these buyers never provided feedback at the time. Now when I look at the feedback that I need to reciprocate - I get all of these non comments feedbacks. There is no way to clear them off unless I give them feedback now too. This is just another mess for something that was never a problem before. Really getting tired of these negative changes !
  • Steven,

    Again I say Amen!!!
  • Regarding feedback it feels like XMAS came early, pump it up. I assume they changed the feedback code though.
  • I was planning a special promotion for the buyer that took me over 100,000. I will now have to rethink that one. The addition of more than 12,000 positives has taken me considerably over that mark.
  • Everyday - I clear off Feedback showing in ones I need to reciprocate too and the next day an entire new batch shows up. This is ridiculous ! It totally has made the feedback more meaningless than before !!
  • Could there be a policy change coming where there are automatic positive feedbacks lefts if time has passed with no feedback activity (assumed positive)? Other sites do that. Is there another explanation?
  • Mark did, in fact, make that announcement a few weeks ago, Doug.
  • Then that's another thing - where are these so called annoucements posted ? All of these recent changes just come out of nowhere.. Steve
  • Thanks - it is like a treasure hunt - if you don't look in the right spot you would not find it ! Announcements like this should be more visible especially to the sellers. Steve
  • I would like to table an idea... for feedback / comments please if we agree perhaps we can ask Hipstamp to reconsider the 45 days cutoff..... The new feedback says positive feedback automatically received after 45 days if no feedback left by customer........ Well we mail from the Philippines and 45 days is not that long for mail to be delivered to various customers we have in Eastern Europe, some European countries, Australia for example at the present time, even part so the UK and USA can take easily 6 weeks. No fault of ours as we mail within 24 hours of order receipt except for weekend when we have no mail services. Covid has caused considerably slower international airmail services..... 45 days maybe ok for US to US or US to Canada customers but ..........Hipstamp is more than just a US market place. - So 45 days ???? many international customers may not even have received their orders and might not be happy to have feedback left for them when they have not even received orders Many of our customers are very kind leaving very useful feedback and we also get an indication of delivery times - which we track so we can keep new customers correctly advised of probably delivery times.

    So what do people think. 1) Is 45 days long enough? 2) what is long enough?

    I welcome thoughts please . Michael cddstamps
  • I note that I am now getting feedback for items sold years ago with a simple "Received". I am even getting this for items where the Buyer(s) claimed they never received the item and received a full refund from me. Does this mean I can now go back after those Buyer(s) and ask to get my payment back, after they now indicate they have Received it?
  • very good point Peter. Thank you for sharing. I suspect we too have that situation. Cheats for sure I suspect - which we just wrote off as a cost of doing business - but still it does make the automatic feedback somewhat of a misrepresentation of the facts.
  • @John Eckhardt You will have to up your ante to 200,000, well done sir.
  • I really wish HS wouldn't do this. It should be up to the buyer whether or not to leave feedback of any sort.
  • Hi all,

    We apologize for any confusion here. Several weeks ago, we had an update on HipStamp that included a change in which if no feedback has been provided after 45 days, Hip will automatically post a positive feedback rating for sellers with the comment “Positive Feedback Automatically Left After 45 days”.

    If you have any further questions about this matter, please feel free to send us a message directly at

    Best regards,
    Hip Support
  • Andrew,

    You might be right. I will wait a little longer to run a special promotion. My numbers keep growing. I'm close to 125,000 now.
  • The hundreds of OLD positive feedbacks I am getting DO NOT Have the comment "Positive Feedback Automatically Left After 45 days" They are all BLANK !!! When I go into the Feedback I need to reciprocate they all show up and was having to weed thru them all to find the real feedback. To clear them off - I have to reciprocate with a positive feedback since there was no way of getting rid of them. My comment indicated that they were old and being provided because Hipstamp created the feedback record. Just something I would have prefered not to have to put up with. I thought I cleaned them all off today and tonight several hundred more popped up !! Steve
  • This feedback thing is baffling. Why isn't everybody getting the same results? While some are stating they need to clean up hundreds of items, personally I only have 28 which are blank or simply say "received" and my additional feedbacks now exceed 30,000. It make no sense to me, but personally I won't worry about cleaning up any reciprocate feedbacks created by this.
  • I always give feedback when I receive payment so I have -0- to clean up.
  • I always give feedback when the orders are shipped.
  • John: I think it boils down to the sellers process for feedback. It has been a subject on the forums before as to when a seller should leave feedback. I have always used the process that you leave feedback for the buyer when you the seller has completed your part of the bargain but many sellers have stated in the past that they will only leave feedback for the buyer once they have seen feedback from the buyer. I presume those sellers that were waiting for feedback are now seeing reciprocal request for feedback under the new process
  • Thanks everyone. I apparently messed up and didn't leave feedback for a few purchases. I must have hit the shipped button before I left feedback.
  • Ok, I will reiterate, I REALLY don't like this automatic feedback scheme. I do not know who or what it benefits and why. I just got hit with a bunch of "positive feedback" today. The only thing I can think of is that it demonstrates sales/transactions on a sellers behalf but it does, in no way, reflect the sentiment of the actual buyers of the items, for better or worse. These automatic feedback comments mean nothing to me and are actually, in my opinion, misrepresentative of the actual relationship between sellers and buyers. This is like getting a participation trophy for stamp dealers. Ridiculous.
  • Greg,

    You do realize that even with the buyers that left feedback it never truly showed all of the buyers sentiments about the seller. Is it a misrepresentation when you have buyers that make multiple purchases over years and NEVER leave any feedback at all? Wouldn't a few negatives from a couple of buyers that feedback outweigh the the hundreds to thousands of feedback that a buyer that just never left feedback for whatever reason the buyer had for not leaving it even though the multiple orders would by nature show that that buyer was fairly well pleased by their purchases? Is that buyer a satisfied customer?

    That is the other of the equation that when Ebay in their grand plan to use feedback as a method to rate the sellers never took into account and it skewed the results for their sellers ratings. It's why many of the sellers had to beg for feedback because it was affecting their sellers ratings. Ebay took it and made it something it was never meant to be and they abused it. It was only suppose to be a tool to give a buyer a better insight into where the seller was within about a six month window.

  • I suspect this new system will disincentivise buyers from leaving feedback. Why bother if its done for me? The possible result? A monotonous chain of meaningless, computer-generated dribble...
  • I spent 15 years in high end retail years ago. For me, the proof in the pudding with my customers' satisfaction was that they came back to me and purchased more goods. For those that had issues with their purchase, they contacted me and the issue was resolved to their satisfaction. I am sure that over those years there were some who had a problem but simply never asked me about it and never came back. That was out of my control. In the case of online selling, it is a little different in that the customers are "faceless" and the buyer/seller transaction is quite impersonal unless either party initiates a correspondence. It is also similar in that, in my experience, the proof is, again, in the pudding. I have many repeat customers who do not leave any feedback but they keep coming back so I have to assume they have no issues with my product or service. For the few that have had an issue, they have contacted me directly to seek a resolution and in every case have come away with their issue resolved to their satisfaction and beyond. Sometimes they leave feedback, some don't and that's ok with me. In fact many of those have come back to buy again.

    So, at the end of the day, I don't do this for the satisfaction of feedback. I do it for the satisfaction of doing it well and knowing it. That is why I do not like the automatic positive feedback left after 45 days. It is simply meaningless to me and artificially elevates the real meaning of real feedback from real people. Just my opinion and 13.5 cents.
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