Geez....kinda slow of late.

Only one sale in last week, and very few views to a batch I posted for sale last part of May. Been up at our cabin for a week, so I haven't posted any new offerings, so that might be part of it. When I get back home this weekend I will likely have received some new purchases that I can ID and post.

How are others faring?

OTOH, I did catch three very nice brown trout the other day.


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    A lot of people are on Vacation also :-) Congrats on the Trout! I always push a bit harder over the June-September months to help compensate for normal slower sales. This year with gas prices so high.. many may just stay home and put attention to their stamps. I hate paying $5 for gas and have no intention of long drives or plane trips at these prices.
  • From my pov as a buyer, I have been buying fewer stamps of late. Things like my lawn and garden are taking up my time. And I have bought 3 watches in the past 2 months using up my disposable financial resources.
    Gas prices don't affect me much as I don't travel far but food prices are out of hand and I love to eat. Have had to cut back on eating out.
    I think a lot of people are being faced with having to choose carefully where to spend their money.
    As far as stamps go, I am looking for bargains.
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    I agree with the others that this is a slower time of year and that the current state of the economy is affecting discretionary income. Nevertheless, you should also have a look at the “freshness” and pricing of your inventory. You did not post a link to your store so I can’t offer an opinion. I can tell you, however, that I upped my subscription to the Featured level in May and have added over 8,000 new listings in my store to justify the increased cost. The results have been good as my sales have more than tripled. Interestingly, most of my sales have been off the new stuff. I believe there are multiple factors at work here: 1) Many of my new listings were grabbed up quickly which tells me they were on someone’s Want List. 2) As part of my listing process, I reviewed similar items offered by other sellers to ensure my prices were competitive. In doing so I noticed that sellers had undercut the prices on some of my current listings. Small price adjustments have increased my sales. 3) Reprice or regroup your stagnate inventory. If something hasn’t sold in the last two years, it is not likely to find a buyer in the next year. 4) Make sure your P&H fees are fair. Most buyers don’t think about the fact that the selling fees on a $2.00 sale (HipStamp, PayPal & 1 oz postage) amount to $1.32, but they know they shouldn’t have to pay $2.50 or more in P&H for a single stamp.
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    People are spending all their extra money on gas to get to work, skyrocketing rent, and food. Money for hobbies is gone. You get what you vote for.
  • Way to bring up unwanted politics into this conversations. What the….
  • Just paraphrasing an historical quote from Thomas Jefferson. The full quote is, "The government you elect is the government you deserve." Something that could be included in a stamp exhibit of Jefferson.
  • Michael,

    Your are absolutely correct.
  • Strange that the same thing is happening world wide and the local people got the same price increases without "You get what you vote for"
    And nobody voted for Putin...
  • To come back to the subject, sales ARE slower. At the same time last year I was selling on average 3 orders a day, some with 50 to 70 items. This year my sales have slowed down to 1 a day at the beginning of the month and this week I'm at 1 for the WEEK! What didn't help is due to a system glitch, my store was closed and reopened the same day...but with minimum 4000 listings missing. For the last 2 weeks I have been tracking down these items and resisting them...which should have created some interest.
  • I have found that salees have slowed down as pandemic restrictions were eased. That also would coincide to some extent with the rapid increase in prices of things like food and gas for the family buggy. Feebay gross sales are down about 17% according to the EcommerceEbytes newsletter so its not just Hip that is affected.
    While I am not always an enthusiatic supporter of everything Hipstamp does they are doing a lot of advertising. They have sent out several email blasts using Linn's email list, have held money back sales, and even had a short video on Facebook.
    The next year is going to be an interesting year.We can only hope for an end to the stupidity of dictators invading their neighbor. In North America we may have some shortages of some foods, but we are not facing starvation.Slow sales of stamps is easier to handle than no food.
  • It's also that we're into summer. It's a natural dip point. And now that people aren't being forced to stay inside, they're going back to their outdoor activities. It will balance out when the weather turns bad. I suspect you could predict weather patterns from sales spikes... when it rains, people buy stamps. ><
  • That's right, they spend the money they were saving for a rainy day. :)
  • ...and for many of us , it is a hobby, a leisure activity and not a revenue generating venture....done when times are better..... images
  • The "Good old day's" weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems.
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