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  • Kris, when I was born, the doctor slapped my mother (credits to Rodney Dangerfield)
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    eye candy
  • Always liked these:
  • French Equatorial Africa
    Scott Nr 195-198 (1957)
  • A nifty Pierre Gandon engraving.
    France, Scott Nr C19 (1946)AAAA_5
  • cover1
    I'm not a cover guy. Where is Sowell?
  • Is it possibly "Lowell" which is a city North West of Boston Mass and about 100 miles from Springfield
  • Michael, yes that's quite likely it. The "f" like character might be the double s of Mass. Thanks for your good input.
  • That’s like still having a fax number on your business card. Ron should know his L’s though.
  • I'm imagining I was daydreaming while gazing out the schoolroom window when they were teaching the "L"s. As I recall though, I was quite diligent in watching the clock.
  • You know, I guess it's good to have Ron back, but we do need to find his off switch.
    How about some stamps?
    Here is Belgium B605B from 1957, for the Belgian participation in the IGY. Belgium established Base Roi Baudouin on an ice shelf off Dronning Maud Land. The Belgian Antarctic Research Center maintained the base until 1961, when it could not afford to keep it open.

    And in theme, our own Antartic classic, and I'll say no more other than I've always loved this shade of blue.

    Why can't we make stamps like that again???
  • A dimmer switch? :smiley:
  • The dim part we got already....
  • cover2
    Hand drawn by E. Thompson
  • That is so lovely. I'm glad I can't do that, because if I could, I'd never do enough.
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    I'm with you Phil. If I have any artistic talent, it's well hidden. They hand drawn covers are cool, though.
  • Whats the story on this guy?
  • Sept. 2, 1945 was the day representatives of Japan signed the instruments of surrender on USS Missouri. American elements had been ashore since mid-August to secure facilities, and this cover with "U. S. Navy" was likely posted ashore. Tokyo Bay was of course where Missouri was moored.
  • I think I remember a recent APS or Linn's article about these cancels. I'll have to dig it up but I sort of remember there being some question about them being authentic and with no address on the cover and the stamp not tied to the cover by the CDS, it might bear that out. I might be wrong. I'll see if I can find it.
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    I dimly recall something of the same, Greg. And a careful look at this cover does yield reasons to be suspicious.
    Even so, I've seen my share of legitimate messy, hobbled-together naval covers, so I don't know what to say.
  • And here's the skinny. I've done a brief search of sold covers from the period. A blue "Tokyo-Bay" is legitimate, but only with a blue CDS slug. A black CDS with a blue slogan is not kosher. That's a shame, but I think that is the story, Ron.
  • I'll try and dig that up. My Great Uncle Lou was on the Missouri when the surrender papers were signed. He was in the Army and worked as an historian and Japanese translator. Really smart dude who ended up as a professor of oriental culture for decades at Delta College in Bay City, Mich.
  • Money is on a "creation"...
  • As I recall, many asian immigrants had difficulties adjusting to American life. They found it disorienting.
  • Well, thanks for the input on the airmail cover. With all the names for shades of red, I was going to suggest calling this one Tokyo Rose.
  • Those Rocketmail and the Large Die proof of the Rocket Airplane are just stunning. I seriously want that Large Die Proof! Spectacular!
  • I'm not sure if the US had any "rocket mail". I know Germany did
  • They US has lots of Rocket Mail, and the only Missile Mail, fired from the USS Barbero fired on June 8,1959. I have one of the covers from that flight, which includes the letter from the post master. There are many other flights from California, and Texas to Mexico as well as US to Canada, and several in Pennsylvania.
    Rocket Airplane was another experimental usage, I have several of those as well.
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