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    Just found these beauties. Love the colour & Design. Spanish AIrmail 1930, Sanchez Toda design
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    Unfortunately these turned out to be fake :/
  • Some covers I got recently. Two Irish Pan Am covers from the later 1940s.
    Limerick-Vienna 16 June 1946 with Scott 109 & 132.

    Limerick-Karachi. Cannot really read departure date, Karachi back stamp reads 18 March 1947. Note the address; Karachi, India. This was before Independence and the separation in 1948. Scott 129 &134.

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    Gotta love this beaver. Canada did a great job with this one. I especially like that the bear has his stick between the beaver's legs. Those dirty bears!
  • Heading to the Sin Bin eh?
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    Here's a beaver with an attitude.
  • hahaha just last night searching I found a bunch of these lovely beavers! Love those little guys see them in Maine a lot!
  • I just realized that was a Red Army bear with a tripping penalty against the innocent beaver from the Great White North. I'll bet on the fighting beavers every time. John, send a beaver down to the great hot south of Texas. Wouldn't mind having a hockey team in Houston again. Had Gordie Howe and his kids (Mark and Marty, I think) with the Aeros in the WHL decades ago. That was fun! Maybe we'll call them the Houston Beavers in your honor (although there are few, if any beavers around here). Lots of Nutria (swamp rats) and kind of the same sort of critter. Maybe the Houston Nutria!!!! LOL!
  • This is one of my very favorite sheets, Brazil C76a from 1949. It is a beautifully done sheet and a wonderful, dense shade of blue.
  • gordie-howe-mr-hockey-canada-stamp
    Gordie Howe was The Man back in the day. Greatest of All Time. And he was his own enforcer. Canada had the good sense to recognize him as a National Treasure and put him on some stamps.
    Even the Beatles had a song about him:
    "Number nine...number nine...number nine..."
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    He and his boys were the real deal eh! He must have been 50+ when he and Mark and Marty played for the Houston Aeros here years ago. He was still a beast. Even the meanest of beavers trembled at the mere sight of him.
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    A trifecta in the mailbox today !
    eb11.21(16.50) Albany, NY

    eB11.21(41.00) Chicopee Falls, MA

  • My latest eye candy, shown in my newest video:
  • Got a shipment coming in that's very close to the giveaway of the current North Borneo same Value also MNH so stoked can't wait to add this to my special Collection!
  • Sudan Scott 14 1898 Camel Post. Looks like fun for the letter carrier eh!camelpost
  • Maybe he simply enjoys a good hump...
  • Or two....hmmmm.
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    In "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom," T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia) related his first camel charge. All the Arabs were firing their rifles one-handed as they approached the Turks. Not to be outdone, Lawrence tried firing his revolver. After the third shot he was catapulted into the air and knocked out on landing. When he woke up the fight was over and Lawrence found he had shot his own camel in the back of the head...
  • When he woke up and the fuzz in his head cleared, he was heard to say..."Well, that didn't go as I had planned it!!" I've said that myself so many times, I can't remember. Under many different circumstances but thankfully, nobody thought to write a book about them.
  • Spain Scott B53. Always thought this was a cool looking stamp.127dc56c3e28977f8ee0ff97aa04433c
  • Looks cool and tells a story.
  • This one always elicits a good chuckle - commemorating the big weight loss fad of 1495, the Diet of Worms. 97266FF2-5245-4043-A255-994BCBD1B870
  • That diet should a lot of folks to lose weight. Unless you're a fish....or a bird....
  • Well, you know, back then when people were up before the sun, working the fields, there were a lot of early birds.
  • I remember a question on a high school social studies exam, "What is the Japanese Diet?" To which I answered, "Rice."
    Guess I didn't do the required reading.
  • Ah. Good to be back. Here are a couple of first flight covers I recieved recently.
    This is from the Pan Am Yankee Clipper's return inaugural flight, Ireland to New Brunswick
    leg. This was the first pax or paying passenger flight. This cover left Foynes on the Shannon 30 June 1939.


    Here's a cool Lufthansa FFC Berlin-Rio de Janeiro postmarked 11 August 1956. This is a stamped envelope with the motif of 9N127 in the corner. As well there are 9N119 and 9N141, all from 1956. No swastikas here...

  • Very cool!
    I always liked Bolivian Gold myself....actually any gold would do.

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