Ted Talks Stamps! Loud and Clear!

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Ted ------ I just watched your second installment of Ted Talks Stamps and thoroughly enjoyed it! I wanted to commend you on not only covering a pretty fascinating subject so well, but for the outstanding production values and clarity of the video!

I'm so impressed - knowing how much goes into putting together a nine-minute video like that and having it look and sound so great! Those Austrian overprints, created by the stamp designer, are a very clever and unique twist on what is usually a staid endeavor with ho-hum results! I may actually start collecting Tiger-Cows as a topic!

I noticed a guitar behind you in your study -- did you perform the score as well? Terrific!

( . . and I didn't fail to notice that at the 3:10 mark you were standing next to a plainly lettered book spine that read SCREWBALL !) ;o)

Well done, Ted! I'm looking forward to more . . and I urge all friends of Ted, who we have known for years and appreciated his comments here, to check it out!



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  • Great video, Ted. Very well done and quite interesting. However, I found myself distracted trying to read all the book titles. Quite an extensive and varied library. "Screwball" by Dave Farrell - enjoyed the book.

    Thanks Dave for bringing this to our attention.
  • Shucks, Dave and Jeri, thanks. :blush:
    The toughest part was trying to say Vienna Art Academy. I kept saying Venice Art Academy. Finally I gave up on retakes, and just clipped out the word Vienna. LOL
  • Thanks for the heads up, Dave!

    Great work, Ted! The content, production, presentation — everything was very nicely done. Of course, I especially like your album pages! But who was that good-looking professional you found to impersonate you?!? :smiley:
  • Actually Tom, I'd like to get this guy to do my voice work.
  • Amazing story and a good choice! I had a college roommate who had created a radio voice. It was like having a second personality he could turn on and off at will.
  • That was awesome, thank you for doing that and teaching me about Austrian stamps. Totally cool on all the overprints. Can't wait to see the next video.
  • Thanks, Prof. Luree.
  • Thanks Ted for sharing great videos.
  • Thank you, Dariusz.
  • Finally got around to watching this. Excellent! Very enjoyable and informative, and well done. The concluding slide show is a welcome touch.
  • Nice to put a face to you, Ted. Echoing what many others have said....you did good, my philatelic friend. You make worthy contributions to these forums. And this gives another meaning to positive feedback,
  • Thanks, Doug. Thanks, Ron.
  • I enjoyed it. I just subscribed on Youtube. Got you up to 49 subscribers. The goal is 1000 subscribers and to spread the hobby. You're a good speaker. Keep up the series.
  • Thank you very much, Brian.
  • What a great job on these, Ted! Congratulations!

    I also appreciate the little touches of humor, including adding that US #1 block of four to your shopping cart! (Can the checkout button be far behind? :smile: )
  • Thanks, Phil. (Sorry for the late response.)
  • Episode 4 is now up, and it features a cameo, of sorts, by one of our own HipStampers. LOL

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    OMG! I'm still laughing as I write this reply while basking in the warmth of rating such an honorable niche between jazz and Beethoven on your shelf Ted. I'm sure you will have many inquiries regarding the seedy tales captured with the pages, mostly by governmental agencies and past acquaintances seeking my whereabouts. I'd be interested in buying copies of the book (all, if possible) and perhaps re-naming it "Ron Unhinged". I might offer them free to all those whom are quarantined aboard cruise ships everywhere, giving them hope it could be worse. Meanwhile, your presentation on the, scratch that, Ukraine continues your superb presentations here. I was particularly motivated to respond when you mentioned Oksana Baiul ....Ukraine, Ubetcha I do. Consider that a teaser of the sordid, and probably indictable fare to be found within the soon-to-be best seller craftily inserted in your video. My thanks, I think
  • Awesome job. Another grand lesson on Ukraine.
  • Another superior production. (And I didn't know "Ukrainian egg" was a generic term.) I have several of the issues shown (you can guess which ones), and I just sold a used 1918 allegorical Ukrainian girl stamp the other day.
  • Amazing work yet again, Ted! Great images and very informative. Thanks!

  • Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all your kind words.
    Ron, I can’t wait to see the movie of your book.
  • Great Ted.............very enjoyable.

    Perhaps your next treat could be about Kazakhstan Stamps? I am sure that if you sent Borat Sagdiyev a copy of your video that he might well record a guest appearance for you. Borat has done a great job in the past interviewing people and celebrities in the USA..............why don't you contact him?

  • Thank you, Tania. High five! :smiley:
  • Doing a casting call for the movie, Ted. There's a guy on these forums under consideration. He's good on camera, he's postally-knowledgable, he's active, clever, and helpful on the forums, he's ....well he's .....overqualified. images
  • You think he might be popular with the mass audience? I don't know.
  • WOW Ted.. First Class Production. I Love It.
  • Thanks, Dan.
  • Awesome series Ted, can we expect a video on collecting stamps with a certain musical instrument?, wink-wink.
  • Yeah, you may even hear me play. LOL
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