Ted Talks Stamps! Loud and Clear!



  • Uh oh Ted.. now you're int trouble...
  • That was a fun one, Ted! I'm impressed with all the smooth 'animations' and 'camera moves' you're using now (since the last time I watched one of your fireside chats!) :smiley:
    And since you threw out a request for other national personifications that have appeared on stamps, I'll offer up FJALLKONAN, "The Lady of The Mountains" who is the allegorical personification of Iceland!
    Used quite a bit in the 19th century on postcards and locally produced goods, she kind of fell out of favor for decades and decades until this nice stamp honored her in 2019 on the occasion of Iceland's celebration of 75 years as a republic!
  • Cool. I did not know about that one (obviously). Thanks.
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