Ted Talks Stamps! Loud and Clear!



  • Great job and great topic Ted! Robert Heinlein popped into my head as I saw Bradbury pass by. Now I'm curious if he's represented on any stamps. Sounds like something to do on this cold rainy day. Might have to break out that old snowblower where you are.
  • Thank you, Greg.
    If you saw Ray Bradbury pass by, then you saw Robert Heinlein pass by seven stamps earlier. He was the 1st one shown of that series, "Straniero in Terra Straniera." Would love to see a movie made of it.
  • Must have nodded off! LOL! Just kidding. Probably got distracted, sorry. Nice looking set!
  • A new Ted Talks Stamps episode is up. Have a look, and check out my new sponsor.
  • That’s exactly why you are so successful… great new ideas for collecting and preserving . Enjoyed it . Thank you
  • Very well done sir,,,,,,but what is this,,,,HipStamp you speak of????? :smiley: Sounds interesting,,,,,!!!!
  • I've posted a new video to YouTube. Dave Bennett makes an off-screen cameo appearance. :wink:

  • Awesome episode Ted, the Portugal cork stamp is nifty. Can't wait for the 19th Century US edition.
  • Thanks a lot, Andrew.
  • Ted, have to say that directing the "favorites' did make me notice the more recent US issues. After experiencing the frustration of the USPS issuing stamps ( I call them "stickers or labels" now) with cartoon characters, TV shows, just silly things , it reminded me of the stickers I give out in my office to the young children. The attempt by the USPS just to issue them to garner revenue from collectors, while making them difficult to archive ( adhesives) made me focus on pre 2000 US stamps. The stamps highlighted are very creative. Thanks for putting in the effort to share this. As always, good job!
  • Once again, I learn a little bit more about Ted! Thanks for the stamp reviews. So many different ones.

  • Thank you, Rene and Professor Luree.
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    It just ain't right, Ted my friend, that your silly forum creation should have garnered almost twice the views and three time the comments as your scholarly endeavor. Why I oughta .....hmmm, congratulate you or commiserate with you? Either way a couple of beers are in order.
  • I don't unnerstan awl those big werds, but I unnerstan beer. Bring em on. :smiley:
  • Really nice, work Ted! I always like, TTS videos.
  • Another good Video, Ted. Looks like you have moved into your new digs.

    I was pleased to see you mentioned one of my heroes, Richard Feynman. You know about his fascination with Tannu Tuva, right?

    Ironically enough (or is it Spiritual Quantum Entanglement), I just got clearance from Amy to sell PDF album files and this was the example I sent her...

    Besides this, I will be offering pages for US Plate Blocks as well as physical pages with mounted stamps
  • Yes, I know of his unfulfilled dream of visiting Tuva. I learned of it on the same CD in which he "performs" with Kongar-ool Ondar (at 1:04):
    Giddagabudagahooyah, orange juice, orange juice
    Gimme little bit o' orange juice now
    Juice, juice, juice, juice

  • Ted, do you have a bottom ten least favorite US stamps, perhaps some modest examples?
  • Oh yeah. I will have an episode for them, too. (Spoiler alert) But my number one worst US stamp is

    USA, Scott Nr 2521 (1991)
    USA 2521 1991

    Can you imagine, issuing a stamp, the design of which consists solely of operating instructions for that stamp?
  • Yah, The 'F' designation says it all
  • Venturing scott 2980 woman suffrage might hold a spot, but I'll await your hall of shame
  • Ah yes....I remember those heady days back in the late 70s, early 80s when postage rates went up every coupla months and stamps had letters instead of prices to keep up.
    I have most of them.
  • I always thought it amusing that the various Letter Rate stamps ceased when they would have needed an I-RATE stamp!! Ha!
  • You’d think the USPS would have gotten the message when they were B-rated.
  • Wayne! That was a good one.
  • This upcoming issue is a good contender for the “Worst” list. 7FCD38A7-014F-4623-AD3D-8D7F032E1861
  • What the hell is that!!??? Is that real? Fer Real????
  • Are those ours? No..un- unh. No way. No. That's, well, those are repulsive. Did we run out of money for real artists? Does the new postmaster have something to do with this? No. I would not even put those on a seven-year old's lunchbox. Those, oh crap. Just never mind....
  • Magnified contents of the moderna vaccine said be replacing Snap, Crackle and Pop in the new Rice CRSPRs
  • AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I no longer collect postal stickers... absurd
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