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  • That’s caused an abdominal cramp , it was so bad
  • Grobble, grumble, blurble.....burp! Ah,,,,,much better! Thanks!
  • Bill The Cat for President!! ACK!!!!
  • Little old lady got mutilated late last nightSCD3630
  • Beavers of London, again!!!!!
  • I doubt Her Majesty would appreciate being called that...
  • Inside joke. I get beavers and werewolves mixed up all the time.
  • That poor, ugly little stamp....
  • Used Ultrafine Jumbo, One little werewolf chomp at UR but otherwise GEM!!! :smiley:
  • OWOOOOOOO!!!!!
  • Something like that. Texas wasp. Little red bastard!!!! That's what I get for not checking the bird feeder before filling it up.
  • I just discovered that I have been vastly underestimating the true value of my collection of US Scott 300's.Annotation 2021-08-09 142443
  • Especially the ones with the prized "straight edges".
  • But they do offer free shipping, or is that like buying a cadillac because they include a pine car freshener?
  • Those prices seem to be a tad low. I bet one of those sellers will know a bargain when they see one, and buy a few up to resell at double the price. And they'd STILL be a bargain...
  • All kidding aside,,,,,,I really wonder if anyone actually falls for this kind of stuff. I hope not.
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    I have read elsewhere that such things can be a blatant way to launder bad money. " I can't legally sell you this rifle, but if you buy this stamp for $5000, I'll send the rifle for free...."

    Still. I'm certain that much, much more of this crap is simply the uninspired seeking the uninformed. Or something like that...

  • Huh,,,,,interesting. And seems a bit on the edge of legality to put it gently. But I guess that makes more sense since "where there's a will, there's a way".
  • It took me 9 days to find it after you playfully acknowledged the great Carl Barks back on July 31 . . . but here is an autographed cover by the renowned 'Duckman', cancelled on the day he landed in Iceland, headed for his big European tour!

    So there actually IS a philatelic connection to your spoofing of "The Gilded Man"! :smiley:
    Carl Barks
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    Calls to mind the time our PO was in financial trouble and they quickly printed emergency approved stamps using a new, untested method for which they were uncertain about the long term effects. They also indemnified themselves in case there were adverse reactions and urged everyone to get onboard using the product with the threat of mandating said use or rejecting mail delivery for non-compliance. For some mysterious reason hardly any of these stamps are still around.
  • Greg, I've always heard "where there's a will, there are relatives".
  • Beauty of a cover! I may have to make you an offer on it if it's available! Barks passed away in 2000 at 99+ years old so he was around 93 at the time of his tour. Amazing! Kind of a spoof but "The Gilded Man" actually was a philatelic adventure for the Duck clan. A real classic! I wish me and my brothers didn't destroy our dad's copy of it but oh well. I bet that trip was a big deal all around the world.

    Ron, I stand corrected. That saying makes a lot more sense. HAHAHA!
  • It seems we keep recycling the same topics here,....
  • Rene, recycling is good. Plus, we're working on a record here. Plus, plus....how did you get a hold of my atep-uncle-in-law's Gem collection page? Not the first one, those are common stamps....the second one. I'm going have to check my security cameras. Oh, there it is...a guy in a fancy sombrero shimmying up my fireplace and running off with his,,,,booty(?). Stop!,,,,Thief!,,,That's my booty! Just kidding, the guy in the sombrero doesn't look anything like you. :smiley:
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    They are after the $25,000 rare green Franklin stamp on a yellow torn postcard.....
  • There he is!!! The Rene Bravo we all know and suspect! That's funny right there.
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