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  • Why shut it down? It's fun!,,,,,
  • A period? A period of commas? Great idea ! I'll start us off: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Punctuites will ARISE!!!! Comma, comma, comma, dot dot dot, etc. We will never let the angry and lazy god apostrophei win. Commas!!!!! Rally!!!! That's a lot of periods George! Are you sure Mouse didn't take a nap on your keyboard? Bentley (and Bear) does that to meeeeeeeeeeee sometimessssssssss. Dang it!!!!!! :smiley:
  • My dog, Raymo, says to always put a comma before and after his name to seperate it from the rest of the sentence. He knows the power of the comma and he will exploit it.
  • I bet if Raymo saw a beaver in the yard, it would be "GAME ON!!!!!" Au Revoir,,,,,beaver! Karl Spackler said it,,,,,not me.
  • Punctuites RISE!!!!!!
  • The Apostate Apostrophes are RISIN' everywhere! And the world is ours's! Philate that.
  • Bend the knee and kiss the ring!!!!!!!! :smiley:
  • I was doing some light reading of the Scrolls of Punctua (as opposed to heavy reading of the Tablets of Punctua) and I came across a reference to the Day of Remembrance. The DOR was celebrated annually on August 1st to mark the establishment of the Kingdom, all those many years ago, and their Victory over the Spellacians. Little is known of Spellacia other than their motto, Omnibus et Fiddlesticks.
  • HAHAHAHA! Here it comes everyone! Grab your coffee or your bloody mary as the case may be.

    I went back and reviewed the bibliography in my comma dissertation and came across an entry about the Spellaicians. It references the 1952 graphic novel "The Gilded Man" in which the great stamp collector Donald Duck and his nephews go on a great adventure to find a copy of the famed British Guiana 1c Magenta. In Barks' unpublished notes, there is a footnoted comment regarding the lost Empire of Spellacia, upon which he based the temple of The Gilded Man.

    After the ducks were rewarded by Philo T. Ellic for the return of his copy of the famed stamp, Barks noted that the ducks set out once again in search of the legendary Spellacia. Barks intended to follow up "The Gilded Man" with a sequel called "The Ducks' Search for Spellacia" but never got a round tuit. He was expecting his round tuit to be de-livered in the mail but it never arrived. (It is of course important that your round tuits have no liver, thus the de-livering of said tuit but that's another story). Anyway, his research notes state that the ducks did indeed find some evidence of the existence of Spelacia in the form of some crude broken tablet fragments found in the vicinity of the now known ancient settlement of Punctua. Partial translation of these relics show that the Spellacians were, in fact, poor spellers and spent most of their short existence arguing over how to spell the word, fiddlesticks which, after all, was in their motto. Great consternation ensued and tribal factions arose at least partially causing their fall. That, and the Punctuites were some tough and tedious hombres who didn't much care for spelling as long as the sentences were structured properly. In the end, the Spellacians fell to the same fate as the Punctuites did in a great hail of commas, apostrophies, exclamation points, and the like flung at them from the foothills above the town below. There is a rumor that a few Spellacians survived the onslaught and seeked refuge in the mountain peaks high above the ruins of their fallen empire. They struggled to survive in the harsh climes but a few live with us today in the form of second grade teachers and a few nattily attired book editors wearing bow ties.

    I think much more research into Spellacia is certainly warranted. If only Donald Duck and his cousin Gladstone Gander were still around eh?
  • You quack, me, up, since you'''''re completely quackers !
  • This is important!!!! I just want to remind everyone that video killed the radio star, according to the Buggles.
  • Yes, but can they walk like an Egyptian, like the Bangles????
  • NO! They cannot! But who really can? Maybe Egyptians I suppose but if I tried it I would even more ridiculous than I do already. I do wonder now how the Spellacians and Punctuites walked. Did they stagger around in an odd stupor,,,,all hunched up, or did they run from the Dictionary section in the library to the Thesaurus section. Maybe once in a while they would wander past the Hobbies/Catalog section and sigh when they they saw that the library only had a dog-eared set of Scott catalogs from ten years ago (their time), missing the one Angra page they needed to properly describe that dang stamp they found under the couch. More research is needed obviously. Bangles....Buggles....
  • Bangles?
    Could they fly a Sopwith Camel, like Biggles?
  • .....this is going to continue for years...
  • possibly......
  • Greg, what about the Oxford comma?
  • Oh, yeah! I forgot......
  • The oxford comma -- the comma inserted before the "and" of the last item in a series, e.g. Cheerios, Fruit Loops, Raisin Bran, and Grape-Nuts.
    Also called the cereal comma.
  • Ted saw a boy in the grocery store with an interesting t-shirt had a spoon and a bowl said cereal killer.
  • I believe its actually the 'surreal comma????'
  • In film circles, when writing scripts, it's called the c-roll comma.
  • When Greg uses it, it's the D,oll comma.
  • Umm, what about the Lizard People? I want to hear about the Lizard People and the secret base inside the hollow earth....
  • Nice phrase coining! The Coinaceans would be impressed! I did consult with Bentley this afternoon to see what his thoughts were on these important issues. He told me to go eat kibble and to try not to wake him up, again. I did my best to honor his wishes. That, Darn Cat!!!

  • Cappy! Which Lizard people are you referring to? The green ones or the brown ones?
  • Well, uh, I think they are brown, with green spots. Or maybe....
  • Whoo, boy! They might be the Changeling Lizard People. Gotta watch them....sneaky. I wonder if Donald and his Nephews can solve this conundrum! Yes! Conundrum! :smiley:
  • Did somebody say Conan Drum?
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