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  • HAHAHAHA! Neaux! Please, kneaux. Ya ol' rocker!
  • I think if Ron Lenke were here, he'd be turning over in his grave.
  • Whoa, did I miss something? Say it ain't so.
  • It ain't so.
  • Ted, you also had me on that one.....
  • Well done sir, well done! And, Bravo!
  • It would have been nice if it had attracted Ron's attention.
  • Are you boys're done pattin' one anothers' backs? What?! Dagnabbit! What about the Spellacians? I suspect subversion surrounding their subsequent subjugation. Say it ain't so.
  • It ain't so. There, I said it. But, maybe it IS so. Hmmmmm,,,,, :smiley:
  • If it ain't so, is it ah so, his Siamese twin?
  • All these great questions are connected at the hip, figuratively and literally (in the case of Ain't So and Ah So"). Which begs the great question coming from the ancient tablet fragments of Spellacia. Things are often "lost in translation". For example, one of the translators reported an interpretation of "Ah So" from a tablet fragment as being spelled as such. Fairly boring interpretation and he got a "C" in the class as result of his laziness. Another interpreted it to be "Ah...sew" meaning they were either a society of seamstresses or automotive re-upholsterers. Yet another claimed, with out any evidence whatsoever, that the Spellacians were the fore-runners of the modern day South Louisiana Acadian people, interpreting the same runes to spell, "Ah Seaux", meaning it's time to make a roux and create a majestic seafood gumbo for the masses. Suffice it to say that there is great disagreement amongst the scholars on the true meaning of the artifacts and what they really mean. Curiouser and curiouser said the cat (Bentley). Of course this could be all made up by people just looking for research grants to use to torture their grad students during the summer when they could be hanging out at Trader Vic's enjoying overpriced Bahama Mamas. We may never kneaux the true answer. Just Sayin' :smiley:
  • Ah so and oy vey...Trader Vics.
    When I was growing up, my Dad was the GM of The Plaza Hotel in NYC and I was there when Trader Vics was opened at the hotel, having moved there from (I think) the nearby Hilton. I ate there as often as I could and when I became of age, went from fruit punch to the likes of the oh so delicious Samoan Fog Cutters. All this, of course, needing only my autograph as payment, dining being one of the GM family's perks. Ah the good ole days. I still have a room full of relics from the old place and miss it dearly. Mouse gets all snitty when he thinks about the crab rangoon and pake beef he wishes he could have had with us, but Kibbles 'n Bits it is LOL.
  • Wow, I once saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's....

    But really, in my collection of cookbooks I have a copy of "Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook, " from 1968. It's a wonderfully outdated shuffle through time and, yes, here it is:

    Fog Cutter
    In shaker with cracked ice;
    1 oz orange juice
    2 oz lemon juice
    1/2 oz orgeat syrup
    2 oz light rum
    1 oz brandy
    1/2 oz gin
    Sherry wine float

    Shake all ingredients except sherry float and pour into a 14 ounce chimney glass. Add ice to fill, add sherry float. Serve with straws (and two aspirin).

    Have fun, ya'll...
  • "His hair was perfect!"
  • Yes! Guaranteed to change your perception of life (two will floor you). I have the old cookbook as well as their Bar Tender's Guide from the same era, as well as plenty of their various tiki-esque drinking vessels (the punch bowl with the topless girlies being a favorite). Incidentally, these command huge (insane) prices on eBay, not that I'd ever consider selling any.
    I even have a pile of their old tiki/spear and Menehune swizzle sticks to make the experience complete. Egad, how I miss that place (Trump decided it was outdated when he bought The Plaza and replaced it).
  • I envy you, George....
  • "I'd like to meet his tailor."
  • After the pandemic , we should have a meet up party at one of the regional stamp shows … with entertainment and a hosted episode of Ted Talks Stamps …
  • At Lee Ho Fook's?
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    With Fog Cutters???? I'll even put up with Ted counting stamps if I can get a Fog Cutter!!!
  • Ah-ooooh!
  • R (1)
    Imagine this guy at Trader Vic's after a Fog Cutter, or two, or three. MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  • ...looks like she's already surpassed her quota of them.
  • His eyes are definitely not focused on her face.
  • Just returned from Wisconsin where I met a woman who says she long ago started a business sewing severed mouse tails back on, and thus claims the title of the first retailer.
  • RON'S BACK!!!!!!! Be afraid.....be very afraid!!! :smiley:
  • Ron...what say you you after your sabbatical studying the ancient Spellacian culture?
  • Midwesterners are a challenging bunch. It's hard to move them off of their cheese and yogurt cultures. When you do, there is little agreement on what is factual. Most is merely a matter of Spellculation.
  • I learned a lot about inertia back in the day. But if one pushes hard enough,,,,they usually find they just get tired and flop down and decide it's better to take a nap. Oooooohhhh! Nap sounds good! Spellers Rule!
  • Those farmers called me one smart feller and then laughed heartily. Why was that? .........oh, wait a minute. HEY!
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