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  • Apostropheii?
  • I had no idea what it meant when it popped up as a word on Spellchecker as I was typing apostrophe. Apostropheii, the Greek God of Punctuation, Desication and Fornication.
  • I can actually visualize him hurling punctuation down from the heavens upon the masses. A great white-bearded god with a sack full of commas, apostrophes, colons, semi-colons, etc. A veritable maelstrom of punctuation! Ever been bonked on the head by a question mark??????????????? Not a good feeling, at all. OWWWW!!!!! There's one now!!
  • What [Bracket] would you place this great white-bearded god in?! Head bonk, with a ball bat!
  • Apostropheii is worshipped by the Punctuite peoples. A lost civilization who lived on the steppes of Punctua. A land of milk and honey it was not. More like a land populated by a bunch of struggling, yet optimistic, English majors with a ton of student loan debt and unfulfilled grudges towards the tedium of punctuation rules. Archaeologists are now on a dig in the area they believe the Punctuites lived eons ago and have unearthed some odd artifacts of broken punctuation marks. Commas with tails broken off (now known as periods)...quotation marks with only one mark, now known as an apostrophe. And a thin layer of hyphens which is surmised to have come from the god Apostropheii himself after a furious argument over when and how to use them properly....or even whether to use them at all. :smile:
  • To my horror, my wife just pointed out to me that it is possible that apostrophe's may just be gymnastic high achievers. Jumping up and flipping around. I've done the research. Trust, me. I think they are just dis-satisfied partial exclamation marks.
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    pardon "artistic" liberties:

    There once was a man who pathetically and sadily,
    Became a fan for athletically he played badily.
    To his brothers twas quite lame
    And to others he might shame
    Found he can so aesthetically chose philately
  • Are collectors of postally used stamps part of the cancel culture?
  • Monthly meetings of the cancel culture club are held the first Monday of each month at the community center. This coming month, President Boy George, will discuss NYFM cancellations in detail after singing the club's anthem, "Karma Chameleon".
  • "Comma Chameleon"
  • two marihuana-smoking commas "
  • Hear tell that urban legend has it there once was a dashing dot .----, that became jealous of any competing equally dashing dots .---- because he didn't want to be comma ordinary. So he would ask for a ride on the back of a fellow dot : until the shear weight eventually caused his holder to suffer a hernia ; then he would move on to the next creating a trail of damaged dots ,,,,,,,,, . Eventually the grammar police caught him and imprisoned him with only a bed ( _. ) He grew lonely and missed the ***** overhead and found a way to escape using his bed ( . /) Now free he resumed his mischief : and ; again and again til once more he was captured and held far more securely (( ! )) with a heavy weight now on him. Only a short time later did the guards see on the monitor that somehow the dot had done this (( ? )) and by the time they responded only (( )) remained.
  • Ron....I find it almost impossible to believe,,,,but you may have too much to much time on your hands,,,,,!!! :smiley:
  • depositphotos_26029023-stock-photo-businessman-carrying-heavy-clockAhhh Greg, you might be right
  • Tempus fugit is a Latin phrase, usually translated into English as "time flies". The expression comes from line 284 of book 3 of Virgil's Georgics, where it appears as fugit inreparabile tempus: "it escapes, irretrievable time". The phrase is used in both its Latin and English forms as a proverb that "time's a-wasting". "Time's a-wasting"! Johnny Cash song!!?? Would have funny if he sang "Tenpus fugit" instead. I don't think that would have gone over so well eh? LOL!
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    Underling CPAs decrying their unethical boss: "That man he done temp us to fudge it". ok, ok, that's a stretch. How about the frog at a party remarking "time's fun when you're having flies"?
  • Ron....Keep on Truckin'!R144a395205579f54aa0ff2128edfda70
  • .......it's ok, folks. Greg is just off his meds again. He'll be fine in the morning.....
  • Captain....you have no idea how off my meds I am!!!!!! I really hope my refills come in tomorrow. If not,,,,,MORE COMMAS!!!!!! :wink:
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    A poet who lived in Nantucket,
    Couldn't carry a rhyme in a bucket.
    So he tried out free verse
    and it worked for him...

    Ok, so maybe that's a little deep. How about this classic from The Goon Show:
    Clip, clop, clip, clop, clip, clop...
    "Who is that, soldier?"
    "He looks like a messenger from the front!"
    Clip, clop, clip, clop....
    "He looks like a messenger from the back, as well!"

  • ,,,,,,,'''""",,,,,,,;,,--,,,,,
  • Capt. Phil is in it thick now.......In it to win it!!!!! :smile:

    This is getting more,,,,and,,,,more interesting......!!!!!"""""___
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  • Somewhere in your word salad, Ron, I thought for sure we'd see an appearance from that venerable punctuation mark
  • Felt a period of calm(a) was unquestionably needed!
  • The ancient people of Punctua will rise again like a Phoenix and avenge the wrath of the god Apostropheii! So, say'eth the flock!!!!
  • "for life’s not a paragraph
    and death i think is no parenthesis"

    e e cummings (of course; quotation marks added)
  • xTgLpXEBc

  • OMG!!! A, pair o' graphs. That first one looks familiar....the rise and fall of the Puntcuite peoples. I think, though I can't prove it, that, you....Ron have surreptitiously purloined that Pair o'graph from my dissertation on Commas. Supply and demand curve. The more commas available to the Punctuite people to use, the less the cost. Vice 'a versa. Punctuites were big fans of commas and revolted, so they say, against the use of other punctuation marks like the useless hyphens and certainly the venge-ful and dishonest god Apostrophe(ii). They thought the whole thing was silly and quite Monty Python-esque.
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