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  • Conjunction Junction,,,,What is you're function??????
  • Yes they do Greg, but it wasn't always that way. There was a time when commas became too numerous and reading long, extended sentences became laborious to the point a splinter group of the punctuation family rebelled. These puncs hated the commas and decided they must go. So these erasists oppressed them O/,,,,,\O and imprisoned them #| ,,,,,,,,, |# and, worse
    ,,,,,,,, marginalized them ,,,,,,,,,,,,, They almost completely eliminated the little guys, but for their grammars, who in their wisdom, taught them how to be overcommas ''''''''''''
  • Man,,,,I'm going to work through this one,,,,I,ll get back with you,,
  • So Conjunction Junction was settled by the overcommas?
  • The Overcomma peoples settled the land once occupied by the lost civilization of the Punctuites, It was a rich and fertile land, but not of milk and honey, rather of a lot of commas left from the wrath of the vengeful god Apostropheii after his destruction of Punctua. It's a well known fact, you can look it up,
  • OMG, Greg is correct! Seems the Punctuites we're doing OK when they stayed within their own group. Troubles began when they intermingled and argued about order their relative positions. Rather than civil debate, name-calling and vile language ensued. All this was encouraged by the !!!!s who were, by nature, quite passionate. Ultimately they blamed Apostropheii for making them such, which led no small amount of cursing when they were around each other: @%?!*$#!! Finally Apostropheii decided it was enough and proceeded to destroy Punctua as Greg has noted. It was only because of the comma's continual efforts to create pauses in the action, that he spared most of the commas.
  • And the band played, "Waltzing Matilda"
    As we stopped to bury our slain.
    We buried ours,
    And the commas buried theirs,
    And we started all over again.
  • And the Overcomma peoples,,,after much delay (because of all the commas) and not wanting to anger the still fuming god Apostropheii,,,,renamed the land formally known as Punctua,,,,Conjuntion Junction,,,hoping to throw Apostropheii off the scent and get him to just leave them alone to their own punctuation.
  • a comma quote , " "
    A commaquat
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    a leader in the comma army - a comma-nder

    ok, ok, mercifully I think my comma-ents have comma to an end
  • After following this thread, I'm beginning to wish I was in a coma....
  • Oh boy!!!!
  • Good one Ted
  • That is a good one!!!
  • Back when I was acommadating

  • COM on MA_n!download-1
  • Solid!!!!! Bravo!!!,,,,
  • Joe remembered his name??
  • Trekking to Wisconsin again. Why, oh geez, don't ask me, I'm having a "Joe" moment. Anyway my brain has arrived in the lab there and, perhaps, this time the procedure will take. For real, upon leaving the TSA scanning area in Milwaukee, there is a place to put yourself back together. It has a sign over the spot which says " Recombobulation Area". I'll try to post a photo later. Meanwhile, keep the light on here and keep your gum dry. Mega ,,,,,,,,,,,, to Greg.
  • Oh,,,,,Jeez!!! Thinking "Fargo" right about now!!! And Dr. Franken,,,,,STEEN!!!!! It's STEEN!!! It's ALIVE!!!!!!
  • Spaceandastronoystamps_usa03262
    Airplanes having sex? Guess they are running low on things to commemorate.
  • Cicadas....

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    Comma nts Greg? preferably no mention of the "mile high" club
  • Commas Rule,,,,,all other punctuation,,,,drool,s. Reminds a bit of the movie Airplane!!!!! "I remember that day over macho grande like it was yesterday!!!" Lot of drooling going on here though,,,,,
  • C-5-air-refueling
    Airplanes having sex a mile high.
  • Oh boy,,,,,I could say something about that pic,,,,,,but I won't. But I wouldn't recommend trying this at home,,,,especially on a Zoom meeting. I'll just,,,,,where was everyone today? Seemed like it was a vacation day.

    Ron,,,,,I actually saw that 747 Shuttle combo fly over my house in La Porte, TX years ago from Ellington Field and saw it do the loop around downtown Houston from my office on its way to retirement. That was really COOL!
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