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  • It must've taken an army of commas to drag it around. I can imagine the reaction by the exclamation points, "Houston, we have a problem!!!"
  • Is everyone ok? This whole forum has gone quiet lately. Asking for the lost people of Punctua.
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    I was thinking someone took the name of Apostropheii in vain once too often, or maybe there was a mass outbreak of irritable colon syndrome.
  • Ooooohhhh,,,,I don't like ICS,,,,at all. Uncomfortable at best,,,confusing at worst. There is scant and anectodical evidence (mainly loose rumors) from the scatological archaeologist post-graduate student research project dig that He (or she) is a vengeful god for sure. They found after the "digs" were completed that ICS was a rampant issue amongst the Punctuites possibly causing quite a distraction from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune commas being slung upon the great peoples of the Kingdom on Punctua. They ran and ran,,,,so to speak. After they ran and ran, they were buried in the massive amount of commas being slung their way in spite of their efforts to escape. But it's ok. All is well now,,,,but not for the Punctuites (but we all knew that didn't we?) Enjoy Thursday everyone!!!!!!
  • I can dig it (and sling it, as well).
  • AND NOW, a word from our sponsors...Causes of IBS= international shipping rates, Washington-Franklins and sellers who are not stamp collectors themselves.
  • I don't even want to know what anyone is mixing their bowel habits with. :neutral:
  • Ted - Years ago, Block collected a bunch of his afterwords (and possibly some forewords) into a book called Afterthoughts. If you haven't read it, I'd recommend it. It includes the anecdote you mention.

    Block is probably the person most responsible for me getting into philately. Well, Keller, actually.
  • The evil (and vengeful and, mainly frivolous) Apostropheii once screamed from the heavens "Do not eat the breakfast tacos in the kitchen or I shall smite you!!!! They have been sitting out on the counter since yesterday" But the Punctuites ignored him and chowed down upon them. Thus they suffered greatly and almost overwhelmed their local septic system. One can only imagine the Catastropheii that caused. What a mess ensued. And the stench alone caused most of the Punctuites to rent ancient one-way U-Hauls (burros evidently) to move to more rural areas of the land. From the ancient records, this didn't seem to help as everyone smelled pretty bad anyway and nobody could tell if they were refugees from the (somehow related) god Catastrpheii's actions or they just needed a nice bath.
  • Was the pizza delivery guy robbing his own store and ended shooting a dead guy in the process? I'm confused!!!papajohns
  • Hmm, I wonder why they bothered with the apostrophe? Well, at least we now know that pizza delivery drivers are packing some serious heat. Better not screw them on the tip.
  • But why did he shoot the dead guy? Seems like a big waste. Does he not know how much one round of ammo is right now???? :smiley:
  • Why was a dead man trying to rob a pizza joint?
  • No, no, no.
    The delivery driver was trying to rob Papa John's restaurant. In the process, he shot the dead man. The dead man was an innocent bystander. The delivery driver kidnapped the commas and took them to rehab, where they are undergoing conversion therapy to make them into apostrophes.
  • The Japanese have a word for all this: "mokusatsu."
  • Now I'm REALLY confused,,,,and not in a good way. Was the delivery driver out of pizza to de-liver (I never liked liver on my pizza and always have it de-livered) What caused the dead guys demise? Was it liver infested pizza? Does "mokusatsu" mean "Don't eat the liver pizza!!!!!"? The commas, however, were clearly in the wrong place at the wrong time though. They usually hang out at the Cinnibon in the mall. I wonder why they were at the pizza place?
  • I have a word for all this, too....decorum prevents my using it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Anyone who doesn't want to play can go home. Just don't take the ball.
    Mokusatsu? How'd that work out for the Japanese?
    Now, mokus I can understand. It is the state of mind of an alcoholic who has stopped drinking but isn't sober yet. That might be a colloquialism.
    As to decor, um, I mean decorum. What's that got to do with punctuation?
  • Boyo, ............
  • I'm tellin' ya! Dead guys just can't catch a break!!!!!
  • Decorum, like good punctuation, are facets of good etiquette,,,
  • Today in Texas,,,,,A "Skeeter shoot"! FB_IMG_1624486831939
  • phipt phipt phipt phipt phipt phipt phipt

    thup thup thup thup thup thup

    pthu pthu pthu pthu pthu pthu


    --Victor Borge trying to read posts on this thread.
  • Fffffffftttttttt!!!!! Ahhhh....Can you read sheet music???? You can??? That'll be $1.95!

    Are there any children present tonight? Yes? Well, they all must leave!!! I can't do the rest of the show in the nude. I'll have put my tie on....the long one.

    Dude was world class funny!!!!!
  • SOLID GOLD!!!! Thhhhttt!
  • That moment you realize why your searches are coming up empty . . .
  • BUA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!
  • roflmao ....
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