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  • JOE WAS RIGHT.... I see evidence here of COMMA-NIST infiltration... so many commanists here...and it all started wth stamp collecting. das vadanya !images
  • And....we have a new player!!!!! It is speculated by historians that the Punctuites were infiltrated by Comma-nists and Marks-ists and that is, at least, in part-iciple, what led to their demise. Along with that pesky god Apostropheii of course.
  • Ron,
    two marihuana-smoking commas "

    I just got that. I know I'm slow on the uptake. But how did that get by Greg without comment?

  • Disagreeing
    Leads to a
    Which could "Ted is really an AI prototype" "All men are anatomically created equal (except in cold weather)"
    Treatment ......translation?
  • ,a ,b ,c ,d
    some punctuation is funnier than the others
  • Greg, what did they put in those meds I borrowed from you??
  • Oh nooooo!! Ted was right!
  • Huh??? What??? I've been napping.

    "When Two Commas Get High Together" is in my dissertation bibliography. If I remember,,,,correctly,,,it was written in the 1960's by some professor at Cal Berkeley, who argued that the otherwise innocence of commas were corrupted by the introduction of the aformentioned inhalant causing the professor a lot of grief when it came to grading papers. Not only were the papers practically unreadable, but they were all covered in Cheeto dust.and bologna sandwich crumbs. The professor, I cannot recall his name (I think it was Tommy Chong, D.D.S.) also argued that were far simpler methods to use the "two high commas" and one method was to simply not use them at all....problem solved.
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    overweight comma {,}
    obese comma <,>
    Indian comma /,\
    foul mouthed comma , < "@%!$*"
  • Hey!!!!! Watch your asterisk!!!! :smiley:
  • Let me explain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm listening to an audiobook of Lawrence Blocks early stories, written for men's magazines such as "Manhunt," "Trapped," and "Guilty." Block narrates the Introduction, and in it he says there was one magazine where, "Every story title had an exclamation mark at the end. I longed to call a story, "One Dull Night," so that they could call it, "ONE DULL NIGHT!"
    One Night Stands
  • Maybe "A day in the life of a stamp collector" would be a candidate for omitting an ! Unless of course, your cat vomits on a zeppelin.
  • Ron, I,m glad you reminded me, I just picked up a MNH C15 to finish off my set and I need to get it laminated it to keep Bentley and Bear from barfing on it,,,,,
  • Comma, The Cat in action,,,,3DCA2956
  • Ok,,,,that might have to be my next screen background image,,,,,,
  • George,,,,If Mouse was really a mouse,,,he might be a little nervous about this pic. Squeak!....sorry, squeak,,,,squeak. He's a good mouse though,,,,I think he would say, if he could, use more commas,,,
  • Mouse isn't at all nervous. He's got an 88mm anti aircraft gun....

  • The mouse has a proud ancestry
  • That is one tough Mouse He overtook an entire German artillery battery by himself!!!!
  • And his archrival Mouselini
  • Have to admit we've gotten a lot of mileage out of this forum
  • Almost record setting!!!!!!! Keep it going,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and going,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and..............
  • You mean like,,,,,,,,,

    Energizer bunny
  • Ed Zackry!!!!
  • depositphotos_12126423-stock-photo-funny-european-cat-asking-for
    Oh Lord, that hairball just kinda slipped out on Greg's stamp
  • I hope it wasn't the Carmine Violet one or the Deep Green Vermillion,,,,,,,comma,,,,,comma,,,com,,,....ugh.
  • COMMAS STILL RULE!!!!,,,,,
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