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  • Greg ~ I talked with Mouse and he sends his most humble apologies. He loves cocktail franks and clearly got confused...
  • Hahahahaha!!!! I certainly understand his confusion!!!!
  • Is the comma after "shoots," necessary?
  • I think that's an Oxford comma.
  • The comma is the difference between the Type Ia and Type IIa sentence. Values differ greatly. Only buy sentences certified by a proper authority (Mr. Doll?).
  • Is, the comma, after "shoots", necessary, or not, or just, maybe? Think I is right 'cause I wuz an English majer, so I'm not dum.
  • The, comma, is, my, favorite, punctuation. mark,. It, should, be, used, after, every, word, in, a, sentence,,,especially, Type, IIa, sentences,. Al, other, punctuation, marks, are, unnecessary, except, commas, modified, by, chopping, off, the, tail, of, the, comma, thus, creating, a, sub-type, of, the, comma, commonalty, known, as, the, period,. More, precisely, the, Type, II, comma. I, hope, this, helps,.
  • Don't get him started on semicolons; the platypus of punctuation.
  • Semicolons!!!!! Pish posh!!!!! Useless! :smiley:
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    Gentlemen, pleas'e. That really i's an Oxford comma, my 2003 S'tanGib s'ay's s'o. But the comma i's not the mos't important punctuation mark the'se days'. As'k anyone 30-40 year's old, the mos't important mark today i's the apo'strophe, which mu'st be us'ed before or after every s'. It's' not jus't for possessives' or contractions' any more.
  • Dont eve,n get me s,tarted on tha P'esky hy-phen. Really! hy-phens????? W'hy?
  • Back when the Internet was just the internet and primarily academic, approximately twenty-five percent of bandwidth was consumed by the Oxford Comma debate (along with Intel/Motorola debate and approx 5% salty limericks, of all things). Like any English "civil war," the results are murky and still debated to this day, er, night.
  • Bagels, lox and capers?

    Bagels, lox, and capers?

    Umm, getting hungry...
  • Lol, a baited field.
  • I had a friend who (obviously) would be in full camo for bow season who would sometimes plant his deer stand near a walking trail. Every time a walker or jogger would happen by, he would make growling sounds as soon as they passed him. He said that not one victim would turn around, but every last one of them instantaneously picked up their pace LOL.
  • Rabbit On Trail
    Ted, see what you innocently started?
  • That looks like a common Comma-tail!!!
  • It's Duck season
  • Wabbitt Season!!!! :smiley:
  • You're both dithpicable!

  • Ron,,,I guess that bolt on the Burma Shave sign will work as a comma. Commas, rule! Other punctuation marks, drool!!!! :smiley:
  • I was told the difference between a cat and a comma is a cat has claws at the end of the paws- the comma has a pause at the end of the clause.
  • According to the Linn's Philatelic Glossary, commatology is the specialized collecting of postmarks. Look it up, I ain't funning...
  • Hmmm...maybe Greg is right about the commas.?!
  • Just saying,,,
  • Italian mama says "comma here"
    Joe Biden says "comma on man"
    Admittedly I'm getting rather comma tose dwelling on this. (On a parenthetical note, I question if colon ial times weren't a period of greater grammatical =ity!) Anyways, that's where I'm @.
  • I actually do like parentheses but I still think a comma would take one out in a fair fight (pay per view, of course). And the salacious, silly apostrophe just hangs around making more things out of one thing. Oh, I could go on and on about apostrophe(')s.
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