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  • Very nice and the other two stamps are also beautiful - i really like this image zeppelin
  • Sorry I've been away so long, but I'm back now, with bells on. First, to compliment the above, here's SPM C61-62 on an FDC.

    And now the lecture... These stamps commemorate two aircraft with connections to SPM. The Hawker-Siddley HS 748 is a fairly widely used short hauler. It was the last design of Avro before being absorbed by Hawker-Siddley. Production began in 1961, with 380 produced by 1988. One aircraft was operated in the 1970s by Air St. Pierre.

    The second aircraft is the French Latecoere 522 "Ville de St. Pierre." It was a unique aircraft based on the Late 521. The 522 operated briefly as a trans-Atlantic airliner, then was used during the war by the Vichy government. She was destroyed in 1944 to prevent capture.
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    I got this recently from our Brother Greg. Belgium B606-10 from 1957. These I believe are the best portraits of Patton on stamps.
    The 3+1fr value is from a photo of Patton pinning the DSC on Tony McAuliffe at Bastogne. The big stamp shows Renault FT-17s, which Patton commanded as a younger officer in WW1, and late model Shermans from WW2. Actually, the background tank looks more like a M10 Wolverine tank destroyer.
  • That is a nice set. I remember it. Got me thinking about how many stamps with Patton on them there are. I think France may have issued one if I'm not mistaken. I just don't remember seeing that many.
  • Phil, I will be writing about the Latecoere soon. it a variance anyway is on my current aircraft on stamps series. cddstamps dot wordpress dot com Enjoy
  • Micheal, thanks for the link to your series. Its great to know there's another wingnut around here. I am enthralled by all the great flying boats, civilian and military. As an enthusiast it's easy to be nostalgic about the Clippers, the BOAC Shorts, the Latecoeres, but the pilots were glad to be done with them after WW2 because take-off and landing were just so darn dangerous.

    And Greg, I think the there was a stamp from Luxembourg. What I really should have said was that these are just so much better looking than the US commemorative.
  • I think you are right on the Patton stamps. Kind of remember a Luxembourg Patton stamp from somewhere.

    And Michael, from experience and study, has a really good series on aviation. I actually think he flew the Wright Flyer right after Wilbur and Orville did to make sure the dang thing actually did fly. Or maybe Icarus. I can't remember which!!!! LOL!!!!

    Michael Dodd is a solid and righteous dude though.
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    Ok, since I'm up and I did this photo earlier today, how about a nightcap? Here's France 807-09 from the late 50s, mnh, imperf.
    Oh, yeah. Love those imperfs.
  • Those are beauties eh!
  • Thanks Greg, :-)

    Phil, I am trying - slowly - very slowly - to collect and build a collection of Clipper covers from early flights to Philippines and Hong Kong. such an interesting period in aviation. Will write more on them one day I guess...
  • "Psst!!! Hey kid!! Ya wanna buy some stamps???"
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    Greg, whatch'ya got, whatch'ya got???
    Currently posting from the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Hokkaido (Shin-Hakodate).
    Got any Shinkansen stamps?
  • Step into my alley...um...I mean...office.
  • And now for something completely different...a man with.....no that's not it!

    Russia Scott 1104-20 Unused LHOG -1947 Coats of Arms of the Soviet States Set

    Soviet States Arms
  • The penguin on your tele will explode.....
    Ah, but that was long ago and in another country...
    The Russian medal and arms sets are really neat, or so I've felt. Nice work, good set...
  • Thank you sir!
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    Japan 320-23, 1941, from the National Parks series.Tsugitaka-Toroko National Park.
  • And one more before I shut down for the night. These are Japan 401 & 402 from 1948, two exhibition sheets. I've had 402 with the special cancel for a while, but I only got 401 last week.
  • Very nice!
  • These hit close to home. My maternal grandfather's family came from this little town, Zahle.

    Lebanon Scott 327-328 MNHOG Pairs

  • Uncle Tonoose?
  • Herro and Sayklly but I'm not sure they were spelled that way back then and there. Not very good public records around for that area from back then.
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    Wow, John. The name sounded familiar, and it took me a moment before it came to me.
    Hans Conried is a great American treasure.
  • Uncle Tonoose - Make Room For Daddy.
  • Wasn't Klinger Lebanese?
  • He claimed to be but he also claimed to be a lot of other things.
  • The nose knows...
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    Duff. Take two

  • Sorry, had to get a better photo.
    So, while we are in the neighborhood: Lebanon 73-76, 1945.

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